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Led Lake

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The sims and their demands

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The sims in sector 2 got a little carried away

it all started with a road that was laid to construct a great monument atop one of Led Lakes tallest mountains.

26.jpgAnd in for a while things were good in sector 3.

So sims set out to construct a town outside of Sector 3 in District 20


No analysis of the land was made.. and the farm land ment to stimulate growth in sector3 is polluting the water.. h a nice transportation hub was created in its place. Because of the pollution and no survay before building the scientist gathered their work together and created an archive of information, or a library. located at the roundabout. Led Lakes first educational facility.

Next i went all the way over to the sea to check district 1 and their progress


A new beach was placed near the old one... and they keep the parties going all night long....

but i still couldnt stop thinking of that road leading up to the top of Sector 2s mountain

so i hyjacked a car  and raced to the top.29.jpg

And what did i see when i looked out the passenger window?

appearantly they thought of something... a lot of sims are racing this road.. why not build a racetrack somewhere in town?

i was able to snap this shot  as soon as i realized it...

30.jpgIn order to keep the city working the sims also began placing their own structures and zones...

a bridge connect the historal district near the waters edge to the main land in a maze of avenues.. creating the parts to create fine tuned racers...

the race track itself is known Led lakes first ferris wheel and award winning 'beans on a stick'..31.jpg

To help promote growth and control the street racing happening in the downtown sector 2 a police station was added


and in order to help growth in  sector 2 ships were told they could only leave in the dead of night.... so around 12:00 freight trucks head to the secret seaport... 33.jpg

Creating much needed cash flow

the next morning i visit the Historical district (all buildings are marked historical) in sector 2

Nothing like eating "#1's Pizza" no only the best in sim nation... but also the first ever pizza shop.

34.jpgMore buildings are sure to develop as time moves on...

next i decide to see how things are moving in district 20...

In the dead of night after reading text for sims eyes only in the library... Llamas were seen activating expandium


Things were comming along in Led Lake


Next i got a call from a prospector in District 25 that says they need more industry on the side of the hill... they told me that was where the money was at.... so i gave sim engineers the plans and they got to work...

But just then a fire broke out at they rail station.... everyone began to panic as it was full of expandium37.jpg

Lucky to say a fire station was put in and no body was hurt...

and the new plans were laid out...

38.jpgAnd at night the sims prayed

they wanted to be smarter like their ancestors and prayed for their wisdom...

and in the morning theyr prayers were answered with a church39.jpgWhere any sim could come a pray for things that were too far away from them

and before the noon day sun had shown... the new zones were filled on the west side of district 2540.jpg

Execept for one... hmmm

also in their egerness to begin industrializing the trains rolling down the tracks begain to lose their loads...41.jpg

but it didnt stop district 25 from making gobs of money... even more than from when it started... 42.jpg

Current region stats all cities run just past 10 years

no cities have mayor yet

no zones have been settled

2/3 sectors being developed

1/34 district started development

2/34 districts being developed

number of educatlional facilities 1 (library - district 20)

2 police stations (sector 2)

1 fire statuion (district 25)

number of educated llamas: 5

current transportation map:


P.S. sorry flamerunner14...great suggestion, but  you must propose a building style on a particular square...  district 4, zone 2, sector 1...

a poor city sounds awesome to build as demand is really high for that area of growth

and any way you want to build it... i will try and get the sims to comply... i just need to know where to tell them to venture off to

thank you all for reading....

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Sector 2 is going well also! I'm still runnin' for Section 3 . I've noticed that the bottom right corner area of the map looks kind of like a desert. Mybe a suggestion could be a Las Vegas somewhere in the future?  Just a suggestion!

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I reckon District 9 would make an excellent farming community with a small hub town, which could later develop into urban sprawl or industrial sprawl.

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