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Weymouth Update 10

Wemouth City

Update Number 10


Thanks everyone who commented previously, these comments are greatly appreciated!


Today's update is really just a general overlook of some of the things I've built recently. Yes, I have made Weymouth v3, I personally think it looks a lot better! Anyways I do hope you enjoy at least some of these pictures



The new Milis Square and the all new Rogha Hall. Rogha Hall was traditionally the centre of the British-Leeonian Government, though today it acts as a major tourist destination as the Weymouth Art Gallery, joint with the Leeonian National Museum, we'll see it in the next update, along with Conradh Park which you can see some of it near the bottom of the picture.


Coopers Hall. Built in 1904 Coopers Hall was one of the first theatres in Weymouth. Today it is still being used as a theatre hosting 3 shows a week, mainly local theatre but occasionally international ballet, and musicals appear in the theatre.


La Cuccina. La Cuccina is one of the iconic Italian restaurants in Leeonia. Serving delicious freshly stone baked pizza, to top it off with some delicious locally made ice cream.


Moving North towards the central business district, we come accross Merrion Road Central Shopping Centre. The shopping centre has a floor space of 45,000m2, and over 150 tenants, most being popular franchises such as Holister, HMV, Gap, Tesco, Dunnes, Starbucks and many more. The shopping centre is the main shopping area in Weymouths CBD.


In the CBD we come across Blackburn Tower, an iconic skyscraper which head quarters Pro Construction, one of the biggest companies in Leeonia, controlling the forestry and construction industry.


The most prestigious theatre in Weymouth, Stevens Park Theatre. The building was completed in 1934 as one of the few art-deco styled buildings in Leeonia. It was originally designed for plays and music performances, but with the growing popularity of film, it was converted to a cinema in 1952 and then upgraded with THX surround sound and a conference hosting building in 2007. The theatre is located in the bustling heart of Weymouth with Merrion Rd./Main street a mere 20m from the entrance of building, and looking over Stevens Park, which leads into the centre of the golden age of Leeonia.


The Old Financial District or the banking quarter as it's more commonly known for it's many bank HQ's based here. In the picture you can see the Zurich Insurances' Leeonian Headquarters and Union Brothers Insurances' Headquarters, Union Brothers is another Leeonian company.



Hope you enjoyed your time viewing some images of Fabulous Weymouth City!

Comments and ratings are greatly appreciated

:D !!



Weymouth Chapter 2 - Region Update

Replies to Update 1.5 - Christmas Present

RepublicMaster, Huston and
Thank you all soooooo much!!
These comments are, as always greatly appreciated

I do love your BATs! Top quality!!

Update 2

I have finally been able to re-organise myself after school started, so updates should start to become relatively regular. :P

In today's region update, you will see how I'm coming along with Weymouth. The process is slow and tiring, that being the main reason I don't have many updates! I decided to make a .gif to show the whole process starting from a while back, just a little after I started to rebuild Weymouth. The .gif begins showing the Medieval District, the Marina District, the M1 or Weymouth Beltway in the hills and the beginings of the Ghetto-y areas. At the moment I am re-developing the Medieval District and some of the surrounding areas, soon I will re-develop the ghetto-y areas to have a more European feel, as at the moment they are largely American styled.


The .gif moves on showing the construction of the CBD, some high wealth apartment/suburb areas, the train station and recently Freedom Park (I'm most likely changing the name) which holds the Leeonian National Stadium and various restaurants and hotels. The Leeonian National Stadium is the largest Stadium in Weymouth hosting mainly GAA and rugby, it's capacity is 73,460. But more on that later.

Hope you enjoyed your time viewing some images of Fabulous Weymouth City!

Comments and ratings are greatly appreciated

:D !!


Weymouth Chapter 2 - Christmas Present

Replies to Medieval Quarter:

Alex_1210: Nice city, and i especially liked the second and fourth pictures, but they are lacking life, perhaps you can edit the plaza lots and add people, market stands etc on them?

