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  1. HKABT Langham Place in Hong Kong

    10/10 Amazing!!!
  2. The little New York Pack 3

    You should make them growable!!! 10/10
  3. Marrast Beachfront Pier

    I'm not rating any until I have a screenshot
  4. Keet Kondos

    A night picture wouldn't be useful, I don't know how to do night lighting, but I know where a tutorial is.
  5. Keet Kondos



    A medium wealth residential tower (stage 7) designed for my friend. It is a condominium housing 3000 sims. Give your skyline somthing new. This is my first tower lot, so enjoy! -This lot is not plobabble -No dependencies
  6. Large Water Tower

  7. Large Water Tower

    It is suppose to have trees and is for big cities (style wise).
  8. Large Water Tower

    It is double everything, price, monthly cost, and water.
  9. Large Water Tower



    A 2x2 large water tower (with clock) that pumps about twice the amount of a normal one. It has a monthly cost of $500 and is about twice the amount of a normal water tower to plop. I was insired to make a water tower like this because of my city one (exept the clock is on the lower tower part and it has four clocks instead of one). This is my 4th BAT lot. Enjoy : )
  10. BP Gas Station

    Its commercial
  11. Port Realism Pack 1 Ver1

    Ooooooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  12. BlaM Modern Oslo T Bane station

    Also, what exactly is IT? Well anyway, nice job and quick question for anyone to answer: How do you make transparent glss windows in the BAT???
  13. DEDWD Transit Hub for GL Hwy 1

    Nice job! 10/10
  14. BP Gas Station

    I don't know