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  1. BLaM HIDP Jamison Coking Plant

    great job on this...love your work..makes a great addition to your collection
  2. Matson Industry Pack 1

    TY all for the great comments. marczsar...ty for the encouragement and advice. It's not very often someone actually takes the time to really give constructive critisism and rest assured it is greatly appreciated. By the way just downloaded a couple of your industries and will let you know what I think in the appropriate threads.
  3. BLaM Power is in the People

    great job on this....might have a home for this in one of my cities
  4. Matson Industry Pack 1



    After looking at most of the options for dirty industries in growing cities I decided to make a few buildings and lots that had a more natural feel to them. Hopefully you all like them. Matson Industries: Founded in 1992 by Eric Matson, Matson Industries has grown to 3 locations specializing in processing and packing of various hazardous wastes. More growth is expected in the future and plans are being drawn up for a large manufacturing plant to be constructed some time in 2007. Stats: Matson Industries - 3 buildings - 2 Lots each Matson Processing: Building Value: 18294 Bulldonze Cost: 124 Jobs: I-D 26 Power Used: 46 Water Used: 223 Max Fire Stage: 3 Flammabitlity: 80 Pollutuon: 52 air over 16 tiles, 32 water over 12 tiles Matson Production: Building Value: 14053 Bulldonze Cost: 118 Jobs: I-D 32 Power Used: 46 Water Used: 225 Max Fire Stage: 2 Flammabitlity: 80 Pollutuon: 71 air over 16 tiles, 57 water over 12 tiles Matson Packing: Building Value: 16817 Bulldonze Cost: 154 Jobs: I-D 29 Power Used: 64 Water Used: 221 Max Fire Stage: 3 Flammabitlity: 80 Pollutuon: 85 air over 16 tiles, 68 water over 20 tiles Please rate and report any bugs or problems. No dependencies.
  5. BLaM FC Garden and Plaza Props 1

    great job on this....can;t wait for another pack
  6. wow...that region view is absolutley amazing....keep up the great work
  7. MMO Corporation

    oh forgot about the windows...patriots they are actually kinda transparent...you're seeing the hardwood floors thats why they look so dark
  8. MMO Corporation

    ty all for the comments.....updated the picture for everyone my girlfriends name is MAry Monica Olson...you got the first name right patriots :)
  9. MMO Corporation



    Welcome to my first BAT. This is a completely fictional CO$$ growable lot. The MMO Corporation is inspired by my girlfriend (her intials are MMO) and specializes in cost effective investing for investors of all levels of income. Some stats: CO$$ Jobs: 106 Building Value: 776 Power Consumed: 3 Water Consumed: 96 MAx Fire Stage: 3 Dependencies: Stone Texture Pack by 1303gun Wood Texture Pack by 1303gun This files contains both the lot and the model. Just extract and place in your plugins folder. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or pm me.
  10. Borden, 'The Little Island City'

    great job so far...loved the way u presented the fire. Also love the IHOP....one of my favorite places to eat
  11. Windsor Park

    How bout some full day light pics too. I know night ones always look amazing but Im always curious to see people in action. Great job so far.
  12. Windsor Park

    I love the waterline. Gives it that big city feel. The color change in the trees really accents the whole thing too. Im intereted to see more of the city.