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  1. The State of Pinesdown

    It looks really good I like how you've incorporated the old and new modern buildings together, great job !!!!
  2. SimCity Creator is not SimCity 5

    The graphics look really bad, it looks like the original game or something. A new Sim City 5 def. needs to come out soon to save the franchise.
  3. NDEX ITS Bridgewater Place

    Wow, speechless!
  4. Graveyard

    I actually love the prostitute idea. It's funny AND IN GOOD FUN, EVERYONE who choses to complain. Who ever dislikes it is too conservative anyways and there are far more forces doing harm to young kids than a one tile grave yard.
  5. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Okay, this may be a little hard to understand but here I go. I have a Mac and after I downloaded NAM I found that many of my residential areas were going dark and their commute times where long even if they worked right across the street from where they lived. I don't know why its doing this, it started happening after I got NAM. So I applied one of the traffic plugins but I didn't know which one to use. I tried the one that said "NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_PerfectPathfinding_5xCapacity_10xSpeeds_10xCommute.dat". I don't know what it means but I thought it would improve commute times, but it didn't. It didn't do anything. So I don't know what to do. It's weird because my commute time (according to the graph) says that it's really low, but sims keep saying its long. The demand for residential is very high too, but I'm struggling to actually get anyone moving into my city. I have no clue what to do.
  6. Mac Pack 3

    Thanx so much for this. Please keep making them!
  7. Megatropolis - a large city experiment.

    Looks like it isn't so popular with the sims though, oh well. It would look better if if there was more styles of buildings.
  8. Small european train station

    Good for saving room in my cities. Thanx.
  9. Community Center

    Good job, it's about time somebody came out with a community centre. >_<
  10. Petronas Twin Towers

    So incredible. Congrats!
  11. Board Walk

    Thought I'd let you know that I think this is one of the best things that I've downloaded, it helps to sculpt the shores of my cities.