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  1. Strange RCI Demand. Help.

    That's true. I saw a traffic jam outside my city, in the region, and I had trucks with plastic stuck there for over a week. But like I said... "generally." It helps sometimes, OP, to sit and watch what your trade units are doing.
  2. I attached a picture of one of my bigger cities, Cheyenne Vega. It's on a closed server, you would need an invitation. Pop 234,114. I could get it bigger if I zoned a little more aggressively. I agree, don't trust the guides if you really want to max density. Make sure you have a really good transit system.
  3. Strange RCI Demand. Help.

    This. A lack of freight complaint from C generally means you need to zone more I.
  4. I've gotten it to 290k without mods and yes, you need to make everything high density. But the key is that you have to provide a lot of services that go with it. You won't get your sims to "level up" if they don't have schools, fire, police, health - although don't waste money on a hospital, use 2-3 clinics. Make the money back through recycling and exporting your alloy and plastic, or some other trade. You will have to be careful with your block sizes and watch your traffic because bad traffic will mean that police cannot respond and your high wealth people will whine and not expand, lots of "the crime is too high" bs even though there's only 2-3 or so crimes per day, "too many people dying" because ambulances can't get around, etc.
  5. This needed another option: mostly. However, that's been a real downer because it's so borked. I didn't want to have to juggle through mods to see what works and what doesn't (mostly doesn't) and have to take them out and put them back in if I want to play with other people. I guess I'm just feeling lazy!
  6. You need to have fast, clear ways around and through your city. Avenues that cross and circle the city are a good idea. Do not intersect those avenues too often, but I'm finding that low density streets are your friend when intersecting avenues because they are only a stop sign and will not clog up the avenue the way a light will, since the lights on medium and high density streets/other avenues will delay them for a set period of time and really cause a noticeable queue. A frontage road off an avenue is your best friend for zoning. And yes, preferably on only one side, but sometimes it's good to break up the monotony and build on both sides, just be smart about it - break it up with parks, or build the the city blocks a little small so that the buildings cannot expand to maximum density. Once you reach your high density buildings, you can downgrade some of the streets back to low density to take advantage of the stop signs. Also, take advantage of tunnels and elevated roads / rail. If you have rail in your city, have more than one stop, and have the rail cross the city if you can. Gets people off the road. A streetcar stop near your high wealth neighborhood will get a lot of use, since they won't take buses unless they absolutely have to. High wealth will take streetcars, afaik.
  7. That's great... if you are not playing multiplayer. If you are playing multiplayer, you can't have those mods.
  8. Worker issue

    I wish I had taken a screenshot or video. I had some low wealth workers abandoning due to not being able to find any work. Yet in walking distance down the avenue was the recycling center, which had only a fraction of its low wealth jobs filled. I'm fairly convinced that the AI is just borked, intentionally, to make sure you're always working to balance something.
  9. Worker issue

    The population panel may tell you that there are no available jobs when the extended worker mod says that there are jobs unfilled in many of your city's facilities and businesses. Clearly, something isn't quite up to snuff.
  10. Parks increase happiness and that in turn leads to improvements in density if they're ready to expand, from what I observed.
  11. Newbie to the game..

    They can drive faster on them, they have more lanes and passing cars that are turning is easier. It may be that avenue usage could be done in a limited fashion but it's hard to not use them when you realize that making them go long distances just to turn around increases the length of lines (without the UDoN mod - which is the environment you're in if you happen to enjoy multiplayer play).
  12. Building sizes and optimal road markup

    The buildings come in a variety of sizes and depths. No, they are not all square, but there is a maximum depth of the building from front to back and side to side for high density buildings. It's about the length of the urban green space, maybe a little deeper.
  13. Worker issue

    This is a tough challenge. I found that even with one or two other cities, they often don't commute to work - there will be thousands of jobs open and yet unfilled, 0 unemployment and only a couple hundred workers coming in from an adjacent city. I am wondering if there are time constraints that stop it, if the rail or bus takes too long. edit to add: Well a bit of further research shows that only a fraction will go because the amount of workers - or any other resource - is rationed by how many connected cities you have. So it may work better where you have a region with 2 cities, so the one connected city can put in 100% of its resources, be it workers or power or anything else. http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1va5m7/sc2013_information_regarding_resource_sharing_and/
  14. It is by invitation only. Viridian Woods map. I've got a city with 290k people in it to start, looking for freight, workers and shoppers to help! Friend me and let's go
  15. Origin Friends

    I've made a region that is by invitation only. Viridian Woods map, named Simtropolis Friends on North America East 4. Friend me and let me know if you want to play. I have a nice community in there to start, 285k pop at this writing and very financially stable. Looking for some good neighbors!