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Duke of York


Welcome to my new City Journal ...This City Journal will show the History of Alsdorf

and it's present situations thru a political view...It will express the different Ideologies

that reside in this Republic and the chain of events that unfold in it everyday...I hope you

enjoy this City Journal and I look forward to your commentary 1.gif... So without further ado

I will present to you the History of the Republic of Alsdorf ...

                                                                                          - History -

The Republic of Alsdorf was founded in 1701 by reformist fleeing a

cruel Dictator... From 1701 it was ruled by a King and Papal system.

The first King was " King Harlen" ....After is death in 1771 His son took

His place as king until 1816...During His sons rule the people were

unsettled due to the fact that " King Harlen the 2nd " was ruling with

a Iron fist demanding to much from the people in order to grow His

Kingdom...Civil unrest led to a Civil War in 1819 exactly two years

After King Harlen the 2nd was poisoned by reformist...So the Republic

of Alsdorf was without any Governing ruling authority and it was in

a full state of Chaos...Thats when Pope Garland took action and brought

the Republic back together through hope and fair policies towards the people.

So the Republic of Alsdorf was under Papal rule from 1820 to 1890...Pope

Garland died in 1890 thats one reason Papal Rule ended...Another reason

was do to people wanting a say in Government...So once again Alsdorf was

left without a leader , But not for long a man named Lewis Gabrino rose to

position in power through Military Status...He was a Impressive Commander

and He promised to form a Democracy in Alsdorf...So in 1891 He took control

and formed the Labor Party..He did as He promised and set up a Demacracy

but tragedy struck in 1910 when Lewis Gabrino died from Cancer and lack

of Medical Care or any treatments as there wasn't any at the current time.After

His death His Vice President Harrison accepted  His place...The only problem is that His Vice

President was a Marxist at hart so  He changed the fundamentals of the Labor

party into a more Communist style Government and lead the Labor party into

an Ideology that it wasn't founded on....The people of Alsdorf were Disgusted at

there Government and thru several attempts overtook there government and

forced the Labor Party out of control....President Harrison committed Suicide in

1950 due to severe depression and civic pressures...Since 1950 the People of

Alsdorf elected President Chaplin  who tends to lean more on a socialist Ideology

but believes in the rights of the people...He also helped to establish a Court of

Lords which is the Legislative branch....The Judicial Branch is still lead my the Pope..

To date The Republic of Alsdorf is steal lead by the Peoples Party ( Chaplins Founding party)

and there President is Franklin a former Lord of Parliament...The current Pope is " Pope Garland the

3rd a direct genealogy from Pope Garland the first...The people are striving for a better tomorrow and

promises that are going to be a reality.

Now you now the History Of The Republic of Alsdorf...Updates will unveil the present situation and Pictures

of Alsdorf of course 1.gif...Comments are greatly appreciated and thanks for your support !

Well here is a teaser pic for the introduction...I thought about being cruel and not giving one 3.gif

Central Clock Tower and Historic Downtown with Residential lofts.


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Recommended Comments

Coll intro, and really nice close up of the that corner, clock tower, canal and that building go very well together.

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Response to Comments,

First I would like to thank everyone for there support and Commentary

Larks2242 : Thankyou I'm glad you liked the Introduction ! ^_^

Mayor of Tempest Lake : Thanks I'm glad you liked the History of Alsdorf !

Larks2242 : Thanks ! I'm happy you liked the teaser pic !

Victor Valdes : Thanks Victor ! More is on the way

Detective Stan : Thanks I'm glad you liked it !

Archean : Thanks Archean I'm happy you liked the mix of the Clock Tower,Canal and Corner Building !

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  It's an interesting introduction if a bit dry....

But also very educational. Feels a bit like I'm reading my college history book. Maybe add some flavor later on?

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Nice historical written background..
But also superb beautiful buildings...
Not even sure where you found some of those,  duke !
A quite interesting CJ, that i will certainly be looking forward to
any future updates u feel like doing...
thanks a great deal//


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Response to Comments.. Thanks everyone for your support !

Porter66083 / Thankyou I will add more flavor later...

B22Rian / Thanks Brian ! I'm glad you liked the History and thanks...
some of those buildings I got off of international websites... More updates are on
the way !

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Alrighty, I'm finally getting started on this. :D

It's a good start. Always nice to have the history right away so there are no questions later on. :) It looks like you copy/pasted it from some other word processor since it's all one paragraph and a lot of the sentences end with ellipses. It's amazing what you can accomplish in overall readability by breaking up the paragraphs. :)  

Nice picture. Good city building skill in that shot. The canal is placed nicely. :) I recommend not turning up the contrast so much in Photoshop or Gimp or whatever you're using. It's a bit garish. :P


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