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  1. Fast Exit

    Can I say? Zoom Zoom Zoom!
  2. Disappearing Road TrickEl Hwy

    "Honey looks like the road ends here" "No sweetie it's just invisible now jump"
  3. Underwater Apartments

    Nah, couldn't be!
  4. Justanothersim High School

    Poor kids, they'l learn to be cancer patients in 20 years. But good job on the BAT hehe.
  5. PEG Krispy Kremes and Police Station

    I was just about to say that. This BAT is a big inside joke for cops, hope there aren't any cops here. ;( Funny and grand.
  6. Mega Golf Course Pack I

    I play Golf and I bet I could out range this couse.
  7. The World Trade Centers

    This BAT is a discrace, put it to sleep.
  8. International Airport

    BTW I can't make BAT, I'm not gifted in that department.
  9. International Airport

    UGLY Duckling of the bunch.
  10. Show us your airport!

    Originally posted by: U3D My very unfinished Warren Metropolitan Airport, so far Ive finished one terminal (it will have two, thus the reason for the one way dead ends), I'll be back with more pictures as soon as I get used to the picture thingy hosting....quote> Wait a minuet, that's a different view point, it's nearly 90 degrees, or is it just an illusion.
  11. Show us your Mayor's home and government complex

    I like this photograph
  12. Antarctica

    Didn't they find a Mammoth or something down there? Or maybe it was a dinosaur.
  13. Tchaos, you just caught me at a bad time, I'm fine now. Nothin against you. When something doesn't work I get pissed and turn into a bull. Sorry for taking it out on ya. This is my new name BTW. But something else is wrong, I'm getting tags on my posts instead of smilies.
  14. Deconstructivist WalMart

    I would blow that thing up if they built in near me. Nice work.