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About this City Journal

This City Journal is a journal with two stories and countries . To one Side you have the Federation of Volskna which is a Industrialized Federation.In that scenario I have a real life ...

Entries in this City Journal

Duke of York

Merry Christmas !

 So as the title implies this is a unusually update. It's not going to include anything pertaining to Vladimir Lev or

the Republic of Alsdorf. In this Chapter I would simply like to do a overview of the two Countries so far wish all of

you merry Christmas and a happy New Year ! 4.gif

Here are pictures of Alsdorf and Volskna .







 Well there is a overview of the entire Journal so far and also some of the best additions and meaningful contributions

not only for Christmas but for Society 365 days out of the Year !

 As always I thank you for your never ending support and after this chapter this Journal will return back to normal for more Chapters !

Comments and reviews are greatly appreciated and most of all Merry Christmas 4.gif.

Duke of York

Call of Action !


Welcome to the Eighth Chapter of this City Journal!I've shown you Both Countries the Republic of Alsdorf with it's

economic Status.I've also shown you The Federation of Volskna and it's Culture.But I've yet to show you How awkward and

tense it is for both to Trade and merge together for Trading and Economic Reasons.In this update I will express to you

and show the Cultures of both at the same time and the explosion between the two.I hope you enjoy this update and I thank

you for your never ending Support!

 10 Years have passed Vladimir is now 17...

 Vladimir through years of abuse and emotional torture has grown a distaste for Society and everything that functions in it.

The only way to explain it is this ...Imagine a room that was made from steel yet the steel felt and was exactly like Styrofoam.

Its so cold inside that box that you really do believe your going to die.The only thing in the Room is one sharp knife.You try your

whole life to cut that Styrofoam but being blank and hidden from reality you never actually see it's made from metal.You grow weak

within your mind and Hart.Depression starts to settle in and the will for escape nearly comes to a end.You lay down on the Styrofoam

(Metal=Reality) and you hurt so bad inside yourself that you can't cry.You find that place thats like darkness without hope for

a light.The only vision you have is the back of your eyelids that feel as if a mirror starring into a great abyss.Thats the point

that you finally wake up and start digging back at the so called styrofoam.Not realizing that your going to end up hopelessly back

in that same pathetic place..The place you dred.Hopefully something in Vladimir's life will change or he will wake up from fantasy

land.I guess it's up to him and the path he's on.

 Vladimir wakes up and pauses.He's laying in bed,He can feel the cold sheets touching the tip of His toes as He stretches out of

bed.His feet finally hit the floor.Vladimir Yawns brushed his teeth and gets dress.He starts to walk down the spiral wood steps

into the kitchen.As he walks he can see the Mail Truck pull up outside.Vladimie smiles quaintly as he has checked the Orphanages

mail for many years.As He starts to walk out the door he notices snow on the ground yet the sun is peaking past the clouds just

enough to cast a glare off of the snow.The glare makes him close his eyes for a brief second and the old stain Glass wooden door

slams behind him.He walks step by step down to the sidewalk slides a little on the snow but makes it to the truck.He yells to the

Mail Person "Good Morning" ...The Mail man Nods and smile good morning then he hands Vladimir the thick pack of mail along with the

news paper.Vladimir smiles back and starts up the steps.He makes it to the door tries the brass knob but it won't turn..He ponders

at it and knocks three times KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK ..Afterwards a little boy answers the door and looks up at Vladimir giggling at the

joke he was performing.Vladimer looks down with a stern look.Though He smiles pats the boy on the head and sits down on the wooden

rocking chair in the Hallway starting to glance through the Mail.Out of nowhere the Orphanages Head Master Smacks Vladimir on the

back of the head "What the Hell do you think your reading? " She ask in a rude manner.Vladimir knows very well not to respond.She

quickly jerks the mail out of His hand and starts walking down the hall glancing at the Mail.Vladimir had already planned for that

to happen and hid the newspaper under His leg to read for another time.Running up the steps He's looking forward to reviewing the

Newspaper..He glances and the front page and Suddenly ! He falls down and sits on a step in shock to the Headlines...It reads.


