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Led Lake

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Replies/What it takes to be mayor!

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Mars250: sector 2 on pic 8 and i would like to see a seaside town.

             A nice seaside town has continued development since your first post... however more people have thought that this area would be better if it included other things... including the sims (did you see the race track in my last post? that was all the sims idea)

Blakeway: Great, fantastic regions, well I hope it'll be a good CJ, like mine xD!

Well I think you already found your downtown (because of the 5th pic): Sector 1. lol

But, there should be another commercial district: Sector 2!

Why? Because look at its location! Woah! Amazing! =P

1st IDEA: Well I would see some skyscrapers like a second downtown (example, San Francisco and Oakland), there would be some nice rich guys living there...

2nd IDEA: Maybe you shouldn't devlop this area to make a second financial district but to do a historical district, like in Montreal, Quebec or in Boston, MA. (If you don't know what I mean, PM me or go to Google Maps)

3rd IDEA: Ok, last one, Industrial District with lots of Jobs, alot of R$ and pollution! (Not this one please, lol)

District 1 had a big potencial for a big port with its location but also for its coast, without curves xD

Or you can also put tourism, like beaches and hotels? Why not? IDK

Ok that's all my ideas for todays! xD (I need to slow down a bit or my brain will explose because I got exams tommorow, wierd)


P.S. Vote Blakeway and you'll be on DA way! xD

oh and maybe on sector 2 a monument like at Rio xD

             Yes, Sector 1 in my original idea for this region was probably the most fun for me to develop...  if only someone was brave enough to want to develop on the forrest that grows there now... i like how this area connected the river to the main ocean...

            but, sector 2... yes an amazing region... no real sky scrapers have developed yet but im sure in the future if i could find someone to run some industrial towns in the neighboring cities they could pull away from the idea of a small seaside town and develop into the city of the future... however the beaches may be hard to develop as it is a fairly steep runoff... but the sims liked your idea for the monument as this area has one of the tallest mountians in Led Lake!!


I think a CBD should be on sector 2. Very nice maps, if I do say so myself.

I wish I could run for mayor, but I have some RL Syndrome right now!

    This area will have a central business district... Thanks but i usually search throught the stex and find region maps that are 1025x1025 and just download the jpg and render a new region... praise goes to the creators... i just want to build... Maybe run for mayor in the future, eh?


Real interesting concept! Since most people are bidding for Sector 2, I'll be running for Sector 3. I'd imagine it to be something like San Fancisco, California. I don't really see what Blakeway is saying about sector 3 3.gif but to me looks like a lot of potential, though I don't expect to see the next Dubai there lol. I'll be following!

   I really like this idea and areas have continued to develop:



However the sims need to find an area to outsource their industry... but some nice homes have developed on the other side of the bay:2-3.jpg


These homes enjoy great access to jobs thanks to the golden gate/sf idea however need more jobs to develop zones


Innovations: It's normal you can see what I'm talking about Sector 3, because I never talk about it???? I'm for sector 2 but you got a nice Idea with SF in Sector 3!

i want to see more people refering to other peoples ideas like this... awesome... it's not about me its about the community


great shots - i love looking at the big picture versus the  details on occasion.

I will include more big picture shots for you in the future... however, i would like you to choose an area for development... the more the merrier why not run for district 21 as it has developed on its own and is in desperate need of attention:16-2.jpg


Nice idea for  CJ.  Seeing how the development is going, I would like to toss my hat in the ring for mayor in District 25.  Considering its close proximity to the port in Sector 3, exploration should begin for natural resources.  Maybe there are mature forests for timber, or hills containing coal and minerals.

Beginning this district's development on resource exports the revenue will be there to begin pioneering clean and renewable technology.

District 25 is a great location... And you had a good idea with the exploration of natural resources... the more they look the more they will find... i have nearly 25 gigs of plugins waiting to be explored


great ideas btw and also i would like to run for the mayor of sector 3 4.gif.

but liking the journal mate!

I think you should connect sector 3 to a small town that you could build in district 20 and get the demand going up :

you have been added to the list of possible mayors for sector 3 and your idea to outsource into other areas has moved you up the tally for a possible vote for mayor of sector 3... and maybe even a role as mayor for district 20


Looking good, nice twist.

The western hillside of District 25 looks like a prime location to begin zoning for clean high tech industry and wealthy suburbs.