>I am trying to! :P In future updates there will be a lot more, if I can, thanks you

Etissan: Wow, looks amazing!!!

Where did you got that medieval city walls?

>Thank you! I got them on the LEX, here -> http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3020

Hiigarar, RepublicMaster, monomass, APSMS and Benedict: Thank you very much, these lovely comments are much appreciated! :D

Update 1.5

Just a small update for an upcoming, massive one! :D Hopefully before New Year.

Weymouth CBD, an area filled with office towers, parks, shops and hotels. On the waterfront there is the Leeonian National Library and the busiest transit station in Leeonia, serving the small section of underground tram line, buses and taxis. The main towers are (Right to left) Younge Plaza (the artdeco styled building), Blackburn Tower (The black coloured glass building), The HD Building (The angled, white building), Chase Tower, Reconnaissance Building (The green glassed building), Telsus Plaza (The building that has the Christmas trees on it)

(Click for full size)


Day Shot


Night Shot - Another cold day in Leeonia, ending with a freezing night.

Hope you enjoyed your time viewing some images of Fabulous Weymouth City!

Comments and ratings are greatly appreciated

:D !!

Seasons Greeting, from Leeonia!


Weymouth Chapter 2 - Medieval Quarter

Replies to Nicaud City District:

PingPong: Very nice harbor! I also like the buildings at both side of the avenue in the 3rd pic, may I know the names please?

>The one on the Left is the N-Tertain Corporation Building by ILL Tonkso ()

The one on the right I got in a buildings pack a few months pack and I cannot find it sorry :(

Pioneer: Why are the cars driving on the wrong side?

>This is a LHD country

Ace + Urban Constanta: Thank you very much! :D

Update 1

Welcome to the new and improved Weymouth City! There have been major changes and updating across the city. In Chapter 2 we will finish in Weymouth City and see many of the small cities, towns, natural and man made wonders Leeonia has to offer.

In today's entry we will look at the main historical area of the city center, The Medieval Quarter and the Inner City Regeneration Project which will restore some older housing projects and completely redo some areas of the city.

King Bluett Castle, (completed in 1057AD), where the castle's keep stood before it was burnt down by the English in 1165. The building extended to the more brown coloured gate, this was the Northern Gate.


Milis Square, directly opposite the Western Gate of the castle, is the largest and oldest street market area in Leeonia. Every Saturday and Sunday hundreds of stalls are set up in the square and around the surrounding streets, here you can get everything from a good ol' Irish stew to hand made silk carpets from India. On an early weekday morning like this, not much goes on.


Caoile Street, one of the many little narrow streets in Weymouth, filled with shops, pubs and hotels


Cill Cathair, the oldest existing church in Weymouth. The church has a square located in the back that is connected to Dolan's Pub, where the communion wine has been fermented ever since 1049AD.


And now to see some modern re-developments currently undergo in Weymouth...

Lake Front Housing Projects, many housing developments after the Leeonian Freedom Movement (1910-1911), have dilapidated and eroded with time. The Inner City Regeneration Project (2011-present), a semi government funded project has and plans to demolish the worst effected areas and regenerate areas affected with inner city decline. Some of the worst areas are in South Weymouth. (Coming soon...)


The sun sets on newly constructed apartments


Lochán Plaza, some nightlife to be enjoyed here, in these regenerated buildings.


Hope you enjoyed your time viewing some images of Fabulous Weymouth City!

Comments and ratings are greatly appreciated

:D !!


I can happily announce Leeonia has become a member of the Aliance of Indepment Nations here is my approved application;

Application for The Republic of Leeonia to join the Alliance of Independent Nations

National Flag, credits to City_Master


National Coat of Arms


Location, credits to City_Master


Map of major towns and cities


National FactFile

Nation Name (Longest Official Form): The Republic of Leeonia

Nation Name (Native Form): Leeonia

National Anthem: TBA

National Motto: In the midst of destruction there's light

Capital: Weymouth City, District of Shackleton Shores

Government: Parliamentary system, Constitutional republic, Unitary republic

President: Alex Dalla Pria

Prime Minister: John Mc Nerney

Offical Languages: English, French and Spanish

Population: 2,879,354

Area: 45,762 km2 (approx.)

