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  1. Uniroyal Tire

    Whenever I drive from Ann Arbor to Detroit, this is one of the few things I actually look for! Thanks for making this!
  2. Red Robin Restaurant

    This looks just like the one in my neighborhood!! Thanks for making this. I look forward to plopping it and having my sims enjoy a 5-alarm burger with an appetizer of towering onion rings!
  3. INNOUT Burger

    I can't believe I've not thought of downloading this until now! Until those times when I'm in Las Vegas, Los Angeles (BARF) or San Francisco, I can live vicariously through my sims and the plopable version. Many thanks!
  4. Multi Family Homes BSC

    Reminds me alot of the Bunker household on Hauser St (in reality located elsewhere in Queens). Very nice job! I look forward to seeing your other lots grow in my cities.
  5. Wendys Old Fashion Hamburgers

    When there's a growable available, I've decided to always wait until it pops up in my cities before rating it. This was the very first STEX download to appear in a new city I started yesterday, and I couldn't be more pleased.