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  1. AK Habour 1.zip

  2. Tucson - Arizona

  3. Custom Terrains and Using USGS Data

    New SEAMLESS website: http://www.mrlc.gov/viewerjs/
  4. Surabaya, Indonesia

    I think you should post an in-game screenshot of your region.
  5. USGS Dem .Tif data?

    Looking for .tif data? This site hosts .tif data like the old Seamless server before. After selecting your area, change the format from Arcgrid to GeoTiff. http://www.mrlc.gov/viewerjs/ I'm not sure if any other Simcity 4 user found this link. I discovered this website from the community forum of another game.
  6. I plan to make a region featuring Panama City.

  7. The [bleep] happened to all the GeoTIFF data ?

    Well, this happened to me as well, when trying to get GeoTiff files for another game. Too bad they've changed.
  8. Is there a way to merge DEM and form it to create a single on? If not, is there a grayscale map of Hainan? I'm trying to make a region using a scaled down Hainan as a reference.
  9. Hello again. Is there a road or avenue tunnel that doesn't require any digging knowlege, like subways? It must be a file similiar to this one: www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm
  10. Railway Signals for avenues

  11. Hello and I got a question. Is there any file that replaces the wigwag used in avenue crossings with one used in road crossings? If so, can you tell me? Please don't say that I should make one since I can't use gmax or any 3d modelling program.