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  1. PEG God Mode Pine Trees Mod

    Unable to find Peg Mountain Development Pack - link goes to STEX page without a hint as to whereMTPt might be. I've been searching the PLEX and expect it to be there, but link here needs fixing.
  2. Fantastic! Unfortunately, I cannot devote as much time to SC4 as I would like and have been fumbling around here for several months. You put all the answers for a newbie right there.
  3. NYBT U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station

    I'm gonna use it in all the towns that the mayor accepted a military base to save his monetary ass
  4. I start my "second" cities on windmills and keep them just at the line needing to increase power supply. I make sure the neighbor I want to be the seller is well into a surplus situation. With new, small pop cities, it can take time to generate the demand resulting in an offer from the neighbor. Just be patient. Typically it comes when I'm up to 3 or 4 windmills. Once the deal gets made, I destroy the windmills gradually, and shifyt dependemce to the neighbor (which also gets the pollution). -- Sourtoe
  5. Only one of my friends has watched me playing SC4. We enjoyed several beers together and I missed a fire alarm and lost a block of insdustry. He still laughs (at me?), My wife only knows that when I'm up here on the computer playing, she can watch her soaps recorded earlier in the day, so she's happy. For me, it is just too relaxing to worry what others think!
  6. Newbie Difficulties

    I am not an idiot, I think I have a lot that I can use to contribute here, but the learning curve (or maybe just the technology) is steep! I've been knocking around here for awhile and at some of the links (BSC, NAM) and have encounterred all kinds of problems. Sorry if I'm unloading...it all started with not being able to register my SC4 Deloxe at EA/Maxis (still cannot, even with their tech support fixing things), so I turned here for some help and talent (which obviously does exist here). A numberr of things just seem not to be working and I assuime it is me. For example, today I attempted to get into BSX, registered, never got a confirmation email. Should I just abandon that and start over? I installed SC4B.A.T. several days ago, after gmax, buit it would not run (that error cleared itself and the progrtam now runs). I downloaded DL Catalogue from STEX, installed it and it won't run (says unable to open data base and backup db does not exist). Should I uninstall and try again? Which leads me to ask, where did I find that program. Nothing I have put into the Search option on the STEX website produces anything (well, if I put in "DL" it comes back "dl" and then I get a lot). Is DL Catalogue considered a Modd? Can it be searched for? I'm sure all this will seem foolish in time, but you really do need a better way for newbies to hook in. I'm not just new to STEX but the whole community thing (did my time at Wikipedia, but that setup is pretty user friendly). I would not mind preparing such a document for you, IF I can get pasty the difficult beginhnings.
  7. Unfortunately, that useful email address at account@support.EA.com is no longer valid. I was able to get my registration problem partly resolved (still working on the compolete issue) through EA Customer Service [customerservice@ea.com]. Response was quick (a few hours).
  8. Get your Maxis files here!

    I am brand new to this Forum, but have been around SimCitty for a number of years. I recently received SimTropolis Collection DVD (2 & 3). From what I'm reading, I believe I will need a BAT and maybe a LOT editor, but these come from EA. I ghave nerver beren able to register at EA getting the error message that my Serial Number (actually Game Access Code?) is already registered. Since whoever it was that registered my number (real hard-a 5 digit number!) was apparently not me, I can no longer register. Your thread seems to offer some hope that I can still participate, but I do not know what to download. I only see a BAT installer on your dowmload site and no Lot editor. Can you help me move forward?