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  1. iLive - Reader 0.9.3



    Version 0.9.0 What's new ? -Improve S3D decompression with large S3D file -Add S3D animation : S3D anim section is now used to animate the S3D (through 3 new buttons in the s3d preview : play, stop, pause) -Navigator/Exemplar Analyser categories -TGI Editor (menu Tools/ TGI editor). This dialog allows you to change TGI for one or more files. You can use # as a mask. (i.e. : 04##5### as Type will replace the first two characters and the fifth character of any selected files by 04 and 5) -In S3D/UVMap, you can move more than one UV point at the same time LD file preview added v0.9.0a -Memory usage reduced -'entries appearing more than once(in property editor)' bug fixed -crash fixed in tweaker v0.9.1 Instance Generator v0.9.2 Open/Save dialog have now a historical combo bo Scroll bar added for UV map dialog keys (up, down, right, left) can be used to move selection in uv map dialog Clone dialog replaces the clone function. You can put the number of copy and automatically change the TGI of cloned entries v0.9.2b Fix some bugs when adding index, vertices ... in s3d v0.9.2d add a 'Copy to clipboard' button in the LD preview v0.9.2e fix a bug with bad LD v0.9.2f fix a bug with s3d and key handle fix a bug with zero length LF file remove the 255 limit for "adding (n) Triangles &/or (n) Points" in s3d preview change in the Find in Text to increase speed v0.9.3 Merge S3D function : in the S3D preview, you can add a new S3D to the current S3D by pressing the 'Add S3D' button Plugins Analyser : subdirectories are scanned Property file updated (thanks to Tropod) For any help , check the thread https://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=42353 sourcecode available on http://sourceforge.net/projects/ilive-reader/
  2. iLive - DatCmd 0.1



    DatCmd is a tool requested by RalphaelNinja It is designed to remove & reinsert files in DAT file. It is a command line program.
  3. iLive - PropViewer 0.1



    PropViewer 0.1 by iLive ------------------------ PropViewer allows you to preview properties file from SimCity 4. It is designed to help you when using Maxis' Lot Editor. You can also create group of properties. For any help , check the thread http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=51361
  4. UIEditor 0.5



    This program allows you to edit UI file. You can move, resize, copy/paste items, change properties ... Check the included ui_readme on how to use it. v0.3 : fix some bug with scrollbar v0.4 : properties can be changed through a property sheet add a preview to the import dialog v0.5 :the property sheet is now modeless some tabs added to the property sheet images (WinBtn,WinGen...) can be exported Related thread : http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=49686
  5. Joergs Water Mod

    great mod. I really like these new colors for our seas
  6. LEProp 1.6

    I stopped all work on Lot editor as Maxis released their editor and also due to lack of time. But your idea is interesting (except perhaps for effects as I don't even know if someone find the file format).The only problem will be the time so I can't promise you something ... for the moment
  7. LEProp 1.62



    This small program allows you to easily change some properties of any lots/BAT buildings. Don't forget to save the lots you plan to modify before using it. Don't put this program in the same folder as the Reader or the Building Tweaker. How to use it ? Click on the open button, choose a lot file. The lot will appear in the list. If you click on a entry of the list, its content will be displayed in the right part. You can modify the name, the description,the icon ... of the loaded lot. Some buttons on the right part of the screen allow you to modify police, firestation, school ... properties When you modify one of these fields, the apply & rollback buttons become active. Press the apply button to validate your modifications, otherelse press the rollback button. Don't forget to press the Save button before exiting the program. v1.51 : fix bug with Park & Effect properties save language v1.52 : Lot can be easily transformed in civic buildings (or water and power buildings) You just have to enable one of the available section (police, medical, school...) : once done, you can add cost, replace the GUID of the lot by the GUID of the section... The lot will also be placed in the right menu in sc4. v1.6 : Add Query Window, Cost & Income, Occupant Group, Sound... v1.61 : Fix a bug with landmark query window v1.62 : Fix a bug with LText and lot name Related thread : http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=49473
  8. LEProp 1.6

    could you send me your landmark by email (to olivier-403@tele2.fr &nbsp? I will take a look on it.
  9. LEProp 1.6

