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  1. IBM CityOne game

    The last real city in the trailer is Toronto!
  2. Modular Commuter Station Platforms

    Version 1


    My first BAT project I present to you: Armagin's Modular Commuter Station Platforms Contains: One Main Entrance and Ticket Counter One Open Platform Area With Benches One Enclosed Platform Area With Benches One Overhanging Platform With Benches Capacity: 3000 Platforms, 5000 Entrance Monthly Cost: 10$ - 15$ All 4 lots have nightlights so be sure to pick up the BAT patch from www.SimCity.com No Dependencies Check out my development thread over at: sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php Feel free to use any or all of these models in your own creations, just please mention my name (armagin)
  3. Cycledogg Trees Non-Seasonal

    Greatest... thing... EVAR!!
  4. The Original Simtropolis.

    Yeah I got no idea what the forum ID is so it looks like Im SOL just wanted to dig it up for old times sake! Not gonna bother getting some mod to dig around for me! Im sure there is way cooler stuff for them to be doing! nice to see a few of the old folks still around here! Seems I lost my old post count too! Oh well, Ill be around for a while!
  5. The Original Simtropolis.

    Heya! I joined the forums in 2004 and its been a blast ever since... been on a bit of a hiatus until july last year. I got a quick Q though... where can I find my old CJ? Is there anywhere I can dig up my old work dust it off and show the world how terribble I was? Some sort of an Archive or summat? Any of the members from wayback still come here? Got some stories to share?? Anyone remember the "Peg scandal" when a bunch o' dudes were stealing Peg's work and claiming it as their own over at sim city central prompting him to yank everything of his off of the STEX and form his own site?
  6. Gwendol Pt. VI

    Hello! I am alive folks!!! School year is starting to wind down and I've been fiddling around with sim city a little bit... needless to say I got hooked again! Nice to see some views here and there (4300 last count!) and I hope I've inspired some of you to come out of the woodwork and share some of the fantastic work here on the site. Anyways I am planning on starting up a new project soon as this one sort of died on the vine. I'm teraforming and seeding a magnificent landscape that I intend on sharing with all of you very soon. I would like to take this space however to wrap up this journal a little bitt if there is anything you would like to know or see feel free to post and let me know. And here we go! We'll zoom out a bit and Ill show you parts of Gwendol that you may or may not have already seen.... The old town on the north side of the city and the monument to a national wartime hero Alexander Strauss: Alger business park on the east side of town, over 30 000 employees commute to these three blocks every day: Classen research park just north of market square: Hospice canal just south of the downtown core: Flemming Power Center on the east side of town just south of Alger Business Park: Like I said earlier, this project has been tons of fun, but I'd like to move on to something else, if there is anything you would like to see more of let me know, but for the next few weeks I'll be working on something that Im sure will please all of you! I'll do my best to answer each and every one of you!
  7. Rural Petrohrad: the Imperial Park

    Kinda reminds me of a park near my house. Its called mountsberg: http://www.conservationhalton.on.ca/uploads/Maps/Mountsb%20trail%20map.pdf
  8. Rockcut Pt. II

    The Towns of Rockcut: Today we explore the outlying towns of Rockcut: Major: - Rockcut - Lowville - Riverdale Minor: - Rockcut Heights - Wolfe Junction - Jordan Station - Charleston The small crossroads community of Charleston on the east side of Riverdale: Lowville which lies in the valley between Rockcut and Riverdale: The wind farms which lie atop the Rockcut Plateau: A small community known as Rockcut Heights developing north east Rockcut: The small community of Jordan Station: Houses, farms, small businesses, and rails along the road connecting Lowville and Riverdale: The Railway follows the river from Jordan Station to the town of Wolfe Junction: A crossroads south of Lowville: The Small town of Wolfe Junction: A train arriving at the town of Riverdale: The Railway heads north out of Lowville towards Wolfe Junction: Downtown Riverdale : Ill be away this weekend in the merry town of Tobermory Ontario!! Naturally I won't have my computer with me so we shall continue our journeys around heavenshire next week! Until then please feel free to comment and rate! If you think something should be included here please let me know!! Glad to see a few regulars starting to check this place out too! Sorry I haven't been too active on the rest of the CJs around here on simtropolis. If you have something that you think I should be checking out please let me know! Until Next Week... Mayor Dylan (Armagin) Thomas
  9. Gwendol Pt. IV.I

    lol.. I appreciate your comments. Although I try to be somewhat realistic in this journal and I do realise that the 90* crossing is not what would fall into that category I do like to include a hint of fantasy or "rule breaking" just for a bit of artistic licence. I thought that the rail lines made a nice border around the small commercial zone. I like to use the rail lines, roads, paths etc. as a guide to move the viewers eyes from one section of the picture to the other.
  10. - Euro Renaissance - Euro West - Euro East - North America Heartland - North America Coastal - Latin America - Asia Feudal - Middle East - Russia - Ultra Modern
  11. Update Nr. 8: A Fool, A Joke, Mediocrity And The A-word

    Whatsup with some of the rail lines??? Nice to see the elevated road pieces getting used in an interesting manner besides over sunken highways :)
  12. Sneak Preview

    Tall bridge is tall.... Where'd you get the castle ?????
  13. Rockcut Pt. I

    Rockcut: An Overview Welcome aboard the Armagus Express! We will be making an overnight stop in the town of Rockcut on the way to our final destination!! Please feel free to explore the surrounding countryside and be ready for boarding on the morrow! Enjoy your stay in Rockcut! A covered bridge on the outside of town: The railway runs along the meandering river: The railway turns to a single track as it crosses the tresstles and enters the town: Ill be adding more soon just a teaser for now.... These rural areas take a lot more than just plopping a few trees down...
  14. Oak Ridge Center

    Building is absolutely amped to the max!!! I might re-lot it though... you still deserve a 5/5!