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  1. SC4 doesn't launch

    Good grief. Windows has made a fine mess.
  2. Ah. So I guess I am not the only one. Whatever I type in the search comes back as not found. Sometimes I also get logged off.
  3. NYBT / Tudor City, Windsor Tower

    Beautiful tower.  Unfortunately I have problems downloading .rar files.  Any suggestions?
  4. Nashville Fifth Third Center

    That is the problem.  I do not see growable and ploppable folders; only a .rar file.  I REALLY want this tower.  I will try to capture an image of what I am seeing and share.   If there are others who understand what I am referring, please provide any insight. 
  5. Nashville Fifth Third Center

    I see both MN and DN versions.  After I choose the DN version, I followed the same protocols as previous downloads.  After saving and opening for extraction, there was no option to extract  since there was only one .rar file.   In addition, there was no option to choose this structure when engaging in the game itself. 
  6. Nashville Fifth Third Center

    I love the glossy look.  There was only one .rar file.  I was not given the option to extract any files. 
  7. Transportation Freeze

    It did not work.
  8. Transportation Freeze

    I thought it was. When I get back to my PC, I will check again. It was working. In addition to z1's suggestion, what would you recommend relative to the original topic? Anyone else as well?
  9. Transportation Freeze

    DatPacker doesn't affect the Control-X feature. Generally, when hitting "Enter" does nothing, it means you misspelled the name of the option. Which patch are you referring to? There is no patch that I'm aware of that affects the Control-X command. I spelled "buildingplop" correctly. There must be something else occuring and /or conflicting.
  10. Transportation Freeze

    All right... I have installed the software and now my "cntl x" feature no longer works. I can get to the box, however after typing "buildingplop", hitting enter does nothing. Also I am having the same problem after installing the patch. I will uninstall for now. How do I uninstall? When will the new version be unlocked? I don't know, but I'd recommended installing the old version; I used it for many years with no problems. When the new version is fixed, you can simply upgrade; the output formats are completely compatible.
  11. Transportation Freeze

    When will the new version be unlocked?
  12. First, I would thank all of those who have helped make SC4 my all time favorite game. I do have another issue as I go through each one-by-one. When I open my subway icons, the game freezes for about 30 to 45 seconds between the time I chose the icon and when I can use the feature. When I revert back to another icon, from the subway icons, freezes again before I can use the feature.
  13. I had to re-install SC4. Prior, I moved all of my files to the c: drive. After re-installation of SC4, I moved all of the files back into the "Plugin" folder. Do I need to re-run the installation for the files that require this process?
  14. NYBT / The Four Seasons Hotel tower

    Are there any issues with this download?  I can download the file but nothing beyond that.
  15. So my SC4 Deluxe crashed. I had move files to a temp file on my hard drive, re-install the game and migrate my files back. Now my lights are out except for the SC4 default structures. I forgot what I did to begin with to negate this bug. There are two patches to fix this bug. Both patches do not seem to exist any longer. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.