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  1. University not available?

    lol yeah, I wouldn't mind using it for the university, I should have had it ages ago, and I should probably have the advanced research centre too... But I meant that I didn't want to use it because I know I'd just use everything else it unlocked straight away... I'll probably end up use it anyway, because U-Drive it is a pain, makes me feel for those poor sims driving around down there everyday.
  2. University not available?

    hah, thanks.. I certainly know how to find the university in the menu I'll see if I can unlock it via U-Drive, I don't want to use cheats just yet. It's very weird, population is now almost at 700,000 in this city, education is around 140 and mayor rating is around 90.. I need the damn university!
  3. Hi all, I'm not sure if I've hit a bug or am just missing something really obvious! I chose not to build the university when it first became available, and since then it hasnt become available again. My city is pretty large now, roughly 500k and I have about 700k region wide, and I can't build the uni in either city with a large residential pop. Education and mayor rating are above the requirement (at least on the graph). Is there a way to get a list of numbers regarding these and other things? I can't figure it out! I've been playing SC4 for a while, and have never had this problem. Thanks a lot!
  4. Moontower

    This is great, another native Austinite here [currently living in Dallas :( ] I really appreciate your work! Pretty accurate.
  5. BLaM SimTropolis HQ

    Very nice, thanks!
  6. dP CTU

    Very fun, good idea. Thanks a lot!
  7. SMP AsianBlocks

    Very nice, thanks!
  8. Small Solar Power Station

    This looks handy. Thanks a lot. :)
  9. Intraco

    This is very nice, I appreciate the growable CS$$.. Great work, thanks a lot. :)
  10. Dillon Tower

    I like this a lot, looking forward to seeing one of these pop up. Thanks a lot!
  11. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Mall Set

    This is very lovely, and will add some nice variety in my downtown area. Thanks a lot, excellent work.
  12. DEDWD Sunken Plazas Tree Plaza

    This is excellent, great idea. Thanks a lot.
  13. BLaM The Cube

    These look interesting, very cool.. Thanks much :D
  14. PARIS Metro Pernety

    Brilliant, this is excellent.. thank a lot!
  15. BLaM Mehelia Taarnet

    Great, I like this a lot.. Personally, the writing is a nice touch, looking forward to seeing a few of these pop-up. Thanks a lot :)