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  1. SC4 versions, ep1 and 640 fix

    Yes, I understand all that...I get confused sometimes when I write things....my mind seems to jumble things up....I suppose that's a benefit of being 70. But, on the other hand....exactly how do you apply the 640 patch correctly? When I run the installer it says the update was done. But the fix and the new NAM (36) both indicate I DO NOT have version 1.1.640 but am still running 1.1.638. AND, I do have the CTD problem as well as no AF base. And program info under windows reports version 638 also. Question... does the 640 patch affect ALL nightlighting? I DO have some models that light up at night. John
  2. SC4 versions, ep1 and 640 fix

    And I did install the 640 patch I do believe. It/s the BAT update, correct?
  3. SC4 versions, ep1 and 640 fix

    Seems I get more confused by the minute. Looked into EP1 again and it says it only updates to 1.1.638. That's what I have. Why can't I get to version 640?
  4. Serious dilemma here...... I tried to apply the fix that allows area 51 and an AF base simultaneously in the game. It said everything installed OK. When I attempted to start the game I got a warning that I had an old version 1.1.638 and I needed to install EP1 to update my software to version 640. (Actually thought I had applied EP1 way back when I reinstalled the game after a new PC.) Checking the file in the Maxis folder it reports 1.1.638. So I searched and found EP1 and downloaded it again, When I tried to install it reported a file of the same name and the files didn't match so the install aborted. I found EP1.dll and deleted it and reinstalled it from my recent download. However, the file in the Program Files folder/Maxis/SC4 deluxe still reports 1.1.638 and even though I put the the EP1 patch in and the SC4fix still errors when the game tries to load. NOTE: The game does load...just no AF base...... Whatever am I doing wrong. Tempted to save all regions and plugins and completely reload SC4 from my DVDs. Point me in the right direction please. John
  5. Cars, Exits, and RHW

    APSMS....Kinda what I thought. I need to let the city run a while so stupid imbecile man realizes the subway station isn't there anymore. Thanks John
  6. Cars, Exits, and RHW

    here are the pictures. Haven't figured out how to get the pictures to post in proper order yet but the middle is the overall route. The right hand picture shows traffic entering at the ramp correctly while the left hand picture indicates the car exiting the RHW at a subway station. Thoughts, John
  7. Here we go again..... This time I sort of came up with the subject while searching forums.....except....... Seems my cars are exiting my highways whenever they want...not at the entrance/exit ramps. When I searched this question (why do they do this?) the only answer I found was; they can't exit anywhere except at ramps. Ummmm.....NO! I have cars getting on a section of RHW using a ramp but then veering off at it's destination without the use of any ramp. Is there a way to stop this or is this simply a glitch in the game. I have the latest NAM. I will try to get a screen shot and post in a comments. Thanks, John
  8. Something is missing????

    After reloaded all the 1000AD plug-ins and their dependencies (or equivalent in the case of updated items), seems everything works as designed. Thanks folks. John
  9. Something is missing????

    I downloaded the BSC Mega textures that I found....maybe in one of them?
  10. Something is missing????

    Thanks Corina, As usual with Murphy around, after I posted my request (after searching BTW with no results) I stumbled across the guy's page that made most of these. While I seem to have them, I am downloading and installing once again. We will see what happens. John
  11. Just like a bad penny, I'm back. I've tried searching without any luck. My game doesn't report any missing plugins. From the downloaded files I seem to have all dependencies as far as I can tell. Yet I still seem to be missing certain parts of the City Walls, 1100AD prop sets. My little stand alone buildings are there but the city walls simply show a street and grass area. Refer to the attached pictures. The menu says the first is a city wall with roof diagonal 1100AD. These are the diagonal plops (?). One says left end and the other right end, yet they display identical. No wall, no roof, no anything. The other pictures with straight streets are supposed to be a city wall with staircase and the other is titled city wall from 1100AD with roof. I've included some pieces that I guess are correct. The one is a single piece of a "barn" then there is a completed (one of many possibilities) building. There is also the cathedral of which I added two wings of what are supposed to be palace puzzle pieces. Those palace pieces do not seem to go with anything, even the other palace pieces, as the roof lines don't seem to match. I also tried them on a tower that is part of the puzzle set, there is also a guard shack and an entrance piece. I originally thought these were part of Paeng's castle wall and walk sets but there doesn't seem to be a relationship. The downloaded files (zipped) only have the lots and dat files....no instructions or dependencies listed. Is there anyone out there that might know what I'm missing? CorinaMarie I searched your dependency tables but without the game reporting missing prop packs, I don't have a clue as to where to look. Thanks so very much all you guru's for your help...past, present, and future. John
  12. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    So? What you are saying is if the CDK3 OWW mod is installed in my plug in folder (and it is) then any and all regions I happen to open and build will be subject to the pox? Again...I ask, region? not just a city tile? Oy Vey! It's not a real problem for this region as most city tiles are fairly lightly populated and more rural, farm type developments that is not all that difficult to duplicate; not that I'm sure I would actually try to duplicate it all. it's simply the hours and hours and days and months spent developing <sigh>. And I'm not sure if the wifey will be happy or upset if I tell her I have to start from scratch. On the other hand, if this drives me away from the game I'm sure she won't complain too much. Seems I shirk a lot of honey do's in her opinion, anyway. Should I re-down load the regions once I remove the OWW mod since they were once open when the mod was in the folder? Or does nuking each city in the region solve the problem? This is akin to being diagnosed with a fatal disease... you've know for some time something was wrong and even suspected the cause but when the doctor lays the news on you you're still stunned. If y'all don't hear from me for a long time, you'll know I've committed virtual suicide and reverted to my other main hobby, HAM (amateur radio). With that, I thank all of you for your assistance and sage advice and say --... ...-- (73 or best regards...a typical HAM see ya later). John
  13. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

  14. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    OPPS! I lied. Once I figured out how to use the SC4Save program I received bad news. Had to shut down virus program completely as the program needed to install a driver among other things, but once completed I clicked on the first prop listed and, yup!, it said this city was infected. Some facts: The animated prop is simply unknown. No advisors report riots....dispatching police, fire, etc. has no affect. While I have the mods asked about, they are not used in this city I have included pictures of the missing props.. Remember, I said I replaced the props but on the next save they are gone again. Other props are beginning to disappear, some are peg (like the pine forest), some are completely unrelated to peg as far as I can tell. Don't know why but I can't seem to capture a screen shot of the SC4Save page or I'd post it also. I suppose I could list all the hex it reports for this prop. And, as I said...once I figured out how to use the program, it does show this city to be infected. John
  15. Sims screaming on a corner of the city tile

    I, too, run on an administrator account and I disabled my antivirus program. The file installed (correctly, I presume since it runs without error), but when scanned it still shows 3 suspect files...2 identified a a malware generator and 1 ID'd as a Trojan. Trusting the LEX, I am ignoring those reports. OK, ran the program on my city and< whoopeee> no horrible red letters exclaiming the city is infected with the pox. But, without a good help file, what do I do with the files identified? (There are some 10~15 of them). And how do I explain the disappearance of the train stations? Oh...and when I checked file size as Corina suggested, the file size INCREASED, not decreased as explained by bap. Again, thanks so much for your help....I not a total dumb A.. when it come to computers but I do need, "books," to understand things and sometimes pointed in the right direction. What's worse....at my advanced years, I'm beginning to forget a lot of things I used to know. Very, very frustrating. When you mention something, I usually face palm myself....duh! John