Suddenly the Head Master stops.Turns around swiftly walks up the steps and looks at Vladimir with shock.He looks at her not knowing

what even to think or feel.Shes mumbles "It's for you" ..He looks up at here doesn't say a word and takes the mail in a slow pull.

Almost dragging it out of Her hands.The envelope smells of musk..It doesn't disclose of where it's from.He opens it with intensity.

It Reads...

letter-1.jpg                                                                                               Finally ! He yells at the top of his lungs.I'm free from this hell hole.Everyone near by doesn't even look at him as they walk by

pretending not to notice.Vladimir quickly runs on up the steps and starts throwing his belongings in a cloth Bag anxious to leave.

The Headmaster runs up the steps grabbing him by the arm trying to stop Vladimir from packing.Vladimir shoves her out of the way making

his way to the Stain Glass door as he bolts down the steps slipping and sliding all the way to the bus stop..The rusty bus approaches and

Vladimir could hear the brakes as it squeals to a stop.Hes so excited for the first time in His life.He pays the fee and sits down

on the metal seat.As the bus starts to pull away the driver notices people screaming and running.He turns off the bus.Everyone on the

bus stands to attention.Out of nowhere Warning Sirens start to go off.


                                            Please play before reviewing more thanks !

  Vladimir in his on mind goes silent sweat starts to pour from his scalp.The world becomes still..White Lights are starting to flash

around him and nothing has noise or a feeling of realism.Now he must plan a Escape..He runs from the bus when tossed on the ground

by a FSA Soldier thrown in a Van and ...

To be Continued !


Okay here are some Pictures of Volskna Canal and Both the Republic of Alsdorf and The Federation of Volskna .


A Picture of Volskna Port and Military/Navy Base


Picture of  Berginsnof Castle ...Once home and controlled by Volskna now controls by Alsdorf.


Image of  East Alsdorf Close to the Border .


Image displaying Volskna's Old Port .


Thats all for now...Hope you enjoyed this Chapter ! Next Chapter will continue this Chapter and will be coming soon 1.gif.

Comments and Reviews are appreciated 4.gif.

- Duke of York -

Duke of York

ChildHood Demons


Welcome to the seventh chapter of my City Journal ! In this chapter I will explain

Yuri Levs continuing saga and the Federation of Volskna itself . I hope you enjoy

this chapter and as always I appreciate your never ending support 4.gif.

Previously - Yuri feels exhausted over the death of His family . He is standing on top of the

Volskna Canal Bridge attempting to end his pathetic life as he sees it .

As Yuri feels death upon Him the Police yell ! Your son is still alive .Hes in the Burn Victims unit receiving care as we speak .But it was to late .

Yuri had already plunged into the fall of death . A few seconds later the police look over the bridge . One police officers stomach churns as he looks upon the gore at the bottom . They all look towards the ground and confirm his death . Rain starts to

pour down as the wind starts to blow in a coldfront . That night Vladimir Lev , Yuris son was a Orphan due to the fact there really wasn't any family left . The federation adopted him and soon put Him into a Federally Funded House for Orphans . Vladimir was forced to wear a cloak over his body to keep his burns covered from the public Eye .Several years pass and now hes five or so . Noone really knows because his birth records was lost in the fire .

2 Years Later ....

Vladimir is now 7 and wakes up to excitement ! Mostly because theres a couple coming to see about adopting him . He jumps out of bed and races for the Closet . He grabs his black Cloak puts it on and races towards the Cafeteria . Vladimir passes several kids yelling at him in the distance . They were shouting horrible words referencing to his burns and scars. Though Vladimir doesn't let this get to him for He's thrilled there might be someone here to finally except him into a real family home .

Steel Mill at night .


The Day passes it's now after lunch .

