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Natural build on terraformed land

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It begins

The virus is ready.

Major Crank ordered the ships drones to deploy the agent.

Under a full moon, the drones began to spray the deadly mist over the city and countryside.




After a week of incubation the viral symptoms start to appear. The majority of the city is infected and trying to get into the hospitals. There just isn't enough. The doctors that are there don't know how to treat the new mysterious disease.


After a few more days the virus has started to achieve its design objective.

The Kino people aren't prepared for this disaster and are forced to use mass graves.




Major Crank walked over to the comms station.

"Yes Commander Spicoli"

"Command has decided to finally stop the Kino transgression. They have decided to give the Kino people one chance for survival. You are to meet with the emperor and instruct him to remove his people from the continent immediately. Anyone remaining after one month will be considered criminals and will be exterminated."

"I understand. I can't imagine him taking this well."

"No, I doubt it. But command wants to give him the ultimatum regardless"

"Report back after the meeting"

"Yes sir"

"Ensign Toofur, Bring the ship down to the Kino's Imperial city above the palace."

"Yes sir"


Panic took the Kino people as the Ginormous ship descended above the city. Mothers clutched their babies. The elderly made peace with their gods. Some took to looting. Some tried to get women to sleep with them, "What if the world ends tomorrow?"




Major Crank tried to suppress the feeling but a wave of pride rushed over him as his truly awesome ship passed over the Kino capitol. He thought. "Few beings in this universe get to command the power I do right now."

After this show of power and his not so humble moment had past, Major Crank boarded a shuttle and flew to the palace plaza. There he was met with the very nervous palace guards. Major Crank proceeded to demand to meet with the emperor to no avail, until emperor Kiska himself appeared and agreed to meet with the Major.

After nearly an hour of heated negotiations the Major returned to his ship and contacted Commander Spicoli.

"Well Major Crank. How did it go?"

"Not good sir. He actually threatened to have me arrested, but then one of his assistants reminded him that it wouldn't be a good idea."

"What a fool."

"He had his chance."

"Yes sir. I shall prepare the drones at once"

"You definitely think like a soldier Major"


"After this war we don't need to waste any more money. Not even mentioning the devastation that would be released upon our land. Have your science officer use the computer to construct a virus to wipe out the population."

"Once the virus is released make sure no one leaves the continent."

"Yes sir"

"And Major. Do this right and you can choose your next assignment."

"Yes sir"


Major Crank immediately met with his science officer and began planning the operation.

Lieutenant Semenova was a brilliant geneticist, so engineering a virus specifically for the Kino people would be relatively easy.

The lieutenant was busy manipulating the computer.


"I've decided to take a neurodegenerative approach. "


" We want an airborne virus that is highly contagious during its incubation period of approximately three weeks. Followed by a 100% mortality rate."

"Thank you Lieutenant. I don't need all the details, just as long as it works"

"Yes sir. That wont be a problem"


(continued in Lake Tanglewood)

Major Crank continued manipulating the touch screen. Scanning through images and intercepted messages sent from the probe he launched into orbit a few years ago.

"Maybe this is the source of a all the graves in the city cemetery."




"They have started the construction of an airport west of Fowl Island."


"With a presence in the air, the Kinos are sure to spot the device."


"yes sir"

"Send a message to Commander Spicoli that the Kinos have begun building an airport."

"Yes major"


"All right, moving on"

"Repairs are underway at the Stickmann building."


"The national park where Tanglewood Springs gets its name."


"Hmmm. looks like there are people at the beach. Zooming in."


"Hmmm. That is interesting. I think I will zoom in a little farther..."

"Major Crank."

" What is it corporal?"

"Commander Spicoli is on comms."

(sigh) "thank you corporal."




--Now that the war is all but over Commander Spicoli has reassigned Major Crank back to planet Stex to finally deal with the Kino situation. --


Personal log: Star date 12703.1.5

Well, I thought I'd never be happy to see this planet again. But after the years of bitter fighting and having my old ship shot up and scraped, it almost seems like a vacation. Commander Spicoli tells me command is nearing a decision on what to do with the Kino people. I think I'll go and see what they've been up to since I left.

