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  1. Will you buy Simcity 2013?

    I've been playing Sim City since my DOS days. I then (shamefully haha) owned the Sim City CD game (simcity + videos! who remembers this?), on to the super nintendo Sim City (still love this one so much), SC2k, 3k, the special/unlimited versions of both, and of course SC4 + expansions. Having seen the evolution of this game over many years, I'm sad to see the pile of poo its shaping up to be. Sure, the glassbox is boasting in depth simulation, but when my city is the size of a fishbowl, with features missing that have been core to Sim City for over 15 years... this isn't Sim City anymore. It becomes Cityville something that they've watered down so much, it doesn't even remotely resemble the original product. I had believed that the franchise died back after SC4, and now I see I was right. I might pick up this game, but only after it hits $10, which, judging by the "features", shouldn't take longer than 2 or 3 months. I predict this'll crash faster than a new MMORPG goes F2P.
  2. Radio Station

    KBBL Is going to give me something stupid!
  3. Ok so first I want to thank everyone for their super helpful, detailed responses. I finally think I figured out what was going on, and it was a bit of everything converging into one mess. Refer to the pictures as you read this. It all started with the commercial doubler mod. Inside its got some 2x/3x/4x files and you pick the ones you want. It even specifically warns in the readme not to use more than one #x at the same time. So like a dummy I had unzipped everything (all at once) into my plugins. That didn't go well, and was screwing up my commercial zones. This prompted me to download the RCI Query mod to figure out what was going on. I started noticing that my commercial occupance was almost always double that of the capacity displayed. Growth wasn't going well so I started doing new regions and cities no effect. I finally reinstalled the whole game and started putting back in a few plugins at a time. It was then that I noticed I had been using multiple commercial multipliers, so I stopped with those thinking that my problem would be fixed. Now I have a blank new region with a blank new city and no plugins except for the RCI Query. I slap down a few zones of large size, throw in a few amenities, and fast forward only to find horrible commercial growth and the query still showing more occupance than capacity. No clue why. The forum posts here lead me to grabbing the Census plugin. Reading the census files and the posts here again, it suddenly all came together. All explained: I had bought Sim City 4 years ago but only recently got back into it after watching a Let's Play series on youtube. There I would see a guy build up his city and think to myself "yeah I want to do that too". He started a new city at one point and zoned high density zones, all the super sweet services, hit fast forward, and up sprang a beautiful skyscraper city. I was expecting the same thing in my cities, but as you probably already are saying to yourself, you can't do that in a brand new region (I had forgotten this). Coupled with my strange Com occupance "bug", I saw in the region screen that my city population was much greater than my jobs worked. I was convinced something must be wrong because, if I have 30k population, why then, surely I must have 30k combined com/ind workers too! I'd seen other cities in those let's play videos have cities with equal Pop/Job numbers so why not mine? Of course, region-wide you can make cities like this, but it isn't going to happen on a blank region with your first city. Basically, everything I was experiencing was a strange combo of events and bad timing and lack of gameplay knowledge that led me to believe I was under some kind of curse with my game. Fortunately for me, the posters here (especially Nonny Moose / Archangel Micheal) cleared things up for me with their super insightful and patient posts. Everything is working fine now and I'm more educated about the game. Primary lesson learned is that you can't just power-play your city to downtown Hong Kong in 20 minutes.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I still haven't gotten it working right. I've taken away ever mod (even the query mod and then just observe growth results). I end up with a city of population 20k, and only have about a dozen commercial tiles develop into low grade anything (regardless of value/services/etc). This is in a new city in a new region with zero mods after a fresh install. It will say that I'm at 900 city occupance and 5.3k regional occupance. When I goto region view, it'll show me some 20k Residents, with 900 com jobs and about 4k industrial jobs. And everyone else unemployed. I've all but given up that I can't play this game anymore. :-(
  5. Thank you so much for the fast reply. I tried playing without them and sure enough, that was the problem. Too bad, because I really liked the idea of "this building holds more but doesn't screw up the game". Cep't, like you said, it does screw it up. Everything is fixed now though, thank you! Edit: Spoke too soon. Started a whole new region (with those mods removed) and still encountering the problem. With a single commercial zone tile placed, it says I've got a citywide occupancy of 72 and a capacity of 14. Adding more COM zones grows nothing, adding more RES zones grows the commercial zones (but increases the occupancy by double the capacity at a steady linked rate). I'm starting to move the plugins one at a time to see if I can find the criminal. I'm wondering if some file got corrupted somehow or something... Update: Its pretty bad now. I've removed all the plugins and reinstalled the game. Now its just as bad as ever. I put back in ONLY the query mod and started a new region/new city and just threw in some stuff. COM occupancy stays double the capacity and res are coming in jobless. I deleted all the game files (except for the ones left from the uninstall in the my doc\simcity 4, not counting plugins). Im going crazy since the game is borked now.
  6. Ok I have a weird problem going on. I had a couple small cities (25-50k) in a region from a fresh game install. I downloaded a bunch of plugins (buildings, mods, etc). Notably among these, NAM, Industry Doubler, Commercial Doubler, and the RCI Query thing. I tried building a new city and QUICKLY ran into a problem. I built zones and services like normal. My population jumped to around 900, and my industry/commercial zones would hardly build at all. And then when I query'd a commercial building, it said something to the effect of: Citywide Commercial Capacity: 250 Citywide Commercial Occupance: 500 The exact numbers are a bit off, but it was always showing that I was about double-packed than I really was. And worse still, my very few residential zones kept clammoring that they had no jobs. They said commute time was LONG (even when located only 20 tiles away, in a tiny city with no traffic). If I built more Com/Ind, the zones wouldn't develop. If I built more Residential, the zones would develop but then scream about no Jobs. The CAP for Com/Ind was always like 0-2%, so I know that wasn't the issue. I've tried playing without some of the plugins trying to figure out what might have gone wrong, but so far I can't pinpoint the trouble. Right now, my biggest city that I loaded up shot from 45000 pop to about 70000 pop (without me building any new zones... just letting it run and adding a few parks/services). Now I've got Res buildings filled with 2k people a pop screaming they don't have any jobs. Now it says that Regionwide Occupance for commercial exceeds my regionwide capacity by 15k (again, all without building anything new). Somehow, my residents are happy to move in but I seem to need way more jobs than exist, but I don't understand how this has happened. Demand and Cap aren't the issue (not directly anyway). I'm about to reinstall the whole game and delete my plugin folder... Could this have something to do with the Com/Ind doubler plugins? I thought all they did was allow more jobs to exist in a single building (thus ultimately needing less zones). But this still doesn't explain how I'm double my capacity when I'm at 1% total capacity and demand is through the roof AND my residents are wanting to move in jobless... any ideas anyone? :-(