A bell rings and they yell for Vladimir to come to the Office . He races down the old wooden steps which are cracking and popping under his cold shoeless feet.He finally makes it to the office door and has to stretch in order to reach the door knob . Finally he opens  it ...Hopefully to be waiting his new family . Vladimir walks in , His black cloak dragging behind him . The Master yells Sit ! He sits ever so patient wanting good news . The Mistress talks to the family in private discussing Vladimirs History . They finally walk in ! Vladimir  stands to attention . They whisper to the Mistress . May we look at him? She responds with a nod yes. The couple are without any emotion. Vladimir sits very stiff and rigid . They lean over and look under his cloak . They scream ! OH God and say sorry as they leave the room . Vladimir starts to cry as if hes experienced hell in the essence. Vladimir runs up the steps tripping and falling along the way back to his small cob web infested room. He cries himself to sleep .


Please click play then continue reading and viewing thanks !

Early Morning ...

Vladimir wakes up to a shiver . He folds his quilt back and steps out of bed . He makes his way to the Stain Glass window . He sits on a old chair wipes the fog off of the glass and looks out the window. He sees the rain and snow mix beating down on the concrete sidewalk . Below he spots a mother holding a umbrella for her son . Vladimir sigh's " When will I ever be accepted . " He starts to question himself. In the far distance he can see the Smoke pouring out of the Brick smokestacks of the Steel Mill where is father use to work. As soon as he looked back down he sees a Bird landing on a twig of a tree . It somehow

brightens his day .

East Side of Volskna


Central Business District


North East Volskna ...Once a key growth route for the CBD .


Coming Soon - Vladimirs future driven by the past .

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I look forward to your commentary !

I would also like to thank all the creators and artist that designed the custom content in

this update . I can't name all of you but most of us know who you are .

Anyway thanks again 4.gif

Duke of York

A Strong Republic

Hello Everyone ! I'm back with another update 1.gif In this update I will show you

the current status of The Republic of Alsdorf ...This update will be more in economics

and of course the Cityscape ...However next update will contain the Continued Story

of Yuri Lev and The Federation of Volskna ! So I hope you enjoy this update and I look forward

to your support and comments !

The Republic of Alsdorf is starting to grow at a rapid rate. I would like to

introduce to you Alsdorf's new Stock Exchange !


First off I would like to thank Victor Valdes for the Brilliant Logo 4.gif !

And with the new Stock Exchange in place the Republic of Alsdorf is growing faster than

ever ....Unemployment rates are reducing and Tourism do to a diverse culture is providing more

opportunity than ever before !

Here is a picture of the building proposed for the new Stock Exchange !


Now I will show you Pictures of Suncrest Heights ....A Community in the Republic of Alsdorf ....

It has a Diverse culture and is home to some of the most beautiful Landmarks around !

As you can see ...Alsdorfs tallest buildings are in this District ....It's a major tourist attraction

therefore Towering Hotels are developing rapidly .


Please start Video before you continue ....Hope you enjoy !



 As the Republic of Alsdorf experiences the freedoms it deserves it's starting to evolve into

a place of peace and equality ...No more Discrimination ! As you can see Alsdorf now Host

a Pride Park and an exclusive bar just for the park and it's residents 1.gif.

 Now you will get a look at the Steep Hills that occupies Hill Crest Heights ! And the original

City Center before it was moved .


At Night


I Hope you enjoyed this update and don't forget to stay tuned for the next update. It's

going to continue the story of Yuri Lev and The Federation of Volskna ! I would like to thank

everyone for there support and commentary ! I would also like to give a special thanks to all

the Artist who design all of the Custom Content we rely on ! 4.gif

- Duke of York -


Duke of York


Hello, After not updating for awhile I'm back with a new chapter...In this chapter I will introduce

a new country ! The Federation of Volskna ...I will not go into great detail the economics of Volskna

but there is a few things you should know before you continue to review this chapter ...

 The Federation of Volskna and The Republic of Alsdorf use to be the same country.

Until The Republic of Alsdorf became a Democracy ...After that Volskna and Alsdorf

fought for years...This set is taking place in the most calm period ever of it's kind ...

 - Federation of Volskna Weather report -

High Temp /  4 C

Low Temp / 1 C

Humidity / 93 %

    I would like to introduce you to Yuri Lev ...All His life Yuri has been working in the Yadrin

Steel Mill. You will soon learn his life as it was your own and be

nothing more than an audience to his life. It was a cold Morning , He woke

up to his dank apartment shivering...He looked over to find His wife not in

bed. He thought to hiself ...She must be in the Kitchen. So he step's out from the covers

and his feet touch the cold concrete floor. He stretches starting to walk towards

the kitchen...He see's his wife ...Shes talking to herself and He could tell

She was upset..He touched her on the shoulder and asked..Whats a matter honey?

