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  5. SimCity 5 Facts

    I dearly hope that I can play against myself. I don't play well with others, and I would hope that if a region was being played as "1" player, I'd be able to build the surrounding cities as well, with no penalties for not playing with others. I have no interest in playing with someone I don't know, and frankly wouldn't want the effects of their city on my own. Count me into the skeptics of the multiplayer aspects. (After watching Monte Cristo fail miserably with a poorly contrived "planet offer", I can't help but be skeptical) But, I shall attempt to refrain from criticizing until I have solid facts. I'm still hopeful that Maxis will do the series justice.
  6. Fox News Talks About Simcity Societies

    As much as I dislike SCS, that video made me want to install it back on my computer and play it, just to spite the idiocy of that video.