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    Originally posted by: KinFreon Originally posted by: Fairlane500 Well, Newcastle has zip in the way of company headquarters, however, neighboring Bellevue is home to:Coin Star Drugstore.com Eddie Bauer Expedia Infospace Microsoft (Relocating HQ to Bellevue, plus Redmend might as well be Bellevue) Paccar (Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Foden, etc.) Symetra (Life insurance) T-Mobile (Actually in the even-closer neighborhood of Factoria) QFC (Grocery Stores)quote> Don't forget that Redmond also has Nintendo. quote> Amazon.com, Costco, Alaska Airlines and Weyerhaeuser are all headquatered nearby too, though not directly located in Bellevue
  2. A - Z Cities Game

    Saskatoon, Canada
  3. A - Z Cities Game

    Spokane, Washington, USA
  4. A - Z Cities Game

    Granite Falls, Washington
  5. A - Z Cities Game

    Union City, Michigan
  6. A - Z Cities Game

    Fairwood, Washington, USA
  7. Word Association Game II

  8. PEG Seasonal Lot

    So awsome!!! 10/10
  9. PEG Stream Kit II v205

    Wonderful!! 10/10
  10. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi, Im 16 nad live in Renton,WA (right outside of Seattle). I am a Sophmore at Kentridge High and likt to play computer games and play soccer.
  11. PEG Seasonal Trail Parks v305

    Its is very cool. but when I place the lot in the game everything except the path appears, am I doing something wrong?
  12. Wales AK

    I like it it. Its a cool map with lots of waterways and mountains
  13. This or That - Take 2

    SPH, Costco or Sams Club?
  14. Power Plant Transformer

    Very nice, a great alternative to the maxis's ones!
  15. Word Association Game II