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  1. Simtropolis billboard

    Ahoj Venco!
  2. I was pleasantly surprised by the demo on two accounts. It could actually be a good game. Its nothing like simcity4 in feel, not really a SC4 killer. Slightly less staged pictures than the official ones: Skip avatar quickly please thank you. Nice planet, lets find a city on the coast with hills and an island, errrrm ok; beach/volcano/plains is it? volcano then. There is no connection between apparent planet terrain and city map terrain whatsoever. Those cities next to me could just as well be on the other side of the planet for all that ive seen. No "neighbor connections" just planet trade. Mailand, eastern outskirt, you dont get to notice how limited the farmland zoning is. Good gameplay, just not very nice/realistic. Fairly crude overall but OK for a game IMHO. Streel level. Verrry interesting. Not so very strikingly beautifull most of the time but OK. Can ride along in-car and climb stuff which is fun. Postcard. Cute! The city edges are often disturbingly apparent. Some faking of surrounding countryside resulting in a pleasing horizon would be nice. Especially since the maps are fixed and no neighbors visible. From the top. Notice the square lots. See the w2w limitations? The fields dont have to be bordered by roads if you do care. Sometimes you can get nice pictures from hills, tall buildings or structures like bridges. I dare not show a bridge or edge connection from up close before the final version comes out. Don´t be spooked by the grey boxes in the streets and possible lack of detail, my card is fairly crappy. Overall Jerome needs to clean up his act, and as for making a city builder game for rich people who dont have much time, lol. BTW: tunnels, how do i make one (in the demo)?
  3. Heres a fix (256*256 textures) for Vesters old(ish) trams: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/19/793716/VDK%20GLR%20Tram%20Mod%20ATI%20fix.zip
  4. My pet peeve since 2003. This time round (ive started playing after more than a year) im making sure to fix these issues before they put me off. This is my current automata control file (within NAM). Be prepared for a virtual traffic jam or two. No effect on the pathfinding or game itself, just automata behaviour. Not really tested extensively. www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/19/793716/NetworkAddonMod_Automata_Plugin_Standard_slow_vil.zip
  5. Fort Worth

    neat idea indeed
  6. BSC Flag Pack 2

    Maxis missed some important flags.. thanks again!
  7. BSC Prop Family Index

    84840000 to 8484FFFF bitte, if thats not being too greedy...
  8. I just hope Buggi has nerves of steel. Dealing with Maxis lawyers appears to be the easy part. Apologies for my low post count. Id love the road requirement property in lots to work properly for all directions. Precise control over terrrain texture appearing/not appearing under lot (or part of lot) The TransitEnabled tile stack overflow issue... more menus/submenus Placing props lower than ground level and whatever Cycledogg needs to make his magic happen... oh yeah and the networks under bridges thing. and good luck!!!
  9. Budweiser Factory

    Ahh the real face of US Budweiser finally makes it into the open - its all made from chemical compounds and tap water in a grungy old warehouse.
  10. Lighthouse in Gaspesie

    emm i guess its worth pointing out that even in the supplied photo the lower part of the lighthouse is not as saturated as the top glossy metalic part and has a visible texture. The white on the window could be less white (230/230/230 maybe instead of 255/255/255?). Try making the side wall texture slightly darker at the bottom edge. Overall less saturation and more detailed textures would make a nice model stand out better.
  11. High Tension poles

    Transparent base would indeed be my wish too, very nice.
  12. Downtown Commercial

  13. Grimes Grimy Recycling

    good lot nice icon Polulation?