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  1. SC4 unplugged

    this is a great cj. i love how much you can develop, but i need to ask you: how do you grow so fast. Your cities are big and it is just the beginning. If you had mods than you could create a good realistic cj. PM me on your strategy
  2. you guys seem to master this flora mod c2d thing. Good bit of knowledge is getting out. Keep playing with it.
  3. Does heavy industry require water?

    i disagree with Nonny moose, Industry that isn't high tech doesn't require water
  4. Go into the industrial city and run it for 3 months, then go to the residential city and run it for 3 months
  5. Show us your - Region

    How do you get the buildings so tall, With out demand mods. Pm me Example : Heblem's
  6. Making bridges out of NWM?

    the transition peices and i thought it only goes to 5 lane oneway
  7. Making bridges out of NWM?

    you can't have nwm bridges. you have to down size your road or convert it to multiple roads
  8. Trade bug?

    i only trade with omnicorp. omicorp uses of city trades in there amounts too. so if i export 10 fuel in one city to omnicorp then in another city buying fuel from omnicorp, omnicorp will show 1010 fuel tokens availible. omnicorp is stable, so trade between your cities through omnicorp
  9. you have almost 3 times the number of city tiles though and trade between your own cities. I also like it because i switched computers and couldn't get cxl 2009 to work on the new computer. I also had huge graphics problems but the new computer fixed it.
  10. the problem is probaly a overlap issue. the city that provides power to another needs to be reloaded and 2 months(sim time) needs to pass for all things to updated between the 2 cities.
  11. Random Smoke?

    look at the mini map. there should be pollution to the right of the area but not there.
  12. airport question

    you can download another airport on the internet accessable computer and use a flash drive (memory stick) to trasport it to the sc4 computer
  13. Inter-Region Commuting?

    the train station has a car park so the seperate car park doesn't change it because even if the people went to the car park then they would still all walk to the small distance to the train station. The only solution is to build second train station
  14. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    it's part of nam and rhw under flups
  15. Treeing the whole Region or City

    Holding shift makes a larger circle and there is a mod to make even bigger circles but no one click thing, that i know of