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  1. Modular Containers Lots Set

  2. tweaked map

  3. Duluth Superior

  4. Realistic Civic Mod

  5. We had a similar discussion a while back. It has a bunch of tips and house rules to make a more realistic city.
  6. 59. Sunset Coast - More Nehalum

    Nice work! You obviously put a lot of time into it. The one thing that looked weird to me is your farms. If you add some farm building ploppables it could help your realism there. 2 silos doesnt equal a real farm.
  7. It begins

    The virus is ready. Major Crank ordered the ships drones to deploy the agent. Under a full moon, the drones began to spray the deadly mist over the city and countryside. After a week of incubation the viral symptoms start to appear. The majority of the city is infected and trying to get into the hospitals. There just isn't enough. The doctors that are there don't know how to treat the new mysterious disease. After a few more days the virus has started to achieve its design objective. The Kino people aren't prepared for this disaster and are forced to use mass graves.