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Led Lake

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Lake setting ready to develop using default traffic controllers To become mayor you must dictate a cities growth. pick area on the region map that would be the setting for the city of your...

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Mars250: sector 2 on pic 8 and i would like to see a seaside town.

             A nice seaside town has continued development since your first post... however more people have thought that this area would be better if it included other things... including the sims (did you see the race track in my last post? that was all the sims idea)

Blakeway: Great, fantastic regions, well I hope it'll be a good CJ, like mine xD!

Well I think you already found your downtown (because of the 5th pic): Sector 1. lol

But, there should be another commercial district: Sector 2!

Why? Because look at its location! Woah! Amazing! =P

1st IDEA: Well I would see some skyscrapers like a second downtown (example, San Francisco and Oakland), there would be some nice rich guys living there...

2nd IDEA: Maybe you shouldn't devlop this area to make a second financial district but to do a historical district, like in Montreal, Quebec or in Boston, MA. (If you don't know what I mean, PM me or go to Google Maps)

3rd IDEA: Ok, last one, Industrial District with lots of Jobs, alot of R$ and pollution! (Not this one please, lol)

District 1 had a big potencial for a big port with its location but also for its coast, without curves xD

Or you can also put tourism, like beaches and hotels? Why not? IDK

Ok that's all my ideas for todays! xD (I need to slow down a bit or my brain will explose because I got exams tommorow, wierd)


P.S. Vote Blakeway and you'll be on DA way! xD

oh and maybe on sector 2 a monument like at Rio xD

             Yes, Sector 1 in my original idea for this region was probably the most fun for me to develop...  if only someone was brave enough to want to develop on the forrest that grows there now... i like how this area connected the river to the main ocean...

            but, sector 2... yes an amazing region... no real sky scrapers have developed yet but im sure in the future if i could find someone to run some industrial towns in the neighboring cities they could pull away from the idea of a small seaside town and develop into the city of the future... however the beaches may be hard to develop as it is a fairly steep runoff... but the sims liked your idea for the monument as this area has one of the tallest mountians in Led Lake!!


I think a CBD should be on sector 2. Very nice maps, if I do say so myself.

I wish I could run for mayor, but I have some RL Syndrome right now!

    This area will have a central business district... Thanks but i usually search throught the stex and find region maps that are 1025x1025 and just download the jpg and render a new region... praise goes to the creators... i just want to build... Maybe run for mayor in the future, eh?


Real interesting concept! Since most people are bidding for Sector 2, I'll be running for Sector 3. I'd imagine it to be something like San Fancisco, California. I don't really see what Blakeway is saying about sector 3 3.gif but to me looks like a lot of potential, though I don't expect to see the next Dubai there lol. I'll be following!

   I really like this idea and areas have continued to develop:



However the sims need to find an area to outsource their industry... but some nice homes have developed on the other side of the bay:2-3.jpg


These homes enjoy great access to jobs thanks to the golden gate/sf idea however need more jobs to develop zones


Innovations: It's normal you can see what I'm talking about Sector 3, because I never talk about it???? I'm for sector 2 but you got a nice Idea with SF in Sector 3!

i want to see more people refering to other peoples ideas like this... awesome... it's not about me its about the community


great shots - i love looking at the big picture versus the  details on occasion.

I will include more big picture shots for you in the future... however, i would like you to choose an area for development... the more the merrier why not run for district 21 as it has developed on its own and is in desperate need of attention:16-2.jpg


Nice idea for  CJ.  Seeing how the development is going, I would like to toss my hat in the ring for mayor in District 25.  Considering its close proximity to the port in Sector 3, exploration should begin for natural resources.  Maybe there are mature forests for timber, or hills containing coal and minerals.

Beginning this district's development on resource exports the revenue will be there to begin pioneering clean and renewable technology.

District 25 is a great location... And you had a good idea with the exploration of natural resources... the more they look the more they will find... i have nearly 25 gigs of plugins waiting to be explored


great ideas btw and also i would like to run for the mayor of sector 3 4.gif.

but liking the journal mate!

