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  1. Show Us Your Videos!

  2. Need suggestions on city design

    I have seen this design before, I think it was from a SC3000 plan someone had posted years ago. It is a somewhat standard/boring pattern, but if you like the design have fun with it. Like PDMX said, maybe once you include your mass transit network it will be more interesting. Have fun developing!
  3. Lake Shore Views

    This is a beautiful building!
  4. Loughley

    I'm new to the website, and this is the first CJ I read, but I think this is great story line and will definitly come back to find out what happens with your Loughlians.
  5. Stars in region view?

    I was looking for a thread about this; I had been wondering what that meant. Thanks.
  6. Estelle Getty dies at 84

    A great actress!
  7. Archania Island

    Looks pretty cool!
  8. Problems with Major Rating

    Wow, there are many many things it could be. I would need to see your city to know more, but I'll give you some ideas. Enact many of the ordinaces. Many of them will increase the mayor rating, as well as help with education, health... etc. Also try placing the rewards you have received. Many of those also help to increase the mayor rating, as well as the other things. Also, you might need or want to build more parks and such. These also increase mayor rating as well as help clean up some polution and increase land value. Hope this helps!
  9. Sim city 4 help

    Basically you need all types of I, C and R in your city (or region). If you don't want Dirty I in your main city, put it in a neighbor. As the city and region develope, Dirty industry will become less in demand, and HT and Manu will increase, its all part of developement. I rarely lower taxes for any sector. It will cause a short term increase in demand, but once the demand is satisfied you are left in the same situation. As per education. I build a good network of elementary schools and libraries. I also provide plenty of museums and the university. Also, be sure to have the Pro-Reading and Junior Sports ordinances enacted. When you get the main library, major art museum, opera.... be sure to include those as well. I rarely build high schools as I find they are expensive and don't increase education levels much. I usually have education levels around 200. When you mae new zones, just give them some time to increase in education, it happens rather quickly.
  10. What I usually do is build a seperate city for R$. I zone it dense, create lots of people, then play my main cities of R$$ and R$$$, you should see a good increase in demand. Aslo in my poor city, I create a lot of CS$ and CS$$ jobs as well ad Dirty and Manufacturing industry. This should also help to create demand for the CO and HT industry in your other city.
  11. problems with neighbours

    Is there any unemployment in your residencial city? Maybe your Sims just don't need the jobs yet since the pop is so small. You could also try running the simulation for a while, sometimes it just takes awhile for things to register.
  12. Beginner Project

    Your Sims are going to travel only if they need a job, and that job is not too long to travel too (i.e. commute time). So, your Sims won't travel from the 2nd tier cites to the main cities, nor vise-versa, if you have provided what they need in the other cities or if the transportation network isn't designed to fit the needs of the Sims. You could create a wonderful transportation network, but if it doesn't address the needs of the Sims, they won't use it. My advise is not to try to force your Sims to do much, the Sims are very stupid in this game and will not do what you want. Check your traffic map and other city information and work with the Sims in areas that need attention. And like spectrumtech said, spend time. Take it slow, learn from mistakes, try new things, don't be afraid to scrap something and redo it, real-life cities do it all the time. Good luck.
  13. Question???

    Dary_SLO, you should have created a new discussion thread for your question as it is unrelated to the current discussion. However, plazas are needed by commercial zones just as parks are needed by residencial. Plazas help to increase desirability and demand for commerce. As per tycoonsimraider123, I sometimes have the same problem, but if I let the simulation run for a few months the problem clears itself up; the no-road zots disappear and development occurs normally. I have no idea why this happens, but mabye you just need to let the simulation run for awhile.
  14. Crime

    If you are running the legalize gambling ordinace, stop. The ordinace doesn't provide much money and does increase crime. The crime levels aren't huge, but it will help. What type of police stations are you using? Are they all the same? Try placing one of the big stations with the helicopter, this also helps to reduce some crime, though costs more and takes up a bit more space. What is the population of your city? And what is the exact rate of crime?
  15. What you HATE about SC4...

    1. Laying zoned lots drives me crazy in the version of the game because the game pre-programs and size and shape of the lots too much. Many times I'll zone something and not notice that the game changed the zone slightly, and nothing will develope because its an undesireable size. 2. I hate how stupid the Sims are. What idiot takes sides streets to commute three cities away when a prefectly good highway is a few streets over? 3. Delapitation/ Abandonment 4. Education and Hospital Bus and Ambulance Ranges 5. What happened to the preforming arts center? Cities usually have this before an opera. 6. Seeing the same building a thousand times in my region (same goes for parks, schools... etc) 7. Traffic requirement for CO buildings. Seriously, how many actual customers are visiting a company's HQ? And the list goes on and on, yet, SC4 is a vast improvement upon SC3000.