Coal mining operation in "Black Hills"


"looks like they've been busy. They have a couple new cities. Lets see... "Fowl Island". Simple enough. seems they set up a bird sanctuary on the large island in the river."


"They even have a Ornithologist studying there."


Fowl Island city center.


The other new city is "Zoot". Apparently named after their emperor's pet Squirrel. This is the capitol city for the Kinos in this region.



This is a slideshow of a city block going thru seasons.

(didnt know how to make a slideshow appear in journal)


Hey. Nice billboard.



small update

Hey People

Thanks for the comments.

No story this week. I'm currently working on several areas and brainstorming the"end" "second half" of the story line. Figuring out how I'm gonna pull it off and so on.

Sooo. This update will just be a couple pics of the silver mine area. Next one will be bigger and have the storyline back.

Let me know if there are any areas you want to see, or see more of.


Building in this terrain is a chore.


An overview of the mining/lumbercamp


The mine


What the lumberjacks and miners do for fun.


Under construction map. Some areas will be new and unexplained, like Black Hills coal mine and the new city of Zoot.



Major Port

Downloading report from a.i probe...

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üM¨…ïÜŠÖ¼?Š±`¯ß~ùÿMOò–W²ýí—_gb`i¶¸©ežò­Í Eåð;cä

uBoàsPaä˜Ûz=‰`qnIÒ±¨„ y'É‘@aÜVºà,PË5Äü÷cë¼hÉ"„sx•¼ëÇxmú¯- ÓËÈVœ8ÚšˆÈÀÆÈÁÎ(SË¥bt—k,­Ñ'…‚ˆÞ‡=ô’“¨‡päÑsÐk ®QerÝñ»³Šß€ŽD©<¨Ì§0~È‚'øâ:#JéÏĹ¨È‚ç覡¨›vå*P þ쀶Ň6HǦÐî³Ë¹áá‚ô5ˆ€Þª,A}Š'õÛ;Àd©½éå “Gm©5‚ñÑ)ת,ñQ[ä(±½«H0£ Ž‹¥4·4)Ì)îk…í–!rZ

pÙiþE˜‹WÁ™@,ŠYyklœÊX¿¾â œ‡Ô5§W_Ç­ƒº;†¯6å6Ô{.Ä+fê÷Vù[™Ð/ñ6GN3Fœç’а¨t

h ¯#Q<…sÑH„èQÔ\”Ðå­m;Gs×Ù¢c/­nI®«*¦kí-«˜–¯Y8zîì}ñõ㦉]©~”8V7ÁL¯êÔÛI‘Ž8OŸì¸-Á+¸©ÿ¥àdà&

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ÿ^k¢ $@8èãrŸã_¿f={öìψÏתsV[YlúsÙ)醩Ûj5HÊwÇÇ‚‡°5†x¨ËbÍÝÓ[w+¢ˆ×Ð%è½FMØ9*XTz쮃®Æâ@}øši6L§aX¬âí@³ŒðÍN­Ê0Æã‡E70*ÙÑ%ÚÄ«šÒq

£B¬qaÌb0_:–¨ÈÇщᅗ¹BCïíùøo/OçãMê¯aÁÁe-#íb÷ó)ܲde?B_`‰–º°aG·õ&w<Ÿ$º—ȱ´l¯ÖÀ‘.2Þ†¬“¸°q· Ëv^ì²w¾lÏŸ¿PKâÿ€a S PK ¢©´BæÆOô manifest.rdf¥‘ANÃ0E÷=…å®ãiœ


18273 messages intercepted between Tanglewood springs and Kino nation.


The Kinos have constructed a small fishing village located in a sheltered cove on the coast of the Sea of Sorrow.


They use commercial trawlers to harvest the three-eyed Tustudo trioculus.


They have also set up a small fishing village up the Eel river.


Here the Kinos catch a smaller,red, catfish-like creature. The locals have named the area Sweet Fish Bay.


In Tanglewood Springs the Kinos have finished their heavy rail bridge across the Tanglewood river.