I think you should connect sector 3 to a small town that you could build in district 20 and get the demand going up :

you have been added to the list of possible mayors for sector 3 and your idea to outsource into other areas has moved you up the tally for a possible vote for mayor of sector 3... and maybe even a role as mayor for district 20


Looking good, nice twist.

The western hillside of District 25 looks like a prime location to begin zoning for clean high tech industry and wealthy suburbs.

The more comments... the more twist.. clean high tech will develop as more rich/smart sims move in... and the more you comment the more you will see it's development


on one side i would have an poor city running off industry, that was across from it you can have a rich thriving good looking city with no low class just a suggestion though.

 like the cj!

I'm assuming you ment district 21... this area has developed and is even working on a new rail line...


and is indeed poor14-2.jpg


Sector 3 is going well! I like the Golden Gate Bride, it really adds a San Fran feel to the city

Indeed... however it needs more direction... as you can see in this area connecting sector 3 to district 25 and the Las Vegas area of sector 35-2.jpg


i've been a strict gridder for the most part but am trying to branch out into my natural settings like you have here - thanks for the nice pictures - especially the ones showing how you use the ave as the main feeder - i like to control traffic :)  DeeCee

I can be quite a control freak also... PICK AN AREA!!! haha


Sector 2 is going well also! I'm still runnin' for Section 3 4.gif. I've noticed that the bottom right corner area of the map looks kind of like a desert. Mybe a suggestion could be a Las Vegas somewhere in the future? 19.gif Just a suggestion!

well, i have enacted the legalized gambling ordincance...


and day


and as these areas develop... maybe we will see some bigger hotels and maybe even a casio or 2

but untill then it is hotels... sims have been using more of these areas when losing their hard earned simolians and resort to staying in hotels... the more sims... the bigger the hotels



I reckon District 9 would make an excellent farming community with a small hub town, which could later develop into urban sprawl or industrial sprawl.

Sprawl is my favorite!!! im glad someone had the idea for this... also excellent location for this to happen... helps take the strain off sector 2


Not a bad idea - I reckon Zone 33 would make quite a nice community for people to get away from the big city. :P

Finally someone who is brave enough to pick a zone... i had more ideas for zones as there are more zones to develop... and since the difficulty is set to hard it really makes it fun for me


I would like to see a  low wealth area like brooklyn (heavely populated) because I always try to get low wealth apartments but high wealth things come. I would be nice to have a havely populated area in the region. the low wealth area should be in district 18 and the zoning mid with no parks. The tax should be low and good transportation with aves and roads. It should have a bus system and a Light rail tram. The district should have dirty industery (dont give induster water). The trick is not to let rich ppl in this district. The area should be heavely populated (500 000). When pop is (1 000 000) make a subway via low weaths to industery. Make low wealth commers only on mid or high. Only keep dirty and mid indutery without water. If this plan is done your region will grow faster. 

Thanks Simmer

This area has started development...9-2.jpg

the first night the first arterys have been laid:10-2.jpg

and the next day the first streets and roads were laid:


and zoning began industry next to residential... to keep the rich sims out


And development continues to this night with the sims first indusrial railroad13-2.jpg

A glr will be implemented when the population increases and monthly income is enough to support it...

all $$, and $$$ taxes have been pushed to 20% and is really drving down the options for sims in this area...

hopefully we will see you ideas come to life and I would like to see more in-depth ideas for area development like this

What it takes to be a mayor... and the benefits:

the 10 initial objectives

1) to be considerd mayor you must have an educated workforce... no one has yet decided to place schools... and the only educational facilites that have been placed were hints... however this entire region only has one Library... and we have already seen some educated llamas

2) the crime must be low, i placed a few police stations in Sector 2 to help ease the sims minds as there are so many people running for mayor of this area

3) there needs to be at least 2 people running for the area (the winner will be the individual that had the most original unique posts and ideas for development in the area)

4) there needs to be a city hall in an educated area

5) the sims need good healthcare

6) one fire station will be placed near the first area of fire... however, sometimes it is not enough... i will dispach the fire department  but sometimes it is just too far away: 15-tiltshift.jpg

and buildings will be lost...

