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  1. Gosto muito dos teus trabalhos


  2. The Capital of the World!

    Sydney would ftw Im not from there but i like it I hate NY lol
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    Do you really get all that trafic?
  4. SC4 Maxis Update Problem

    I also have Sim City 4 Deluxe and i can't update it. the game was downloaded from the internet but the folders are ok
  5. Best City Skyline

    Originally posted by: haljackey Hong Kong for me. Its just jaw-dropping every time I see it! EDIT: Click for FULL RESOLUTION! (4,670 × 2,000) quote> dam, if you live there, you can't tell if its night or day
  6. Portugao

    why do you people do such nice things? makes my cities a crap bucket
  7. Alba Serena 3 - Rivieras

    its really amaizinG! Outpasses mine for 1333377 times
  8. FmBeachesForIrregularCoasts

    omg just awsome!
  9. i have 3 cities, all of them with mix, just be carefull and put the dirty industries away from population. Works preety dam well with 3. I have one of those default huge cities divided in 3 big islands, the first island was the one who first got industry and other crap, well, big mistake. half of that island is not suitable for almost anything but rly poor people, it has lots of landfills around. but overal the rest is pretty awsome, i recomend you use 3
  10. economic engine is fine... so fine that i have put 40X industrial just to say how it works and now i have 800k industry jobs and 400k residential people. offices are losing influence and roads are filled with trucks. 90% of the industrial jobs are hi-tech, rich people come flow, i want poor but they wont come! (yea they pay the most taxes, hahaah)
  11. how to reset rci demand?

    actually, i found out why. says on the screenshot : no water, no way your city must have prenty of water, even the game tells it so
  12. Padrao dos Descobrimentos