She instantley jerks her shoulder away ! She yells at him " The baby is sick again ! "

He slumps forward and sighs...He says " Oh God under His breath " The baby starts to

cry ...His wife yells " I can't handle this ! I have things to do ! " Yuris posture

changes...He starts to turn red in the face...Then he yells " What the hell do you

want me to do ! I work all day toiling for you and our son. I'm sick and tired of

you laying around all day not doing crap while I work over 10 hours a day. I can't

even drive to work ! He yells...I had to sell my truck just to keep the apartment because you just had to have every little thing your hart desired ! " She looks

at him in disgust and says..." You are not a provider of this home ! What about your drinking habits ! I'm here alone all day while your out with the guys drinking and god knows what ! ...He starts to get more emotional as he steps closer to her...He say what difference does it make if I have a beer or two at the end of the day. Do you even know how hard it is to be the only person who actually has to walk to work at the Mill? " She starts to walk out of the room...She slams the door to the bathroom...He walks into the bedroom...The baby is left to itself sick..She yells loudly in the bathroom...I'm going to my mothers ! He says ..Fine leave but your not taking our son with you ! " She says the heck I'm not in a loud and pompous manner ! He starts to walk across the concrete floor..He leans against the door and says..." What did you dare say..." She yells once more.." I'm taking him with me ! " He steps back a few feet ...The rushes towards the door and kicks the bathroom door down you can here the wood crush as the door crashes on top of the sink ...At that time the baby was crying even louder almost to the point of screaming. He raises his hand as if he was going to Hit her...Yet he stops..As he could hear his hart beating inside himself he pauses ...Lowers His hand and takes a deep breath..He stops and looks at her in the eyes and says your not worth it ! I'm leaving for work...It seems it's the only thing I have these days ! As he walks down the rusty steps He could feel the cold metal threw his thin shoes....After he makes it to the bottom of the steps He passes a graffiti wall and makes it to the sidewalk...He starts to walk down the sidewalk ....Noticing the cracks he see's some shoes thrown over the power lines and starts to think about the horrible people His son will be exposed to living with his mother...Yuri has walked almost half way and is so thirsty he can't swallow ...He spots a drink machine near a gas station...As he walks up to the machine He starts to dig around his pocket for change , but the only thing he could find was some rolled up lint wedged between his denim pants....So he sighs and keeps walking to work...As he grows closer he starts to see the smoke pouring out of the steel mill....He starts to feel a lot of depression for he hates his job and just the sight of it bothers him....Yuri finally makes his way to the employee entrance...He could see several employee cussing and talking a few steps over....He thought to himself " What could that be about " But he didn't bother to ask ....He rushes of to his task and works along....All of a sudden he could see His boss out of the corner of his eye...His palms start to sweat ...He turns around and all of a sudden his boss yells. " Your Fired ! " Yuri starts to shudder....Um....Why ? What happened? he ask in a most humble manner....His boss has no reply....Yuri walks out of the factory with what little he has and starts the walk home...As he's walking home he starts to notice cold rain drops landing on his cotton coat...He starts to hit an all time low ....Next thing you know the rain picks up...Now it's to a down poor...Yuri starts to cuss as His shoes have holes in them and he could feel the cold dirty water seep in and wet his socks....He keeps walking ....And finally makes it to that dark ally...The one that leads to the horrible life as he knows it and the wife that hates him...He stops in shock ! Yuri see's a bright light ahead....Fear runs through His body for the things he is about to witness...He runs faster....faster until one of His shoes flops off and he falls to the hard pavement...He immediately jumps to his feet and keeps running ....As he approaches the apartment He stops....His knees fall to the cold wet pavement ...He looks up to the apartment to find it on fire....His harts racing ....All of a sudden he starts to hear sirens....His head is pulsating as the sirens grow closer...Instantly the fire truck screeches to a stop...The fire fighters jump out of the truck...You can here there boots hit the wet pavement as they spring into action...Yuri Cries out " Save my Son ! At all cost ! " Then he dashed for the apartment ....The firemen have to restrain him and take him to the hospital....Yuri wakes up to a bright light....He staggers out of the door and escapes the hospital...He runs out the door and keeps running faster until he see's a moped.. Yuri jumps on it and takes off....At this point he could care less if he stole it or not...He makes his way to the Volskna Canal...He slams on the brakes and walks towards the edge of the concrete bridge...He starts to hear sirens....Soon after the police show up and jump out of there cars....He inches forward....Yuri could feel the slight breeze pushing him forward to fall....The police Yell " Stop ! " .....You Still have a life to live ! ....Yuri yells back...What Life ! and .....