7) the population must exceed 100,000 sims and have 4 developing adjacent neighbors (areas on the border only need 3... and corners only need 2)

8) at least 4 forms of mass transit must be available to the sims

9) the area needs more than 2 different forms of recreational activity

10) the area must not go bankrupt... loans will be taken out but if an area is in the red for more than 10 years... your spot as mayor will be lost (unless you have an idea to help)

if the area has fit all requirements as mayor you will see 5 benefits:

1) the area will be named what you choose it to be... and your name will appear as mayor on the region map... instead of '...'

2) god mode terraforming will become available to you

3) there will be more pictures of your area

4) the biggest/tallest buildings will develop in areas with a mayor

5) a monument will be erected in your honor

Sorry.. no current region stats


Defining Nature

My journal is going to be different. I want you to be mayor; however being mayor is never easy.

since there are billions upon trillions and zillions of sims and only few real humans in this world; i am going to take what you feed me upon the world of the sims and try and reproduce it the best i can.

You say make it more like Las Vegas... so i drop a couple nuclear bombs just out of town in Sector 3:


and then i let the game run and see a simple connection has bought this region together... the sims begin developing regions... non of which have mayors yet... but could in the future... we now have region wide ferry support:


and someone said they wanted to see the racetrack...

so i rented the coper for the day in sector 2:


And even got really close to the track... too bad it wasn't race day...


And had to wait nearly 2 hours for this fellow to clear the landing pad:


however, while I was in the air i saw the road connection that linked to district 9 (in the middle of the night!!... geesh... waiting):


I made a safe landing and took a look at my region map:


I was asked to develop the fist 'hard' city: zone 33...


and when i loaded things were good....

just build a quaint little town for the sims to retire to...

but then things got weird...

the colors started to change:18-1.jpg

Day turned to night... up was down...


and sent me to District 9 before it even started to sprawl


This was the only picture i was able to take before it sent me back to a region map:


 even my trasnsport map was acting strange:


cities set on 'hard' are going to be difficult...

I rest before proceeding to Distrcit 9

District 9 was told to sprawl out... and began developing farm land, industrial zones, and residential neighborhoods:


And indusrty streched toward the borders:


And sprawl means develpment so:


Zone some more:


and keep growing:


And remember... it takes a little farm land:


and a lot of zoneing: 4-2.jpg

And more zoning:


maybe a few windy roads: 6-1.jpg

then wait a few days and decide how to make things more efficent:



Then develop some more...

And as the sims realize more without being educated they begin to realize in the land of sprawl... the more the merrier: 


(It's just a couple flashing lights and sticks on levers... but it saves the cars from the trains so they make it work...)

Current region stats:

All cities have been run a total average on 1 year

No cities have mayors yet

2/74 Zones has been settled

2/3 Sectors have been settled

7/34 Districts have been settled

Shameless advertisement for never before seen Zone 10:


4 areas are in desperate need of a direction: District 15, Zone 38. Distrcit 16, and Distrct 21.

Every once and a while with spread comes opprotunity so 7 new areas have been connected because of resorces... Distrcit 12 has a rail connectiion; distrct 26 and 18 have a highway connection, District 15 and 16 a have ferry ports; and zone 28 has a new avenue connection (linking District 15 and 16)

Shameless advertismet for development opprotunities in the west Led Lake area31-1.jpg

15 llamas killed: in sprawl in Distrct 9

region average temperature: 77 degrees ferenheit

no new resources excavated since: expandium

Highways built (in miles) 77

railroad lines built (in miles): 297

number of simolions lost to careless sims: 10

Number of educational facilities (region wide): 1 (library - District 20)

2 police stations (sector 2)

2 fire stations (sector 2)

                         (district 9)


educated llamas: 17

Artistic shot:

Distrct 9 transport hub:


Next new update includes more information on how to be mayor and replies

No current region shot

Led Lake: Pick an area and tell sims how to develop


The sims in sector 2 got a little carried away

it all started with a road that was laid to construct a great monument atop one of Led Lakes tallest mountains.

26.jpgAnd in for a while things were good in sector 3.

