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  1. BLaM HIDP Single Furnace Steel Mill

    Help ! ! I can't find it in my menu as well like OM3N.
  2. Ring Roads

    A lot of major cities have highways that close. Look at Miami with 95 and the turnpike. I also ringed my downtown with highways it looks and works great.
  3. SCS GLR Station

    Great Job. Where did you get the street mod?
  4. One Canada Square Canary Wharf Tower

    First to rate. First to download. That's what I'm talkin about. Looks great.
  5. Columbia Creek

    Calm, I got it to load. It is just level terrain where the water is supposed to be. I have all the Mountains and velleys. It is like the whole region is raised. There are sharp cliffs near the shoreline too. I think I will just use the terrain editor to make the water. Thanks
  6. Columbia Creek

    There is no water on my map. Is there another file I need to download? Can't wait to build on it.
  7. Mapp Squad Long Beach

    I love the map, but when I load it my region is just water.How can I raise the land up out of the water?
  8. Pensacola FL by NDEX CME

    I can see my place in Gulf Breeze. Great job.
  9. Gyoko Grand Marina by SOMY

    Looks cool. Glad to see more marinas for my lakes.
  10. Private Airport

    Looks awesome. As for the runway numbers. They should be 180 degress oppisite of each other so if one runway is 36 the other will be 18 that would be a north/south runway. Great job.
  11. Fire pit

    First one to comment. I think it is pretty cool. Can't wait to see it in my forest.
  12. London Eye

    What is the London Eye? Is a ride of some kind?
  13. Tops Grocery Store

    Nice lot, but Wegamans is better. Still 10/10
  14. Wegmans Grocery Store

    I grew up in Rochester NY home to Wegmans. Too bad there is no Wegamans in NM. Everytime I go home to see the family first place I stop is Wegmans.
  15. Big Gun