Climate: Temerate

GDP Per Capita: $37,000

HDI: High, 0.905

Drives on the: Left

Major Natural Resources: wood, Limestone and coal

Major Import/Export Partners: France, Ireland, Britain, Poland, Iceland, USA, Ghana and South Africa

Main Industries: Beef, Dairy, fishing, barley (beer), pharmaceuticals research and manufacturing, forestry, animal feed manufacturing, Cement manufacturing and financial services


Leeonia began as a Norman Settlment in the tenth century, there is no evidence of previous settlement. In Norman times Leeonia was called The Isle of Bluett, after King Bluett of Ireland. The Normans in Leeonia Founded Weymouth Town (Now Weymouth City), an inland town situated on Lake Nicaud used as an inland port to trade wood and agricultural goods with the rest of Ireland. When the Normans invaded Iceland and Greenland Leeonia was used as a stop-over point for the Normans to trade with, thus Port Merlin was founded south of Lake Nicaud on the coast of Leeonia.

In 1498 Britain had taken control over Port Merlin and Founded Merlin City to trade with the newly founded America's until 1539 when Britain decided to take full control and invaded the rest of the island. After the British invasion of 1539 things changed in Leeonia. First it got its current name, Leeonia after the explorer Lee Scaup and the Weymouth Town's port was destroyed as the English thought it was unnecessary for such a small island to have two ports. During this time Leeonia saw very little development, until the late 1800's when much of the railroad was built, to transport inland resources to Port Merlin and then to England.

In 1907 the citizens of Leeonia were getting agitated by foreign rule over their own land. Protests began in early months of 1908 due to the under developed health and education systems in Leeonia. Protests carried on for 1 more year until the British started arresting and putting to trial the protesters, this led to the planning of the 1910 revolution. The people of Leeonia created the Leeonian Secret Service (L.S.S.) to destroy British Government Buildings in Leeonia. In the early months of 1910 the L.S.S. destroyed 4 buildings in total killing 15 people and injuring 24 across 6 months. The British Government acted quickly in finding the leaders of the L.S.S. and sentencing them to death. After 20 revolutionists were executed the Leeonian people demanded freedom. The remainders of the L.S.S. acted quickly in putting together a small army of 7,500 men spread across Leeonia. Although this was no match for the British, they fought on. The L.S.S. was hit hard, 2 months of fighting and 760 people dead. Most of the army withdrawled from the countryside and focused on the towns and cities especially Port Merlin where the British occupied the most. After 4 dreaded months of guerrilla warfare the L.S.S. and The British Government had signed a truce, to end the war and allow Leeonia its freedom under commonwealth rule. Leeonia stripped this in 1937

USA helped Leeonia get back on its feet and development began on new roads, industry, health and education. During and after WWI there was very little develpment as its main connections were involved in the war effort.

In WWII Rationing of food, clothes and petrol was introduced during and after the war. Some of the more important food stuffs that were rationed during and after the war in Leeonia were tea, sugar, butter and flour. Bread was rationed in 1941. Rationing of petrol began almost immediately after the start of the World War 2 in October 1939. In Leeonia unlike Ireland eggs and meat were rationed. In fact Ireland continued to export live cattle and other meat products to Leeonia during World War 2. It was hard for the people in the cities to get chicken, eggs and pork if they did not have a garden or an allotment. Most people had relatives in the country who posted up these necessities. The Leeonian Government also provided land in Lake Hill Animal Reserve for allotments. Leeonia also relied on the import of Turf from Ireland as coal was scarce. Even though World War Two ended in 1945 it was another five years before rationing came to an end in Leeonia in 1950. Irish merchant shipping saw to it that vital imports continued to arrive and exports, mainly food supplies to Leeonia, were delivered.Although Leeonia is neutral its navy helped seek out and alert Allied forces of Axis naval vessels in and around its coastline during the war.

