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Led Lake

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Defining Nature

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My journal is going to be different. I want you to be mayor; however being mayor is never easy.

since there are billions upon trillions and zillions of sims and only few real humans in this world; i am going to take what you feed me upon the world of the sims and try and reproduce it the best i can.

You say make it more like Las Vegas... so i drop a couple nuclear bombs just out of town in Sector 3:


and then i let the game run and see a simple connection has bought this region together... the sims begin developing regions... non of which have mayors yet... but could in the future... we now have region wide ferry support:


and someone said they wanted to see the racetrack...

so i rented the coper for the day in sector 2:


And even got really close to the track... too bad it wasn't race day...


And had to wait nearly 2 hours for this fellow to clear the landing pad:


however, while I was in the air i saw the road connection that linked to district 9 (in the middle of the night!!... geesh... waiting):


I made a safe landing and took a look at my region map:


I was asked to develop the fist 'hard' city: zone 33...


and when i loaded things were good....

just build a quaint little town for the sims to retire to...

but then things got weird...

the colors started to change:18-1.jpg

Day turned to night... up was down...


and sent me to District 9 before it even started to sprawl


This was the only picture i was able to take before it sent me back to a region map:


 even my trasnsport map was acting strange:


cities set on 'hard' are going to be difficult...

I rest before proceeding to Distrcit 9

District 9 was told to sprawl out... and began developing farm land, industrial zones, and residential neighborhoods:


And indusrty streched toward the borders:


And sprawl means develpment so:


Zone some more:


and keep growing:


And remember... it takes a little farm land:


and a lot of zoneing: 4-2.jpg

And more zoning:


maybe a few windy roads: 6-1.jpg

then wait a few days and decide how to make things more efficent:



Then develop some more...

And as the sims realize more without being educated they begin to realize in the land of sprawl... the more the merrier: 


(It's just a couple flashing lights and sticks on levers... but it saves the cars from the trains so they make it work...)

Current region stats:

All cities have been run a total average on 1 year

No cities have mayors yet

2/74 Zones has been settled

2/3 Sectors have been settled

7/34 Districts have been settled

Shameless advertisement for never before seen Zone 10:


4 areas are in desperate need of a direction: District 15, Zone 38. Distrcit 16, and Distrct 21.

Every once and a while with spread comes opprotunity so 7 new areas have been connected because of resorces... Distrcit 12 has a rail connectiion; distrct 26 and 18 have a highway connection, District 15 and 16 a have ferry ports; and zone 28 has a new avenue connection (linking District 15 and 16)

Shameless advertismet for development opprotunities in the west Led Lake area31-1.jpg

15 llamas killed: in sprawl in Distrct 9

region average temperature: 77 degrees ferenheit

no new resources excavated since: expandium

Highways built (in miles) 77

railroad lines built (in miles): 297

number of simolions lost to careless sims: 10

Number of educational facilities (region wide): 1 (library - District 20)

2 police stations (sector 2)

2 fire stations (sector 2)

                         (district 9)


educated llamas: 17

Artistic shot:

Distrct 9 transport hub:


Next new update includes more information on how to be mayor and replies

No current region shot

Led Lake: Pick an area and tell sims how to develop

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I would like to see a  low wealth area like brooklyn (heavely populated) because I always try to get low wealth apartments but high wealth things come. I would be nice to have a havely populated area in the region.

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district 18 because it is near jobs and mid dence with few parks but good transportation.
» as jobs increase turn mid to high and make subway system
» the trick is to not let rich ppl in
district 18 because it is near jobs and mid dence with few parks but good transportation.
» as jobs increase turn mid to high and make subway system
» the trick is to not let rich ppl in
the low wealth area should be in district 18 and the zoning mid with no parks. The tax should be low and good transportation with aves and roads. It should have a bus system and a Light rail tram. The district should have dirty industery (dont give induster water). The trick is not to let rich ppl in this district. The area should be heavely populated (500 000). When pop is (1 000 000) make a subway via low weaths to industery. Make low wealth commers only on mid or high. Only keep dirty and mid indutery without water. If this plan is done your region will grow faster. 
Thanks Simmer 

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