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About this City Journal

Moving on to bigger and better things, we wrap up our journey through Heavenshire with a last look at Gwendol...

Entries in this City Journal

Mayor Dylan Thomas

Hello! I am alive folks!!! School year is starting to wind down and I've been fiddling around with sim city a little bit... needless to say I got hooked again! Nice to see some views here and there (4300 last count!) and I hope I've inspired some of you to come out of the woodwork and share some of the fantastic work here on the site.

Anyways I am planning on starting up a new project soon as this one sort of died on the vine. I'm teraforming and seeding a magnificent landscape that I intend on sharing with all of you very soon. I would like to take this space however to wrap up this journal a little bitt if there is anything you would like to know or see feel free to post and let me know. And here we go!

We'll zoom out a bit and Ill show you parts of Gwendol that you may or may not have already seen....

The old town on the north side of the city and the monument to a national wartime hero Alexander Strauss:


Alger business park on the east side of town, over 30 000 employees commute to these three blocks every day:


Classen research park just north of market square:


Hospice canal just south of the downtown core:


Flemming Power Center on the east side of town just south of Alger Business Park:


Like I said earlier, this project has been tons of fun, but I'd like to move on to something else, if there is anything you would like to see more of let me know, but for the next few weeks I'll be working on something that Im sure will please all of you! I'll do my best to answer each and every one of you!

Mayor Dylan Thomas

Rockcut Pt. II

The Towns of Rockcut:

Today we explore the outlying towns of Rockcut:


- Rockcut

- Lowville

- Riverdale


- Rockcut Heights

- Wolfe Junction

- Jordan Station

- Charleston

The small crossroads community of Charleston on the east side of Riverdale:


Lowville which lies in the valley between Rockcut and Riverdale:


The wind farms which lie atop the Rockcut Plateau:


A small community known as Rockcut Heights developing north east Rockcut:


The small community of Jordan Station:


Houses, farms, small businesses, and rails along the road connecting Lowville and Riverdale:


The Railway follows the river from Jordan Station to the town of Wolfe Junction:


A crossroads south of Lowville:


The Small town of Wolfe Junction:


A train arriving at the town of Riverdale:


The Railway heads north out of Lowville towards Wolfe Junction:


Downtown Riverdale :


Ill be away this weekend in the merry town of Tobermory Ontario!! Naturally I won't have my computer with me so we shall continue our journeys around heavenshire next week! Until then please feel free to comment and rate! If you think something should be included here please let me know!! Glad to see a few regulars starting to check this place out too! Sorry I haven't been too active on the rest of the CJs around here on simtropolis. If you have something that you think I should be checking out please let me know!

Until Next Week...

Mayor Dylan (Armagin) Thomas

Mayor Dylan Thomas

Rockcut Pt. I

Rockcut: An Overview

Welcome aboard the Armagus Express! We will be making an overnight stop in the town of Rockcut on the way to our final destination!! Please feel free to explore the surrounding countryside and be ready for boarding on the morrow! Enjoy your stay in Rockcut!

A covered bridge on the outside of town:


The railway runs along the meandering river:



The railway turns to a single track as it crosses the tresstles and enters the town:


Ill be adding more soon just a teaser for now.... These rural areas take a lot more than just plopping a few trees down...

Mayor Dylan Thomas

First Things First....


Thanks For Coming To Explore Heavenshire!

Where too next though?? We have covered much of Gwendol... So where should we go next??

Rural?      or      Coastline?

Let me know what you would like to see some of and we shall continue along our way.


Thanks to those who leave comments!!!! I will take a moment to answer some here:

Framling Thank you for taking an interest in my journal! I will certianly be continuing further through the reigon of Heavenshire but for the time being I will be leaving Gwendol Behind. I also like Vanderaap amsterdam buildings very much but for some reason I haven't had too many pop up in my cities... Here's hoping that will change.

DITRO Thank you for the compliment. Ill try to keep it up!

Paul5 Thank you! The Building Centermost is Canada Square which can be found on the STEX. The Bus station is somewhat my own creation as are the market stalls. However the Sandstone Plazas can be found on the STEX as well.

wallasey Lol thanks for backing me up there. You do raise a good point.. perhaps in the future I can find a way of better integrating it without allowing crowding all inside D'Luca Park on game day.

jeffsandychelsea haha glad someone liked the placement of that car dealership

Djohaal Thanks for the comment! I aim to please! As to whatever mail you are refering to... I have no clue.

TekindusT My Pics from now on will all be converted to .jpeg thanks for pointing that out! Thanks for commenting on the pedestrian commuters! Its something that I think a lot of cities and CJs need to pay more attention to it gives much needed variation to a jumble of streets and roads and its really a shame you don't see it more especially in some of the Euro CJs.

evertonforever1 The Euro CJ may be a tall task but it is one I am enjoying immensely! Taking the time to lay out plazas and canals is more fun than I ever imagined it to be.

Everyone else thank you for commenting!!! I Hope you come back soon!

Now For a mini Gwendol Update Just because I Can't Let it Rest:





Mayor Dylan Thomas

Soon it will come time for us to part with gwendol and head out far to the north to visit other cities in Heavenshire... But first we shall look ad the old business district of Gwendol...

