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  1. Weapons Research Facility

  2. Basilica of St. Francis & St. Flora

    The model of the Basilica is the Cathedral in Cologne France... I think...
  3. Update 2: Koningstad

    Beautiful upload, I just find it's a shame that every single house is exactly the same as it's neighbor... but that's just my point of view...
  4. Laissez Faire Investments & Marine Realty

    will definitively go well in my cities, great job and continue the good work PS: Like the name and what it means
  5. The Cenotaph

    could look even beter if you added a few trees on the grass.... just a proposition if you want to work on it more
  6. The terrain of OKINAWA Ocean City - Front Mission 3

    I know what i'm building on this..... think it would make a good advanced military/colony base...
  7. Rockaway: City of Magic

    How do you guys do this it is so AWESOME, i wish someoen thaught lessons to beginners like me xD
  8. The Imperial Palace

    War being over the king of Lata leaves his defensive castle to a more palace like castle, recently the motes and the shores were falling apart and the mayor payed for the reconstruction but the island is still very rural and is just a few houses and farms but is very eco-friendly.
  9. The Island Is Discovered

    It is the year 1305 AC, the French lord Rhonin of Fouras discovers an island in the middle of the Atlantic and names it Lata. The island is composed of a central mountain rough shores and high hills. He goes back to the mainland and sends a messenger to the king asking to add to his domains this island, the king agrees. This done Rhonin Demands the construction of a fort on the island. In a local monastery monks hear of this news and ask the lord if they can build a monastary on the island he agrees. In 1310 the first castle of Lata is completed, the monastery was at the back of the castle and the lord keep to the right of the main gate.
  10. Atlántico Region

    You truly have a gift, and if you could link/upload the landmarks you used please do they look fabulous mostly the modern church.
  11. Weapons Research Facility

    from th epics looks great can't wait to test!!