So sims set out to construct a town outside of Sector 3 in District 20


No analysis of the land was made.. and the farm land ment to stimulate growth in sector3 is polluting the water.. h a nice transportation hub was created in its place. Because of the pollution and no survay before building the scientist gathered their work together and created an archive of information, or a library. located at the roundabout. Led Lakes first educational facility.

Next i went all the way over to the sea to check district 1 and their progress


A new beach was placed near the old one... and they keep the parties going all night long....

but i still couldnt stop thinking of that road leading up to the top of Sector 2s mountain

so i hyjacked a car  and raced to the top.29.jpg

And what did i see when i looked out the passenger window?

appearantly they thought of something... a lot of sims are racing this road.. why not build a racetrack somewhere in town?

i was able to snap this shot  as soon as i realized it...

30.jpgIn order to keep the city working the sims also began placing their own structures and zones...

a bridge connect the historal district near the waters edge to the main land in a maze of avenues.. creating the parts to create fine tuned racers...

the race track itself is known Led lakes first ferris wheel and award winning 'beans on a stick'..31.jpg

To help promote growth and control the street racing happening in the downtown sector 2 a police station was added


and in order to help growth in  sector 2 ships were told they could only leave in the dead of night.... so around 12:00 freight trucks head to the secret seaport... 33.jpg

Creating much needed cash flow

the next morning i visit the Historical district (all buildings are marked historical) in sector 2

Nothing like eating "#1's Pizza" no only the best in sim nation... but also the first ever pizza shop.

34.jpgMore buildings are sure to develop as time moves on...

next i decide to see how things are moving in district 20...

In the dead of night after reading text for sims eyes only in the library... Llamas were seen activating expandium


Things were comming along in Led Lake


Next i got a call from a prospector in District 25 that says they need more industry on the side of the hill... they told me that was where the money was at.... so i gave sim engineers the plans and they got to work...

But just then a fire broke out at they rail station.... everyone began to panic as it was full of expandium37.jpg

Lucky to say a fire station was put in and no body was hurt...

and the new plans were laid out...

38.jpgAnd at night the sims prayed

they wanted to be smarter like their ancestors and prayed for their wisdom...

and in the morning theyr prayers were answered with a church39.jpgWhere any sim could come a pray for things that were too far away from them

and before the noon day sun had shown... the new zones were filled on the west side of district 2540.jpg

Execept for one... hmmm

also in their egerness to begin industrializing the trains rolling down the tracks begain to lose their loads...41.jpg

but it didnt stop district 25 from making gobs of money... even more than from when it started... 42.jpg

Current region stats all cities run just past 10 years

no cities have mayor yet

no zones have been settled

2/3 sectors being developed

1/34 district started development

2/34 districts being developed

number of educatlional facilities 1 (library - district 20)

2 police stations (sector 2)

1 fire statuion (district 25)

number of educated llamas: 5

current transportation map:


P.S. sorry flamerunner14...great suggestion, but  you must propose a building style on a particular square...  district 4, zone 2, sector 1...

a poor city sounds awesome to build as demand is really high for that area of growth

and any way you want to build it... i will try and get the sims to comply... i just need to know where to tell them to venture off to

thank you all for reading....


There is always a hook

Development has come nicely

District 25 has been settled after 2 years of prospecting...

in the beginning the sim engineers  knew this land was uniqe

for not only is this valley coverd in rich low land fauna they could harness as timber:


there was also a rich resource that they began to horde...

and after a while they even had to build stron avenues and roads in which to haul it


This resource is a super heavy substance that sim engineers began to test

after much testing. they noticed that when the structure of this resorce is compromised... say to extreme heat... or taunting... it expands to 100 times its normal size...