The more comments... the more twist.. clean high tech will develop as more rich/smart sims move in... and the more you comment the more you will see it's development


on one side i would have an poor city running off industry, that was across from it you can have a rich thriving good looking city with no low class just a suggestion though.

 like the cj!

I'm assuming you ment district 21... this area has developed and is even working on a new rail line...


and is indeed poor14-2.jpg


Sector 3 is going well! I like the Golden Gate Bride, it really adds a San Fran feel to the city

Indeed... however it needs more direction... as you can see in this area connecting sector 3 to district 25 and the Las Vegas area of sector 35-2.jpg


i've been a strict gridder for the most part but am trying to branch out into my natural settings like you have here - thanks for the nice pictures - especially the ones showing how you use the ave as the main feeder - i like to control traffic :)  DeeCee

I can be quite a control freak also... PICK AN AREA!!! haha


Sector 2 is going well also! I'm still runnin' for Section 3 4.gif. I've noticed that the bottom right corner area of the map looks kind of like a desert. Mybe a suggestion could be a Las Vegas somewhere in the future? 19.gif Just a suggestion!

well, i have enacted the legalized gambling ordincance...


and day


and as these areas develop... maybe we will see some bigger hotels and maybe even a casio or 2

but untill then it is hotels... sims have been using more of these areas when losing their hard earned simolians and resort to staying in hotels... the more sims... the bigger the hotels



I reckon District 9 would make an excellent farming community with a small hub town, which could later develop into urban sprawl or industrial sprawl.

Sprawl is my favorite!!! im glad someone had the idea for this... also excellent location for this to happen... helps take the strain off sector 2


Not a bad idea - I reckon Zone 33 would make quite a nice community for people to get away from the big city. :P

Finally someone who is brave enough to pick a zone... i had more ideas for zones as there are more zones to develop... and since the difficulty is set to hard it really makes it fun for me


I would like to see a  low wealth area like brooklyn (heavely populated) because I always try to get low wealth apartments but high wealth things come. I would be nice to have a havely populated area in the region. the low wealth area should be in district 18 and the zoning mid with no parks. The tax should be low and good transportation with aves and roads. It should have a bus system and a Light rail tram. The district should have dirty industery (dont give induster water). The trick is not to let rich ppl in this district. The area should be heavely populated (500 000). When pop is (1 000 000) make a subway via low weaths to industery. Make low wealth commers only on mid or high. Only keep dirty and mid indutery without water. If this plan is done your region will grow faster. 

Thanks Simmer

This area has started development...9-2.jpg

the first night the first arterys have been laid:10-2.jpg

and the next day the first streets and roads were laid:


and zoning began industry next to residential... to keep the rich sims out


And development continues to this night with the sims first indusrial railroad13-2.jpg

A glr will be implemented when the population increases and monthly income is enough to support it...

all $$, and $$$ taxes have been pushed to 20% and is really drving down the options for sims in this area...

hopefully we will see you ideas come to life and I would like to see more in-depth ideas for area development like this

What it takes to be a mayor... and the benefits:

the 10 initial objectives

1) to be considerd mayor you must have an educated workforce... no one has yet decided to place schools... and the only educational facilites that have been placed were hints... however this entire region only has one Library... and we have already seen some educated llamas

2) the crime must be low, i placed a few police stations in Sector 2 to help ease the sims minds as there are so many people running for mayor of this area

3) there needs to be at least 2 people running for the area (the winner will be the individual that had the most original unique posts and ideas for development in the area)

4) there needs to be a city hall in an educated area

5) the sims need good healthcare

6) one fire station will be placed near the first area of fire... however, sometimes it is not enough... i will dispach the fire department  but sometimes it is just too far away: 15-tiltshift.jpg

and buildings will be lost...

7) the population must exceed 100,000 sims and have 4 developing adjacent neighbors (areas on the border only need 3... and corners only need 2)

8) at least 4 forms of mass transit must be available to the sims

9) the area needs more than 2 different forms of recreational activity

10) the area must not go bankrupt... loans will be taken out but if an area is in the red for more than 10 years... your spot as mayor will be lost (unless you have an idea to help)

if the area has fit all requirements as mayor you will see 5 benefits:

1) the area will be named what you choose it to be... and your name will appear as mayor on the region map... instead of '...'

2) god mode terraforming will become available to you

3) there will be more pictures of your area

4) the biggest/tallest buildings will develop in areas with a mayor

5) a monument will be erected in your honor

Sorry.. no current region stats

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