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  1. The GTA4 thread

    I've had this game since the day it was released lol, and I have to agree that it's a really good game, good cars, believable character, best city in the series so far - obviously the most notable changes are the graphics, physics (car handling, character movements etc), and sound effects (I just love hearing that rumbling as you drive down a cobbled street, or the sound when you do a handbrake turn on a gravel driveway, and the cars even make that 'whining' noise when you reverse). My only major problem with the game, though, is that it seems to be a slightly watered down version of GTA covered in the 'next-gen tinsel' i.e. it has good graphics, and everything else but, in my opinion, once you complete the main story, there really isn't all that much to do - i mean, you can't get in a taxi and press R3 to do taxi missions (same with the ambulance and fire engine) and being restricted to an urban environment does get rather tiresome (was nice getting out into the countryside in San Andreas). And, regarding what El Burro said, it is pretty dissappointing how there are no tanks - it would have been brilliant with the new damage system . However, I'm sure all these problems will be recitified in the next game especially when you consider how the series evolved from 2001-2004. anyways, i'll stop rambling now lol. P.S. GreekMan, i'm sure one mission involves taking a helicopter to the airport and another one involves you meeting someone there but, that's all i'm afraid.
  2. Today: Smoking Ban in England

    I support the bans - makes pubs (and other similar places) have a nicer, more welcoming, atmosphere, but I do agree with rorym1980 - what if the government ban other things?
  3. Shmails Small Clinic

  4. Simtropolis Metro Mercy Center

    Very nice looking hospital there.
  5. General Hospital

    Loving this one :D
  6. Plastic Dumpsters

    nice one, these will be useful :)
  7. Hyundai dealerships and automata

    Thanks alot for these, they're awesome!
  8. Additional Driveable Vehicles

    I like what I see here!
  9. Additional Vehicles Set 2

    Gotta love these!
  10. NDEX Postal Vehicles by Ardecila

    Hell yeah! more realism - and traffic!, lol, thanks
  11. American Fire Vehicles

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks alot!
  12. Driveable VW Golfs Tutorial cars

    Love them, great work mike!
  13. Thanks!, it's always nice to have more varied traffic in our cities :).
  14. Rodina

    WOW!!, I love these pics, and this CJ, lol. Great detail and realistic layouts for the docks and the citys/towns in general. And the docks are looking very busy and active- keep up the good work!
  15. old oil platform

    I'm really liking all this abandoned stuff - keep it up!