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  1. Hi,

    I have a box on Chrysler motor lot.

    Do you have a solution for it?



  2. Bugatti Veyron

    Its the very expensive car that I saw this guy in real life loose control on a European highway and crash into the water!
  3. American Dark Asphalt RHW Textures

    @Heblem: Somewhat for existing RHW networks, not the new.
  4. Dutch Historic Manor

  5. Street Tunnel and SAM Tunnel

    Awesome! Do one for RHW next! :)
  6. Intro Disable Mod

    You do realize you can completely pull the intro dat file out all together without the game messing up. One less thing to load all together then.
  7. PEG UT Airport Avenue Medians

    Wow, great discovery. I bet the spaceport zones could have a new mod for the medians changed as well.
  8. RiverRock Shopping Centre

    Awesome work, J-W!
  9. West City Mall

    Yeah! Another real strip mall!
  10. Strip Mall

    Heck, the more strip malls, the better. Good batting work.
  11. Overhead Railway Signal

    So you have to export it, and use the plugin manager, and put it on a new park lot..
  12. Overhead Railway Signal

    Its just a gmax model
  13. Bike Race

    Sorry to double post, my mistake I found them lots using the lot editor, ignore my last comment.
  14. Bike Race

    Um, I hate to ruin the parade, but when I extracted the files, twice, there was no lot files in it, just the props.
  15. Bike Race

    Oh cool!