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  1. Hostess Brands Inc. - (R.I.P.?)

    We need a Twinkie bailout. It's working for GMC.
  2. Simcity To Include Cloud Storage For Cities, Online Play.

    This community has been around for nearly ten years, run by devoted fans. What happens in five years, when EA's interest is on something else and they start neglecting their hosting of the cloud cities? Or worse, just turn it off.
  3. Show us your - Region

    Waffle World is in my top five city names.
  4. Salt Lake City, Utah.

    I've been unknowingly waiting since 2006 for this one. Thanks, mate
  5. Bordeaux

    I dig that grid superimposed over the satellite image *******
  6. Teaser

    I started loading the Simtrop home page and walked away for a few minutes. When I returned I saw this pic on the new site and thought "what the site did I go to? That's a great photo of... what city is that?" before I realized what i was looking at. (the big $0 helped) Nice job
  7. Channel Islands Map Pak 2 By blade2k5

    Makin me homesick bud
  8. Dubuque, Iowa

    I must say that road map is great
  9. Population 7 Billion

    Apparently it's not a problem for Michigan.
  10. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    Tarkus, thanks. What I really am asking is can object be re-drawn so it shows only a four- or six-lane highway with no divider, giving it the cosmetic appearance of a one-way hiway. It would still function exactly the same as the Maxis hiway so if you put ramps on one side only the cars would only drive that side; the other side lacking any ramps would go unused. If the pavement textures can be changed, what about just the general appearance?
  11. Some weird texture errors

    I had the same issue. Blank terrain would show up as buildings at weird angles, kinda like a Pink Floyd concert gone bad. I solved it by running it in Fusion. Serendipity- it runs faster too.
  12. NAM: Requests - 2nd Edition

    I know the Maxis hiways cannot be made into one way hiways, but can they be rendered so they appear as one-way hiways? i.e. take out the center divider with three or four lanes. (You'd have to be careful about ramp placement so you don't have two-way traffic). It's not that I am ungrateful about the RHW, but they are cumbersome.
  13. Pearl Harbour Day 2010

    Don't know. I just heard it on an interview with a veteran at the site in Pearl.
  14. Pearl Harbour Day 2010

    This is the last time they are doing the memorial gathering at Pearl Harbor. All others will take place on the mainland due to the difficulty of getting veterans to the site. The enemy could not get them, but apparently Time did.
  15. I had to install one when I first fired up Aspyre's version in 2005. I can't remember what it was tho.