They now have a heavy rail connection with Green Isle and have brought a main line onto the peninsula separating the two brackish bays.

This allows the Kinos to move food from the farms in Green Isle to the cities and bring in heavy construction equipment to the peninsula for the building of the permanent port.



The use of wind, diesel generators and the sawdust burning power station have become insufficient for the growing community.

Their solution was to build a coal power plant along with a coal dock.


Three major industrial facilities were built next to the docks. Cement plants, brick foundries and other building to provide the construction materials for the region.

A closer look.



The port channel after dredging.


Structure of unknown purpose.


In Green Isle you can see the government housing to support the dock works going on in Tanglewood springs and now continuing in Green Isle.


After many request to the Kino nation priority has been given to construct an oil pier.

The high demand of petroleum from the communities are straining the docks.

Unloading the vast amount of fuel needed has become to cumbersome in small containers.

Here you can see the marshland site of the future oil pier.


The expanded Farmland in Green Isle.


In Tanglewood city.

The Marina along the shore of north lake Tanglewood.


The Educational facility.


The "medicinal" crops and the Fukitol processing center.


The success of the colony have caused great excitement and hope in the Kino nation. It is likely their expansion will continue.

The most recent reports are of the discovery of coal and silver in "Tweaked Map".



Star date: 12700.9.5

The Kino People have continued clearing the land west of the docks.



They appear to be stopping in this direction as they have reached the marshy area of the southern brackish lake.


All this tedious monitoring during the day. Nothing to do in the evening. How many times can I watch the same movie?


Star date:12701.1.7

It was another monotonous day of watching the Kinos clear forest for construction and move supplies around in antiquated vehicles.

Major Crank was thinking what he had done to deserve this assignment. Which well-connected officer he had offended. Maybe he had flirted with someones wife at a banquet. who knows. All he knew was he was stuck here.

Watching these ants build things.

"Major Crank"

"Yes lieutenant."

"The duty roster for tomorrow."

"Thank you lieutenant"

Major Crank always liked having lieutenant Johansen on the bridge. She was a competent officer and very attractive. A glance at her could give a give a pleasurable respite to an otherwise boring day. She always filled out her uniform with a certain... "attitude". He thought "The designers of the fleet uniforms didn't have her dimensions in mind when they designed the uniforms." He chuckled to himself. "Or maybe they did."

On the really boring days he liked to pass the time by imagining idiotic scenarios were he and lieutenant Johansen would be on some far-off mission and her uniform would get splashed with some Gernati blood, chime, and she would have to strip it off before it ate through to her skin. Or maybe they would be undercover on a planet were women were forced to wear seductive items and always refer to the males as master, chime, Or maybe they would be under heavy enemy fire some sweltering, rain soaked night, and he would save her with some amazing hand to hand combat. She would be so grateful and want to thank him, but she couldn't speak, cause her lips were quivering and..chime

"Major Crank"

"...Yes Coporol?"

"Are you going to respond to Commander Spicoli?"

Major Crank clears his throat.

"Commander Spicoli."

"I'm not disturbing you am I Major Crank?"

"No Sir"

"Good. Anything to report?"

"The first permanent settlements have been built inland to the south. They have also cut roads to the neighboring territories."

"They still have along way to go."


The Kinos have completed work on several warehouses and a small lumber mill. They have also started build a large facility next to that mill.


They have also finished “dock 2” and can now unload three ships at one time. They have also expanded the temporary housing camp and started storing lumber near there, as the old spot is being used by new construction.


They have also begun laying heavy railroad lines from the mill and docks.


"Whats happening next door?

"To the west they cleared another area and setup an operation to grow food."




"To the south they have built more settlements on what they call "Northern Lake Tanglewood"


"Sir. Has command made a decision on the Kinos yet?

"I will make sure it gets brought up at the next conference. Command has been too busy with the war.

In fact the enemy is making progress. We have a more urgent mission for you. Report to Villore. Launch a class 3 probe to monitor the Kinos. "

"Yes sir"

"And Major Crank.

I know I said to be thorough, but I don't need to see every tree they cut down. Be sure to set the probe a.i. appropriately."