- To be continued - 3.gif

 These are a few pictures of The Federation of Volskna ...As well as pictured of Yuris apartment and Workplace.

A rainy day in the Federation...You can see His apartment and a few Industries...


 A video to go along with the emotions at the moment ....


More apartments ...


You can see part of the Volskna Sea Port ...And the Volskna Sewage Plant ...



Well I hope you enjoyed the update and I look forward to your commentary ! ...

More updates are on the way ! 4.gif


Duke of York                         

Duke of York

A new Resistence

Welcome to the fourth part of The republic of Alsdorf ! In this update

you will see the new revolution taking place and a Election update

will be included as well ! Hope you enjoy it .. 1.gif  All commentary

is very appreciated ! ^_^

 Now in this update I really wanted to express what the Republic is going threw.

I also want to show you more of the Republic so there will be less politics in this

update .

To start this is a image of the Main Library for the Republic


After the Labor Party add campaign for Universal Healthcare the

Peoples Party Has launched an add in Defense .... It States



"The Labor Party has yet managed to release such Statements that is not true.

We never supported Universal Healthcare therefore we never tried to pass

it. We as a party believe there are other ways to fix Healthcare besides a

Government plan "

                                          - Alsdorf Media Group -

Next Picture is of the North Kambridge Bell Tower ....


                                                                                    - The Revolution -

                       The People of Alsdorf are going thru a new trend ....They are tired of Government and

                        Structure period. There rioting to end the Papal system of Courts and are successful !

                       It Starts a whole new level of Freedom .

                       Unlike most updates the news ones I will include Video as well that will set the example

                       of what is happening.

This is the new Supreme Court .....


At Night


You can also see Presidential Heights Boardwalk and Condos ....Plus the CBD

 Well I hope you enjoyed the fourth update and look forward to your commentary ! More updates

are on the way ! 4.gif

Duke of York

Welcome to the third Update of The Republic of Alsdorf ! I hope

you enjoy viewing it and I look forward to your commentary 1.gif.

                                                                                         - Alsdorf Times Reports -

Alsdorf if finally seeing economic pains and a  Heated Political Battle has emerged as the Election gets even closer...The

Labor Party is wanting to recapture there loss of support as the Peoples Party

tries to march on as a Majority Party...The Interview with the leader of the Labor

Party ( Adrien Marcoloni ) went as follows...


( Quote )

The People of Alsdorf need a Strong leader that will stand as a Patriot

...Someone that want clinch at the sign of diplomatic issues...I will not

just coward down to the wealthy ! I will stand for all people and make sure

Wages are fair and equal! We can no longer trust the Private sector alone .,.

Later on the Labor Party released a story as an example of there beliefs ...

Meet Lance McCarthy a hard working honest citizen until this...


Lances story in His own words....Hello ...I hope it will encourage your vote

and beliefs. Once I worked at a Cafe only making minimum wage which is pathetic !

I have two children that will never see the day of college or a fair and quality education...

