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  1. Kashichikimidotomo Arikuna

  2. Seaport Storage Area 2

  3. I have my game set up with LHD but on the cargo train station the trucks enter and exit with a RHD situation. This means trucks leaving the station have to stop and pass through the trucks turning into the station - slowing down the traffic. A better option would to be to have separate entrances and exits.
  4. Funny Screenshots

    I'm not sure if this should be called "Oops I left the oven on" or "We were getting backed up"
  5. You need to unlock a couple of levels before you get them.
  6. Simtropolis Batting School starting off soon

    I read this as Simtropolis Battling School. Sounds like an anime where some strange kid with no experience but amazing batting potential joins a school full of weird modders and teachers, some of whom know about his parents who mysteriously disappeared. And they all bat battle to prove who's the greatest batter. Gotta Bat Them All!!!
  7. Maxis announces SimCity offline mode

    This probably isn't as altruistic as it sounds. By having the majority of players offline means they cut most of those expensive servers down to what they originally had or less. The accountants have realised that they've made 95% of the money they'll ever make from the game so any incentive to stay online (curb piracy) is gone.
  8. Chain Plopper

    I was very confused about this mod. I had to read the description twice before I realised the title wasn't Plain Chopper
  9. SimCity Update from Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis

    1.1 million copies sold would include stock purchased by retailers just sitting on store shelves and in warehouses. What I would be more interested in is the number of games activated. Given Simcity needs Origin this should be an easy number for EA to get and given the figures in the article my guess that it is significantly smaller than 1.1 million.
  10. SimCIty Update 1.7 - Traffic and Emergency Vehicles Improved

    I tried the new update last night and while things are better some are still bad. Gridlock is still bad but it doesn't back up as far as it used to and while emergency vehicles can change lanes to get around traffic - traffic can't get around emergency vehicles. So if you have a fire the 3 engines that turn up to the same fire (yes that still happens) they will block all the traffic. The same applies to all service vehicles - garbage trucks, buses, ambulances, etc. Thinking about it a lot of traffic issues could of been solved by putting in a invisible lane that service vehicles could pull into when they stop or as the rest of the world knows them - parking lanes.
  11. industrial ground is grass

    Have you got all the dependencies and read the readme?
  12. The City Services of SimCity

    The buildings all look like they're mode of LEGO.
  13. Pollution to Power Plant

    Why is there a brown box in your own Bat?