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  1. The Simtropolis Closet

    Personally, I see nothing out of the ordinary when looking at a drawn, painted, computer created image or whatever and finding it 'attractive', whether it be an anime character or a figure in a painting. Countless people around the world will look at the Mona Lisa and remark at how beautiful she is.
  2. Post Your Picture Here!

    Me, in the Philippines a few months ago. http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/7670/fusphils9sn.jpg align=baseline>
  3. The Simtropolis Closet

    I don't venture much down into the off-topic thread very much. Actually, if I am to be totally honest, I rarely venture down here, typically hanging around the forums related to the game (although, I will make an effort to visit here more often). I must say that I am very impressed at the level of maturity the members of Simtropolis are exhibiting in regards to this topic. Additionally, as I read through this topic, I was also very impressed by the mods - their understanding and support has been exceptional! I myself am gay and have been through all the 'trials and tribulations' ( if I may be so cliche ) of comming out, dealing with gay issues etc. Because of this, I feel it is important to share this with others when appropriate so that if I can provide any sort of help, advice etc. If nothing else, at least to lend my voice in support. Hmmm... fealing adventurous tonight. Think I might pop over to the pictures thread and post a pic of me....
  4. The Plopmatic 9000

    While I don't think I will use this lot in my 'real' region, I can see using it in my 'test' region. I can think of several times when I was testing some theory I had or something else in which I would have liked to have had rapid growth. Nice lot.