This is the site after a group of scientist got into a debate over weather or not their  lifes is a simulation.

before the scientist perrished in the disaster they had sent a memo saying: "Sim Scientist agree: the new substance expandium, since it was a metal that expanded, would revolutionize scenery

sim engineers laid roads around the area to mourn for the scientist lost in the incident and after gathering the resources were able to begin setting up trade routes:

so in the middle of the night a train leaves district 25 full of timber and expandium


trains arived early the next day in sector 3


the sims in sector 3 began to exploit district 25 for their resorces...

they began setting up more and more houses... and they wanted a cali feel.. so they built themselfs a bridge:

18.jpgand streched themeselfs out accross the bay:19.jpg

yes sector 3 was becoming a port city and making a profit... but they couldnt get the expandium to activate.... only a true mayor could crack this nut

not only did the new bridge offer new vistas to build out sector 3... but it also connected a highway to a new district which is ripe for development which should be advertised:


District 21: now looking for a mayor

that being said, the sims of  district 25 are happy making a profit


District 25 still needs more direction...the sim scientist have been lost... life spans are lacking because of the smog produced by having to run off the power... the residental zones are too seperated for a good elementry school to begin educating scientist... and they smolder for a station... things are not looking good... keep up the directions ANDYQUARE and they could be hailing  you mayor

on the lighter side more and more sims decided to watch the waves in District 1


however it needs to begin trading with someone... a good mayor knows where to put  their trash

sector 2 has also seen some growth:


but this city is running on air... how should they get their power? and should sector 2 also turn into a harbor town? how are they going to move their resources?

Current region stats:

all cities run for up to 10 years

no cities have mayors yet

no zones have been settled

2/3 sectors being developed

1/34 districts started development

1/34 districts being developed

no llamas injured

average anual rainfall for region: 3"

specal resource extracted: expandium

current region shot:


Led Lake: What would you do as mayor?


sims move in...

Sector 2 is thinking... be a small town or a central business district?

it has zoned more commerical than it wants... and the sims are eager to move in... but it's trying to be a small town...

it was beautiful:

1-1.jpgbut development has started:


but the sims are losing too much (although they have a big surplus) could be because of the cornerstone that was laid for the epic statue (maybe in the future)

the cornerstone: 5.jpgcan you see it??? its there

and has built up to a nice little town in 3 years:


next was district 1.... build a sea port they said

but look at those waves they said!


but they built a seaport town anyway. even with a little beach for bathing...

but the waves were comming in on district 6:


what would be the fate of this city?? a port town?? not if you can't leave port...

and after 3 years of development i lost the seaport:

sim said: "The Sea just ate it:


Beach goers said waves were epic that day and people from all around came to see the distruction... could be a tourist town??

and also being developed... sector 3

they wanted to have cali feel ee so they went right for the pennisula out from the point...


and in 3 years it looked like this: 8.jpg

Sims decided they need a seaport

all cities were run for 3 full years

no cities have mayors yet

no zones have been settled

2/3 sectors started development

1/34 districts started development

no llamas were injured

current region shot:



Led Lake: How would you Lead it?


After playing Cities xl beta it seems i cannot stop playing Simcity 4.

I have developed a method where i name every city from the start and it led to projects like the Municipality Matrix:

MunicipalityMatrix-1254783475.jpgThis is the transportation map showint how the streets are upgraded to roads and the roads to avenues

I named these cities: Large = Sector Medium = Zone Small = District

numbered in a circle

but i had a problem with this city

MunicipalityMatrix-1254783499.jpgthere were too many farm lands

yes all the cities were making money (about 3k) but all of them were not connected to anything

none were buying power.. or dumping neighbors garbage.

MunicipalityMatrix-1254783531.jpgAnd you could hardly even see one of the sims

and then i realized i was using a farm/industry multiplyer and i wanted to make it more balanced

but the roads looked kinda cool: MunicipalityMatrix-1254783580.jpg

So i decided to move on to other projects:

I found a nice lake to develop... which i did:


this city was built using highways railways and el lines to connect cites

each city was successful... but then i realized the cities were all set to easy

i decided to change the name of the region to Led Lake... and plant a few trees:


And then i game each square a name

      Sectors were large set on easy difficulty

     Districts were Mediums medium difficulty

     smalls were Zones set to High


I'm still thinking of new ways to begin with this map... using my municipality matrix method... but with more gradual development

i won't be using any mods... maybe a few land filler spots... but no money mods or multipliers.

and i want you to be the mayor...

simply post what district secotor zone you are running for  and what you would like to see in that area. maybe the sims will be calling you mayor

hopefully we will begin to see some development

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