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About this City Journal

European Cj sset in SCJU universe

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It is a lovely morning in Renduberg. The morning rush is just starting


The alluring smell of Lipenstiener Coffee draws numerous commuters towawrds the shops


Tourists strolling through the nearby Manderfold District


The Old Town is known for its remarkably preserved architecture from medieval times


The Great War Column stands over Karlsallee, commemorating the 1542 victory between unified Renduberg-Lipenstien forces and the Monyleux-Hoffenstauffen-Voss Nitenburg Army in the Religious Wars


The Weisswalder Museum of Natural History on Herr Kammerstien Allee


St. Paul's Cathedral built in 1644


The Old Financial District was home to the Rheinhauser Trading Co.(formally known as The Eastern Frankish Traders Guild founded in 1232)


Renduberger Opera Haus and the surrounding cafes, buying a cup of Lipenstiener Coffee or Renduberger Tea is a tradition after an performance at the Opera House






Meine Damen und Herren, ist der Zug jetzt nähert Otto-Hermann Hauptbahnhof. Bitte bereit alle Habseligkeiten und Gepäck. Wenn Sie eine Rücksendung Weisswalder Bürger sind, halten Sie bitte Ihre WBK-Karte zur Ansicht bereit. Wenn Sie einen ankommenden Besucher, bitte haben Sie Ihren Reisepass und Dokumentation Papiere fertig am Tor. Wenn Sie Fragen zu Zoll-und Einwanderungsbehörden haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an einen unserer Betreuer jetzt. Wir hoffen, Sie haben die Reise genossen und von uns allen bei WWB, herzlich willkommen auf Renduberg. Die Zeit ist jetzt 18:32

Mesdames et Messieurs, le train s'approche maintenant Otto-Hermann Hauptbahnhof. S'il vous plaît prête tous les effets et les bagages. Si vous êtes un citoyen Weisswalder retour, s'il vous plaît avoir votre carte de WBK prêt pour l'inspection. Si vous êtes un visiteur étranger, s'il vous plaît avoir votre passeport et les documents de la documentation prête à la porte. Si vous avez des questions concernant les douanes et l'immigration, s'il vous plaît parler à l'un de nos préposés dès maintenant. Nous espérons que vous avez apprécié le voyage et de nous tous à la WWB, bienvenue à Renduberg. Le temps est maintenant 18:32


Ladies and Gentlemen, the train is now approaching Otto-Hermann Hauptbahnhof. Please ready all belongings and luggage. If you are a returning Weisswalder citizen, please have your WBK card ready for inspection. If you are a incoming visitor, please have your passport and documentation papers ready at the gate. If you have any questions about Customs and Immigration, please speak to any of our attendents right now. We hoped you have enjoyed the trip and from all of us at WWB, welcome to Renduberg. The time is now 18:32


The Messer Strasse leads to Ausburger Alle. The most famous landmark on that avenue is Renduberg-Lipensteiner Tor.



"Hotel Essen" is one of the most luxorious hotels in Weisswald. Lavish furnishings in all areas and top luxurious service is quite notable for many guests that had the pleasure of staying there. Soothing piano music flows throughout the hotel calming guests as a getaway from the exuberant nightlife of the city. Opened in 1869, it is also one of the oldest luxury five star hotels still in operation.







This is the CJ for the Condeferacy of Weißwald. I am currently an Ambassadorial Member in SCJU(Simcity Journal Union)

The Confederacy of Weisswald is a small German/ French nation squashed between Switzerland, Germany and France. It has an long and interesting history dating back to the Roman times.

I hope you all enjoy this cj and constructive criticism is always welcome! ;)


my city is still under construction ;P


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