    I fixed the bug with the Landmark query window. A version (LEProp 1.61) is available in the mod download section (I hope it will solve your problem) Suico, you can't add job using the LEprop (perhaps in a next version)
  10. This program is available in the mod section This small program allows you to easily change some properties of any lots/BAT buildings. It doesn't require to be installed,it is not a plugin, so just copy the two files of the zip in any folder and run it. Three languages are available : english, german and french (use the flag to change language) Dont hesitate to give some feedback about what you want to be added or modified. Warning Don't forget to save the lots you want to modify before using it. Don't put this program in the same folder as the Reader or the Building Tweaker. How to use it ? Click on the open button, choose a lot file. The lot will appear in the list. If you click on a entry of the list, its content will be displayed in the bottom part. On the right part, you have access to many functions which allow to transform your lot in a civic buildings, a recycling center building, a power plant , a water pump... For exemple, here is the school dialog: As you can see, query window can be added. You can also manipulate advanced data using graph (i.e : School Effectiveness vs Average Age, Age to maintenance cost multiplier ...). For each graph, predefined models can be selected. Bugdet can also be managed ... ... as well as occupant group or sound ( each of them can be previewed) Don't forget to press the Save button before exiting the program. Have fun iLive
  11. Files2DAT



    Files2DAT by iLive v1.3 This tool is desgined to quickly merge different sc4 files (.sc4model, .sc4desc ...) into a new dat. It is a request from Vlakhaas who wants a tool to merge SC4Desc & SC4Model files. Have fun How to use it ? Run the program. In the main list, all sc4 dat files will be displayed. You can change the current directory by clicking 'Change Dir'. Once you have selected the files to merge, click on the 'Merge' button, enter a destination filename and 'roulez jeunesse'...all your selected files are now merged in one file. What's new ? v1.3 : support for .dat file if the destination file already exist, files will be merged with it
  12. iLive - Reader 0.8.7



    This is the last version of the Reader Some bugs fixed Navigator improved : uses of Maxis' type, Copy file added (menu), all exemplars should be displayed ... For any help , check the thread http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=42353
  13. Version


    SC4 Building Tweaker by Ilive -------- This version is based on Ilive - Reader 0.8.4. This version fixes a problem with EQ selections. This program allows you to modify properties (capacity, cost, power...) of some SC4 buildings.(including your own plugins) The first time you launch the program, a setup box will appear , asking you to fill two fields : - sc4 location : indicate the folder which contains the file simcity_1.dat - SimCity Locale dat : indicate the filename named SimCityLocale.dat How to use it ? Go to the first combo box and select an entry among Residential, Industry, Reward ... The building list is filled. Then select one of entry , the property list displays differents properties of the building. You can edit one of these properties by double clicking on the values. Once you have modified all the properties you want, you have to save the modification. So, click on the 'Save As Dat' button, write a filename and save it in the SC4 plugins directories (for exemple, My Documents\Simcity4\Plugins). Other Functions : Reinit button : this button reinitialize to the default buildings properties Import Dat : each time you launch the Building Tweaker , the properties list is build from SC4 properties. By using this button, you can update this list with your previous saved dat. Properties button : you can configure the XML file (wich contains displayed properties) through this option Notes : The shown properties are stored in an XML file named blg_prop.xml Mod Edit: Fixed broken formatting, and restored description from the included readme.
  14. thanks for all these values, DM about Blit Type Enumeration, other values I found are : normal edge
  15. thanks a lot for this tutorial... I really wish to write one but as english is not my language, it will be too hard and osrry, if this program is not friendly, but it's not easy to combine tools for advanced users and beginners (no offense at all in these words)