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  1. Tobin Building

    love this style of building!
  2. One World Trade Center

    AMAZING! the detail and the nightlighting are just... INCREDIBLE!!!! Great work, I just love buildings like these! Keep up the good work! =]
  3. Dutch Brick W2W Residential

    I love all your buildings! but really wish you would release more landmarks or ploppables. Or just release all your old buildings with a landmark version included.
  4. BSP Maccabees Building

    Amazing! I love the type buildings you do. Another one I will love polping right in my downtown! Keep up the great work!
  5. Trier Tower

    nice, its a very interesting looking building. I like it!
  6. 96 Spring Street (New York)

    I have been waiting for an upload from you!Ive been watching your projects and I pray you make more buildings like this to plop in my city because you are awsome! I love these buildings! keep it up! and please upload the rest.
  7. HK The Merton Phase1

    I wish youd make some of these buildings landmarks, that would be awsome.