We start in the west where old meets new by the Gwendol Europa Museum:


We make our way east towards Alexander Platt Square and the Armagus Brodcasting Center:


Alexander Platt Square continues to the east and encircles the Gwendol Public Baths:


A night view of the far east side of the square and public baths:


The North Of Alexander Platt Square and the old business district as viewed by night:


a view from north of the baths:


And that my friends is Gwendol... not all of it of course... but who says we can't continue another time??? Perhaps a mini update later... depends how I feel.

Mayor Dylan Thomas


We've seen the City, the Food and been around all of Gwendol... But we haven't relaxed at all yet! So join me while we explore Gwendol's Numerous parks and recreation Facillities:

D'Luca Park and D'Luca Stadium:


The Gwendol Europa Museum:


North East Rec Park:


Chuch of St. Stephen and Stephen marketplace:


Statue of the late Cabot Vagoda Mayor of Gwendol:


Canada Square overlooking the plaza and canal below:


Thanks for dropping by!! Be sure to leave a comment or at least a rating and see you soon as we explore the services that make Gwendol tick.....

Mayor Dylan Thomas


Today we explore how the 200 000 sims in Gwendol get from work and back every single day....

The Main Thuroghfare linking the residential areas of Gwendol to the eastern Industrial Zone and the South West Business Park. It was built on the bed of the Gwenus River which flows and winds through the city now as a canal as the land has been reclaimed from the bed:


Commuters make their way past the opera house and vendors on their way home each day along Marie Street In the east business park:


More than Half of all commuters in gwendol have no direct vehichular access to their place of work... and must walk along the winding pedestrian malls:


The Busiest Commuter station in Gwendol serves the entire Residential Population of the southeast of the city:


A commuter train travels past some secluded houses... suprisingly this is in the center of town:


The Express commuter line from the Alexander Wilde Station to the downtown core:


The Northern Tram Line connecting Alexander Wilde Station to the surrounding residential areas:


Alexander Wilde Station is the center for all National and International Rail travel for the City of Gwendol:


The Hilltop Town of D`Allemagne is a popular tourist area due to its proximity to Alexander Wilde Station and its Secluded nature in the heart of a big city:


Thanks for Joining me on our travels around Gwendol.... Come back soon and join us for some inter-reigonal railway travel....


On an unrelated note.... Someone decided to erect a automobile sales center along a busy pedestrian route... It is no longer there..


Mayor Dylan Thomas

Mini Update:

Some pictures I would have liked to have included in the last update:

The Main Gathering Place in the City... I present Market Armag:


The Church of our Savior sits in the square... in stark contrast to the surrounding city:


The Church of our Savior Overlooking the causeway canal:


New Update in the works! Stay tuned!

Mayor Dylan Thomas

Today we explore more of Gwendol...

In every city there are plenty of mouths... thousands and millions sometimes.. How are they fed? In Gwendol almost all fruits vegatbles and meats are marketed by independent vendors sprinkled around the city. Almost anywhere you live there is somewhere nearby for all your hunger needs...

Some Cafes among the throng of houses:


A small market along the canal:


Vendors sell their wares along the busy avenue in the eastern commercial area:


Roads rails and a ped-mall wind through the developing south commecial zone to the secluded but nonetheless busy dufferin grove market:


Vendors sell their wares at the busy eastern commuter station:


Next time: Going places! Moving around Gwendol is easy and convienent see how every day thousands of sims make their way to work and play!

Mayor Dylan Thomas

Gwendol: an Overview

Welcome to Gwendol! A mix of high and rise buildings mixed with the calm of suburbia has drawn many of the wealthy investors and residents of Armagus here to call this place home.

Wooded Houses:



Up Bridge Street to the main commercial Area:


Old Commercial Area:


The Busiest Train Station in Gwendol. Sims are constantly coming and going. A major upgrade is being planned currently. Outside many vendors market their wares to the commuters that make their way through here.


The West Gwendol Investment Park:


Some Medium Density Housing along the East End:


Thats all for this update!! I have a few custom lots hidden around the city :) if anyone desires for one of them to be uploaded to the stex please feel free to ask. Im not going to point them out... think of it as a bit of a game!

Mayor Dylan Thomas

Welcome to Heavenshire.


I will not be going back to school until at least January and I've been playing a lot of Sim City recently. I've always considered it a waste if your cities aren't shared and you end up putting lots of time into them (and who doesn't) so I am proud to present the Principality of Armagus and its crown jewel northern Region of Heavenshire.

Founded in 1792 Heavenshire occupies a costal plain on the Baltic Sea Sandwiched between Denmark and Germany. Considered finacial investment Heaven many large companies have their European Headquarters located here. The National Capitol Comission pre-approves all buildings to be located in the Captol Region so althogh appearing quaint heavenshire's economy is anything but. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through the Region of Heavenshire!

Special thanks goes out to a few people in perticular and no special order:







and the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who spend the time to upload all of the amazing things here at the STEX and SC4D

First Stop:

Gwendol Pt. I .................... Overview

Gwendol Pt. II ................... Food!

Gwendol Pt. II.I ................. Pt. II Continued

Gwendol Pt. III .................. Travel

Gwendol Pt. IV .................. Parks

Coming Soon:

Gwendol Pt. V ................... Infastructure

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