"Yes Sir"


Major Crank thought to himself. "Why couldn't we have done this in the first place?"



Star Date: 12700.7.56

The fleet has arrived. A Governor Dot has been given command of the landing expedition

Note: I have repositioned our ship to the north of the Kinos landing area for a better view.


He has ordered the initial crews ashore to begin clearing the beach and build a temporary dock.


Star Date: 12700.7.60

The Kino people have setup a small dock to unload from their launches, and have amassed enough supplies to begin construction soon.


Clearing of timber continues. The smoke from the burn piles is thick and the wind blows it into the workers lungs. These people care nothing for their health.


Star Date: 12700.8.1

Construction has begun on their permanent dock. They have brought ashore two windmill generators and a water pump.


Two of the ships have left for their home port. It also appears another group of ships is loading back at their capitol. It appears to be another group of workers and more supplies.

Star date: 12700.9.44

The docking pier is complete and the second fleet has arrived. They are now unloading supplies at a greatly increased rate. These people are strong workers, if a bit foolish.


They have setup living quarters west of the dock.


They continue to clear the land inland.


They are stockpiling the lumber in the east.


The Kinos are massing supplies near the existing dock for a second, “dock 2”.


The center of their “town” is one big construction zone



Any word on what command will do on the Kino situation?"

"Carry on Major Crank"


Hello all.

This is my first CJ. Im learning as I go. hopefully the pics will continue to get better as we go. Ive already started correcting errors. Like the pause thingy in future posts. among others.

If you are interested I have a forum topic going discussing "rules" I will be using to help make the region look and feel naturally grown.



Lake Tanglewood

Star date: 12700.1.41


thanks Eve Online

Captains log.

We have arrived at the planet “STEX”. I have ordered a geosynchronous orbit above the region “Tweaked Map”. Our mission is to investigate the report of trespass upon our lands by local beings, known as the Kinos.


thanks Eve Online

Star date 12700.1.42

The major walks over to the command table. He gazes at the holographic images of the terrain below. His stoic face and intensity of his stare portray an image of an experienced soldier. His eyes move back across the map taking in every minute detail.

A chime sounds from the communications panel.

"Yes Sir"

"Major Crank. Report."

"Commander Spicoli.

Our Scanners indicate no indigenous peoples in the immediate area, but our sensors on the ground have confirmed they were in the area recently."


"This was not a false alarm. I have ordered the monitoring of all communications inside the nearest continents capitol. No doubt the source of these disturbances."

"Has the device been discovered?


"No sir."

Star date: 12700.2.15


We have intercepted a report to the emperors palace. It confirms our suspicions."

"Send it."

Emperor Kiska,

The region is temperate and uninhabited by any indigenous peoples. The area has great resource wealth including timber, fish, and a fertile soil for farming. A geologic survey will be required to determine mineral wealth. The region is covered in lakes, heated springs, and rivers. It also has curious steep hills and cliffs along a large portion of its river banks. This place has no doubt had a turbulent geologic past. It is unknown if the area is still geologically active.

Lord Hurin“


"It would appear time has made these people brave. For 600 years these people headed the warnings not to enter this continent. It seems our previous effort to use fear to keep them away has failed."

"Our scans have shown the likely cause of their trespass is overpopulation. Their land has become short on resources and the population reproduces like stoned test bunnies.

From what Lord Hurin has reported, the timber reserves alone will give them enough reason to proceed with a colonization attempt."

Your orders have not changed Major Crank. Keep monitoring their progress and report back regularly.

Star date: 12700.2.22

"The emperor has ordered preparations to begin immediately."

"Upon the Emperors request Lord Hurin has recommended the initial landing be in the northeast. He identified an area that "“has a shallow harbor slightly protected from a shoal. The local ground is solid and the two brackish lakes nearby have potential for a deep water port in the future.” He named the place Tanglewood Springs. After the local forest and a nearby heated spring that is surrounded by cliffs. A truly magnificent place."

Star date: 12700.5.43

"The Fleet departs for Tanglewood!"


"The Kino ships are loaded with building supplies and 500 personnel."


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