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  1. São Paulo City Taxi

    Version 1.0


    São Paulo City Taxi. This mod comes with the new visual identity of the São Paulo City's Taxi. The yellow strip is the Comum Taxi and the Red Strip is the Special Taxi. Special Thanks to developder of the mod "Dutch Taxis" who is the base of this mod.
  2. Brazilian Ambulance SAMU

    Version 1,0


    Brazilian Ambulance - SAMU SAMU - Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência - is the brazilian Mobile Emergency Treatment Service offers by the Federal Government in association with the States Government. put this file in \simcity4\plugin folder. Special Thanks to developer of "Civic Vehicles Pack 1".
  3. The description do not accept the correctly portuguese's orthography for "polícia".
  4. Version 1,0


    Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo - São Paulo State Police. This pack comes with the cars used by the Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo - São Paulo State Police. The police car is a Chevrollet Vectra, used on the streets patrol. The van is a Merceds-Benz Sprinter called "Base Comunitária" - Community Base - a forward base used in many operations, like "blitz patrol". The Tático Móvel - Tatic Mobile: A Chevrolet Blazer with four men armed with shotgun and Submachine gun - like uzi - used on tatic patrol and ostensive patrol. Bonus MOD: The ROTA The ROTA Rondas Ostensivas Tobias de Aguiar - Tobias de Aguiar's Ostensive Patrol -, mostly known by its acronym ROTA (Portuguese for route), is the special force of the São Paulo State Police, which aims flexibility and fast reaction. Used in the need to control civil unrest, in restore of public order, tactical attack and defense of urban areas. ROTA is one of the most efficient, respected and feared police forces in Brazil. Uses a Chevrolet Blazer with a black paint. Rota is famous to send bandits to hell. "The ROTA will to streets to kill bandits" by Paulo Maluf, brazilan Federal Deputy, and Ex-Governor of São Paulo State. IMPORTANT NOTE: USER WILL NEED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN ROTA AND TÁTICO MÓVEL. IF YOU USE "Civic Vehicles Pack 1 - K-9 Unit" YOU WILL NEED TO CHOOSE ONE BETWEEN THOSE THREE MODS. Special Thanks to developers of the follow mods, who are the base of this present mod: "Dutch Police Van"; "USA Police Pack vol 2" and "Civic Vehicles Pack 1 - K-9 Unit".
  5. Locomotives of Brazilian Railway Companies

    All those locomotives is in use for freight, except in the CPTM who use it in maintenance services and to tow damaged EMUs.
  6. Train CPTM COFESBRA Series 2000

    [quote name='Wubbat' timestamp='1350582510'] Hello..... does anyone know the awnser to my question? [/quote] I had tried to use a passanger train mod with another passanger trains mod (like Bart, or Minnueto, or 5550 CPTM Series) and the game acept just one. You will have to choice what train set do you want use. But if you have one set of trains who was built with the same dat file, but the fhs file was changed (like the locomotives that I uploaded) you can use more than one.
  7. Version V 1,0


    Locomotives of brazilian Railway Companies. This pack comes with Locomotives of the follow companies: CPTM - São Paulo Metropolitan Trains, MRS Logística, ALL Logística and RFFSA - Federal Railway Network. To instal those locomotives extract the files to simcity4/plugin folder. You can use all locomotives together, as you want, or just one or two. This mod replaces the original locomotive of Maxis.
  8. Train CPTM COFESBRA Series 2000

    Version V1,0


    The train COFESBRA 2000 series was built in Spain by Cofesbra (rail Consortium Spain-Brazil ) formed by the companies Alstom, CAF and Adtranz between 1999 and 2000 for Line 11 - Eastern Express of CPTM - Companhia Paulista de trens Metropolitanos (São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company). http://www.cptm.sp.g...ota/default.asp To install this train extract the files to simcity4/pluggins folder. This mod replaces the original Maxis Train. Was built 30 EMU of 4 cars of this train for CPTM (São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company), who form 15 trains with 8 cars each. Each car have 8 doors and the gauge is 1,600mm. Line 11 of CPTM transports 500 thousand passangeirs per day. CPTM transports 2,5 millions passangers per day, and is the second in volume in passangers in Brazil, loosing of Company Metropolitano de São Paulo - Metro - who transports 3,5 millions passagenrs per day. Together CPTM and Metro forms the São Paulo Network Metro-Railway System.
  9. Sao Paulo CPTM 5550series

    Great! Tanks!
  10. SAM Street Addon Mod version 3

    I have troubles with the dirty roads and rail cross!
  11. Itau Bank small agency

  12. Sao Paulo Intermunicipal busses

    Nice work! Voc
  13. Banespa Building

    Very Good!!! I live in S