My wife and I have a horrible relationship...In my opinion most of it is do to our strained

budget..I don't have healthcare and I'm disgusted that my children miss out on Medical

care when they are sick ! One day I was on my way home from work and I started to feel

a pain in my chest.I grasped the wheel..Sweat started to poor down my face and I felt as if death was grasping

at what little life I have...I passed out and thankfully a fellow citizen called emergency services...All I could

think about was how my Children and wife were going to make ends meet...She only

makes minimum wage and now I'm not contributing anything...I had a Hart Attack due

to stress and low medical standards...I never had the opportunities to go to the doctor..Hell I

was happy if my children could go...Now under the idea that I'm not financially creditable I'm

not receiving the medical care needed and I will be in poor health from now on...This is my

question...Since the Peoples party has had so much control then why the heck don't

we have Universal Healthcare a Bill that they support yet never accomplish ! I'm suffering

as so many are and nothing is being done ! I'm casting my vote for true reform ...The Labor

Party has my support and I hope you consider it as well...


As you can see the attempt by the Labor Party is working ...The Nationalist

Party is slowly fading away..And the Peoples party is slipping in poll numbers.

Here are a few pictures of the Cafe in which Lance worked at...


A Picture of the House of Lords and Alsdorf Historic Museum of Arts and Culture to the left.


At Night


I hope you enjoyed the third update ! More is on the way ...Commentary is appreciated ..

Thanks 4.gif

Duke of York

Welcome to my first update...This update will explain the Political Structure

of The Republic of Alsdorf...It will introduce the Political Parties and there

leaders...It will also show you what stance the Party holds regards to.

So lets get started shall we. 1.gif

There are three branches of Government for the Republic of Alsdorf.

They are...

Executive (Prime Minister)

Legislative ( House of Lords)

Judicial ( Ruled by Pope )


The Prime Minister is the supreme leader of the Military and also has Veto rights

towards issues in the House of Lords...The Legislative Branch conducts laws and

shapes the Republic thru representing the people * Cough * Suppose to Represent * Cough *

The Judicial Branch which is lead only by the Pope and the Court of Cardinals upholds

current laws and judges solely on the Constitution of the Republic.

                            Republic of Alsdorf

                              - Constitution -


                                   1. Right to Freedom of speech.


                                   2. Right to Bear arms.

                                   3. Right to a fair and speedy trail.

                                   4. Electorate system for all Government with the exception of the Pope.

                                   5. No Ethnicity, Race or Gender Favoritism...All people no matter what origin or

                                  belief must be accounted for.


So that is the complete Constitution so far...The people are demanding more as you would

understand and respect...However The Republics Constitution is fairly new and still has

allot of work to be complete..

Now I will discuss and show you the Parties of Alsdorf...There are three

major Parties and the rest are considered progressive or activist groups

not Political Parties.

                                                                                 - The Parties of Alsdorf -

Labor Party /

The Labor Party was founded by Lewis Gabrino and has since

then turned into a more Marxist and Communist party...

             - Supreme Beliefs of the Labor Party -

1. Less Private sector and more Government market.

2. Strong Military funding with Mandatory service time.

3. Government controlled press.

4. Not much Diplomacy...Either your willing to confine to our standards or nothing ..

Thats is a few of the many Ideas this party supports...

The leader of this Party is Adrien Marcoloni a Admiral

in Her early years of Service and now a Political Leader

of the Labor Party and movement...

picture of Adrien Marcoloni


The Peoples Party /

The Peoples Party was founded by Chaplin (Current Prime Minister)

The party is young but it is the dominate party...It tends to be more

Socialist but is a fairly balanced party...

     - Supreme Beliefs of The Peoples Party -

A balance of Government with Private sector...

Upholding social Government programs.

A Reasonable Military, but more concerned with Diplomacy.

Government control of the Energy section of the economy is

a big issue that The peoples Party upholds and with effort

might be successful in accomplishing it.

Thats is a few key issues it capitalizes on but not

all issues of course.

picture of Prime Minister Chaplin


Nationalist Party /

 The Nationalist party is a new party that was

formed in a result to the Labor Parties Collapse...

There isn't a set leader yet there election will

be soon...

          - Supreme Beliefs -

Less Government control and more Private sector.

Strong National Defense.

Tax Incentives

Diplomacy is a virtue unless the other Country is defined as

a threat or a potential hazard..

