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  1. Pipeline Set AddOn Version

    Mein Spiel st
  2. Testing Zoom Crash Issue

    Hm, I have a german windows....I don't know the right phrase. After right-clicking the simcity entry, go to the bottom entry of the menu, it should sounds something like "affilitation". After clicking this point a new window will plop, there you can choose the cpu you want to take for the game. About the Graphic Rules.sgr: Open it with an editor, search for this entry: "property noPartialBackingStoreCopies true" and change the "true" into "false". (without quotation marks!). Hope, this will help.
  3. Testing Zoom Crash Issue

    First: Sorry for my bad english and thank you for this wonderful thread! My Game still crashed BTD when I'm zooming in or out. So I deleted my hole Plugin-Folder and re-download (for my opinion) the most important files, but the game was still unplayable. I spent some time on testing out, and now this will work fine at my PC: (Core2Duo E6400, Asus Mainboard with onboard sound, 2 GB RAM, Geforce 7600GT): I had defrag my my harddrive and set the virtual memory on 4GB on C:, I changed the "Graphics Rules.sgr" like the way on this site: http://simcity.ea.com/help/faq.php I run the game with just 1 Processor (open the Taskmanager after starting the game, rightclick on the SimCity entry and set it on single processor) Now my game will run fine with nearly 2 GB in the Plugin folder. Thank you, people!!
  4. TrianglePark Set diagonal

    Oh, I love this! Very great work!