After the war the newly acclaimed Weymouth City grew rapidly with war refugees from Asia, the Americas' and Europe searching for cheap land and devouring the countryside and nearby towns. Weymouth City suffered from poverty in some areas during the early stages of development. The Four Towns District (Parson Town, James Town, Smiths Town and Stock Town) volunteered its land for the development of housing estates for the poor. Recently due to the rising land values these housing estates have turned into medium wealth high rises which have put massive strain on the old infrustructure. Stock Town today has the highest pop/km2 at 121,000 in a 1km x 1km area.

But with these struggles Leeonia has pushed on through making it the successful country it is today.



Modern Suburban Developments







Weymouth's CBD


KPMG world leading Pharmaceutical Company, located in North Redgio


KPMG's Research and Development Faccility, located in a Industrial Estate just outside Swift Valley



Leeonia's extensive transport system




Rural Developments


Weymouth - Suberton

I know this is my second entry for the day, but I thought the town looked so good why wait! (And it is going to be a shorter one)

Welcome to the burbs part 2! Here in the centre of Suberton are some businesses that have moved from cities such as Shackleton Shores due to the rising property costs


Urban Sprawl has led to the destruction of many old farms in the area


And factories have bought up tracks of cheap land and redeveloped them into thriving industries



And to finish up for the second time today! The old farmers market, now a built up area this was once far out in the middle of no-where.



Welcome to the Burbs! Weymouth has seen a massive increase in population in the last fifty years so this has brought with it the creation of the Suburbs.




The older suburbs have been demolished and replaced with modern suburban apartments, like these;



Here an older block of flats is scheduled for demolishment while a newer one is under construction


North Redgio is known for its heavily used streetcar and monorail system


North Redgio is home to KPMG pharmaceutical*, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world


Here is its research and development facility


And to finish it off, here is a large multifoor shopping mall located in Hillcrest Business Park (which is not fully completed yet)


*KMPG is not an actual pharmaceutical company

Thank you for taking your time to view my region!

All comments are replied to in the comment section, not in a replies area.


Welcome to Shackleton Shores!

Brief History of Shackleton Shores; Sackleton Shores was the original harbour for the Weymouth Region (before it got destroyed). After the 1910 revolution Shackleton was a boom town, sprawling in every direction forming cities such as, Swift Valley, Nicaud and Attenborough.

Shackleton Shores Today




The CBD at night


The iconic State Street Builing in lower Shackleton Shores


University of the Northern Province of Weymouth


Some historic housing in the centre of the city



Hi, my name is Alex and this is my Cj of the fictional Region of Weymouth. Weymouth began as a fertile market centre for the Normans in the 13 Century. It became a bustling port before the english took over and introduced landlord towns and plantations.


Tudor Remains

During this time Weymouth had little development and continued as an agricultural centre under British rule. After years of tension between the British government and the citizens, war broke out in 1910. The war only lasted 2 months but enough damage was done to free the country.The 1910 revolution allowed the counrty to expand in the residential, industrial and agricultural sectors.

This growth incresed after WWII as the state was neutral and many feared nuclear outbreak and migrated to Weymouth for the safety of their families and the abudance of cheap land.

Weymouth Today:


Weymouth today is still under going expansion, these are my current plans for the region:

-Complete the inner ring road, which is currently under construction

-Redevelop Smiths Town (currently a ghetto)

-Develop a habour south of Attenborough

-Develop North, South, East and West Redgio

Thank you for taking the time to read this! It would be greatly appreciated if you could comment suggestions, whether or not you like or dislike the idea, ect

P.S: This entire region (except Annot, a sole industrial town) was made without cheats!


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