( When the election process is over I will show a picture of there leader of

the party )

So now you know the base Government structure and the three parties !

Now I will show you the latest statistics and Balance of power...


This graph is showing the Party control of the House of Lords..

As you can see the Peoples party has dominate control over the House of

Lords...Plus the Prime Minister is the founder of the Peoples Party...The

Nationalist Party is growing due to the collapse of the Labor Party...The

Labor Party as the graph indicates still has a impressive number for a

Party that was forced out of the Government.

Now I will explain in more detail of the Judicial Branch ! ....Pope Garland the Third is in

complete control over the Constitution and the Law abiding process...He is the final

say and judge of the Law...His Job is to interpret the law not make law...For issues that

are not large enough to consult Pope Garland He has His Court of Cardinals handle...

picture of Pope Garland the second.


So now that you know the complete Political system and it's leaders I will show you

the Official Flag of The Republic of Alsdorf and it's meaning...


Pictures Of the Republic will be Released in the next update ...I thought this was enough to take in

at one time 3.gif ...I hope you enjoyed it and more is on the way ! 4.gif Your Commentary and support is

Greatly Appreciated ! ^_^

Duke of York


Welcome to my new City Journal ...This City Journal will show the History of Alsdorf

and it's present situations thru a political view...It will express the different Ideologies

that reside in this Republic and the chain of events that unfold in it everyday...I hope you

enjoy this City Journal and I look forward to your commentary 1.gif... So without further ado

I will present to you the History of the Republic of Alsdorf ...

                                                                                          - History -

The Republic of Alsdorf was founded in 1701 by reformist fleeing a

cruel Dictator... From 1701 it was ruled by a King and Papal system.

The first King was " King Harlen" ....After is death in 1771 His son took

His place as king until 1816...During His sons rule the people were

unsettled due to the fact that " King Harlen the 2nd " was ruling with

a Iron fist demanding to much from the people in order to grow His

Kingdom...Civil unrest led to a Civil War in 1819 exactly two years

After King Harlen the 2nd was poisoned by reformist...So the Republic

of Alsdorf was without any Governing ruling authority and it was in

a full state of Chaos...Thats when Pope Garland took action and brought

the Republic back together through hope and fair policies towards the people.

So the Republic of Alsdorf was under Papal rule from 1820 to 1890...Pope

Garland died in 1890 thats one reason Papal Rule ended...Another reason

was do to people wanting a say in Government...So once again Alsdorf was

left without a leader , But not for long a man named Lewis Gabrino rose to

position in power through Military Status...He was a Impressive Commander

and He promised to form a Democracy in Alsdorf...So in 1891 He took control

and formed the Labor Party..He did as He promised and set up a Demacracy

but tragedy struck in 1910 when Lewis Gabrino died from Cancer and lack

of Medical Care or any treatments as there wasn't any at the current time.After

His death His Vice President Harrison accepted  His place...The only problem is that His Vice

President was a Marxist at hart so  He changed the fundamentals of the Labor

party into a more Communist style Government and lead the Labor party into

an Ideology that it wasn't founded on....The people of Alsdorf were Disgusted at

there Government and thru several attempts overtook there government and

forced the Labor Party out of control....President Harrison committed Suicide in

1950 due to severe depression and civic pressures...Since 1950 the People of

Alsdorf elected President Chaplin  who tends to lean more on a socialist Ideology

but believes in the rights of the people...He also helped to establish a Court of

Lords which is the Legislative branch....The Judicial Branch is still lead my the Pope..

To date The Republic of Alsdorf is steal lead by the Peoples Party ( Chaplins Founding party)

and there President is Franklin a former Lord of Parliament...The current Pope is " Pope Garland the

3rd a direct genealogy from Pope Garland the first...The people are striving for a better tomorrow and

promises that are going to be a reality.

Now you now the History Of The Republic of Alsdorf...Updates will unveil the present situation and Pictures

of Alsdorf of course 1.gif...Comments are greatly appreciated and thanks for your support !

Well here is a teaser pic for the introduction...I thought about being cruel and not giving one 3.gif

Central Clock Tower and Historic Downtown with Residential lofts.


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