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Led Lake

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You could be mayor! run today!

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After playing Cities xl beta it seems i cannot stop playing Simcity 4.

I have developed a method where i name every city from the start and it led to projects like the Municipality Matrix:

MunicipalityMatrix-1254783475.jpgThis is the transportation map showint how the streets are upgraded to roads and the roads to avenues

I named these cities: Large = Sector Medium = Zone Small = District

numbered in a circle

but i had a problem with this city

MunicipalityMatrix-1254783499.jpgthere were too many farm lands

yes all the cities were making money (about 3k) but all of them were not connected to anything

none were buying power.. or dumping neighbors garbage.

MunicipalityMatrix-1254783531.jpgAnd you could hardly even see one of the sims

and then i realized i was using a farm/industry multiplyer and i wanted to make it more balanced

but the roads looked kinda cool: MunicipalityMatrix-1254783580.jpg

So i decided to move on to other projects:

I found a nice lake to develop... which i did:


this city was built using highways railways and el lines to connect cites

each city was successful... but then i realized the cities were all set to easy

i decided to change the name of the region to Led Lake... and plant a few trees:


And then i game each square a name

      Sectors were large set on easy difficulty

     Districts were Mediums medium difficulty

     smalls were Zones set to High


I'm still thinking of new ways to begin with this map... using my municipality matrix method... but with more gradual development

i won't be using any mods... maybe a few land filler spots... but no money mods or multipliers.

and i want you to be the mayor...

simply post what district secotor zone you are running for  and what you would like to see in that area. maybe the sims will be calling you mayor

hopefully we will begin to see some development

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Recommended Comments

Great, fantastic regions, well I hope it'll be a good CJ, like mine xD!
Well I think you already found your downtown (because of the 5th pic): Sector 1. lol

But, there should be another commercial district: Sector 2!
Why? Because look at its location! Woah! Amazing! =P
1st IDEA: Well I would see some skyscrapers like a second downtown (example, San Francisco and Oakland), there would be some nice rich guys living there...
2nd IDEA: Maybe you shouldn't devlop this area to make a second financial district but to do a historical district, like in Montreal, Quebec or in Boston, MA. (If you don't know what I mean, PM me or go to Google Maps)
3rd IDEA: Ok, last one, Industrial District with lots of Jobs, alot of R$ and pollution! (Not this one please, lol)

District 1 had a big potencial for a big port with its location but also for its coast, without curves xD
Or you can also put tourism, like beaches and hotels? Why not? IDK

Ok that's all my ideas for todays! xD (I need to slow down a bit or my brain will explose because I got exams tommorow, wierd)


P.S. Vote Blakeway and you'll be on DA way! xD

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I think a CBD should be on sector 2. Very nice maps, if I do say so myself.

I wish I could run for mayor, but I have some RL Syndrome right now!

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Real interesting concept! Since most people are bidding for Sector 2, I'll be running for Sector 3. I'd imagine it to be something like San Fancisco, California. I don't really see what Blakeway is saying about sector 3  but to me looks like a lot of potential, though I don't expect to see the next Dubai there lol. I'll be following!

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Innovations: It's normal you can see what I'm talking about Sector 3, because I never talk about it???? I'm for sector 2 but you got a nice Idea with SF in Sector 3!

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