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  1. Previously Pinned Topics - Look Here First

    Original Thread: Top Ten Modd Suggestions It seems there are a lot of very good questions about preferred Modds. If you go to the STEX, on the left hand menu, under Categories, there is a category for Modd Files. Clicking it, then clicking Most Popular, at the top of the STEX page, will bring up the most popular modds. Nifty, eh? The Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER NWM, SAM, HSRP, and RHW are widely accepted, IMO, no argument there. Road Wizards, please accept our humble thanks. At any rate, aside from that, I thought I would list my top ten favorites and their designers. It was a difficult task, but fun, nevertheless, since I've gotten a bit silly. I would invite everyone interested to list theirs. To specify, I am not talking about BAT's or lots, or even tools, really, but simply Modds. OK, here we go... 10. The Yellow Pause Thingy Remover By: The Legendary Quilted Llama So nice for shutter bugs who live to share their pics, and without that ugly border--who needs it! 9. BridgeHeightLow&Suspen By: The Epic Joerg The Bridge Height Modd, spelled here as it is in my Plugin Folder, (again, fussy spelling is not a must) is something I know I will never be able to play without. There will never be another ridiculously steep bridge approach in my cities. Ever. Again. 8. Day-Night Mod v2.0 By: The Famed Gizmo It makes those wishy washy, pale Maxis nights dark and lovely. I am flirting with the idea of trying The Esteemed Sim Fox's Night-Day Mod, but you will always be my first. I wonder if I would long for The Distinguished RippleJet's Longer Nights Lights 1.0 and Brighter $ Street Lights 1.0, that are made for Gizmo's modd, Oh, dear. 7. Extra Terrain Tools By: The Fabled Teirusu I AM the Rainmaker, the Land Bridge Builder, the Master of all I survey. Also, more Additional Terrain Tools by Tropod. 6. GodModeInMayorMode By: The Celebrated Warrior The God Mode Tools are right there beside the Mayor Mode Tools, 24/7, no flailing about with the Ctrl Alt Click on the... whatevar. It's a miracle! 5. Radius Doubler and Industry Doubler, in a Dead Heat! By: The Respected slightyslack, and The Equally Respected bones1, respectively. No more driving through endless miles of industrial complexes and unending bureaucracy of multiple civic facilities. Hurray! (There is also an Industry Quadrupler lurking about somewhere, by The Acclaimed Toroca, but a highly respected source claims it is unbalanced. I doubt it, tho.) 4. SlopeMod By: The Renowned Ennedi I have three interchangeable versions, Mountain, Medium, and Smooth. Jealous much? 3. Hole Digger Lots By: The Great Smoncrie Ditch digging was never this fun. The similar modd by The Revered Shadow Assassin is right up there, tho. I said Revered, not Reverend. 2. SFBT Street Side Mod and JRJ Street Side Mod, neck in neck! By: The Prominent Andreas and The Eminent Jeronij I can't decide which is better. I take turns using them. They changed the look of my cities so much that my eyes literally bugged out of my head the first go 'round. And...last but not least...the customary drum roll please...thank you. The... Number... One... Top... Ten... Modd... According to me... 1. The EXTRA CHEATS DLL!!!!! By: The Immortal Buggi (Or maybe Maxis...we're not sure...it is rumored that Buggi may have worked for Maxis...but...he is missing...I think...not to gossip, or anything. It's all in here, folks, the magic snake oil of SC4, every cheat you could imagine and some you can't, even some that aren't really cheating, honest! It is guar-an-teed to make it snow, change your name, show your paths, crash your game, rock your llama and raise your life expectancy. Erm, well, maybe not that last one, but ya never know. Honorable Mention: culdesacmod, by The Notable quirlix; Immortal Lot Killer, by The Distinguished RippleJet; Persistent Automata Modd by The Well-known shadowman131, tweaked and uploaded by The Even Better-known jeiman2008, and all the lovely terrain, rock, and water modds created by Many Talented Individuals. Other Game Fixes and Modifications: All you can Modify in SimCity 4 (Poll inside) by Cougar2004 If you have any questions about a modd I've listed--where to find it, what it does, how to use it, please PM me. I'm sure I've forgotten or not mentioned many, please list your faves, and discuss. Original Thread: Top Ten Modd Suggestions Return to Top
  2. Pearson High School

  3. Beautiful background and profile picture.

  4. Went on the first Volksmarch of the summer.

    1. hamsterTK


      They do that where you live? Town I used to live did those because of all the ppl from Gemany in the army(and most locals were ancestrally german or lutheran anyways).

  5. Evelyn was a lifelong insomniac, so when they say she died in her sleep, you have to question that.

  6. Temporary, Intermittent Server Glitch at Simtropolis

    It has come to our attention that a glitch in the server is causing a "No Access" error to come up when folks are trying to log in...
  7. Hello, all, It has come to our attention that a glitch in the server is causing a "No Access" error to come up when folks are trying to log in. It seems to be similar to the screen message upon a ban, causing some confusion among the members. It appears to be intermittent in nature, so it may be there one time, and not the next. If members have been banned, they will be notified through the e-mail system. Thanks for your understanding while we investigate this error. Cheers. --Liv
  8. The Dollar Store went out of business! That can't be good, can it?

  9. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Hey, nobody ever said we couldn't do East Cupcake, did they? Nice work with the mm flora, Dannibee, and I like how you have used the hedges, very British. I like the Slovakian village, too, seems very true to form. On the East Cupcake note, here is Dorsey, a mountain hamlet.
  10. Made the season's first pitcher of Peach Lemonade today. When that's gone, a fresh start in the fridge for some Pear Tea. :D

  11. Member of the Month Awards: May 2011

    Congrats to the MEGyver of ST, who can fix just about anything under the hood of the forums with a Dorito, some duct tape, and a paper clip! http://www.youtube.c...feature=related WTG, Richard!
  12. Wait, where are you going...I was going to make espresso!

  13. Thanks! It's Sylvan Lake, near Hill City, check it out if you haven't. :)

  14. STEX Hall of Fame Showcase (Read Only)

    MAPP Modular Amusement Park Pack