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Call of Action !

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Duke of York



Welcome to the Eighth Chapter of this City Journal!I've shown you Both Countries the Republic of Alsdorf with it's

economic Status.I've also shown you The Federation of Volskna and it's Culture.But I've yet to show you How awkward and

tense it is for both to Trade and merge together for Trading and Economic Reasons.In this update I will express to you

and show the Cultures of both at the same time and the explosion between the two.I hope you enjoy this update and I thank

you for your never ending Support!

 10 Years have passed Vladimir is now 17...

 Vladimir through years of abuse and emotional torture has grown a distaste for Society and everything that functions in it.

The only way to explain it is this ...Imagine a room that was made from steel yet the steel felt and was exactly like Styrofoam.

Its so cold inside that box that you really do believe your going to die.The only thing in the Room is one sharp knife.You try your

whole life to cut that Styrofoam but being blank and hidden from reality you never actually see it's made from metal.You grow weak

within your mind and Hart.Depression starts to settle in and the will for escape nearly comes to a end.You lay down on the Styrofoam

(Metal=Reality) and you hurt so bad inside yourself that you can't cry.You find that place thats like darkness without hope for

a light.The only vision you have is the back of your eyelids that feel as if a mirror starring into a great abyss.Thats the point

that you finally wake up and start digging back at the so called styrofoam.Not realizing that your going to end up hopelessly back

in that same pathetic place..The place you dred.Hopefully something in Vladimir's life will change or he will wake up from fantasy

land.I guess it's up to him and the path he's on.

 Vladimir wakes up and pauses.He's laying in bed,He can feel the cold sheets touching the tip of His toes as He stretches out of

bed.His feet finally hit the floor.Vladimir Yawns brushed his teeth and gets dress.He starts to walk down the spiral wood steps

into the kitchen.As he walks he can see the Mail Truck pull up outside.Vladimie smiles quaintly as he has checked the Orphanages

mail for many years.As He starts to walk out the door he notices snow on the ground yet the sun is peaking past the clouds just

enough to cast a glare off of the snow.The glare makes him close his eyes for a brief second and the old stain Glass wooden door

slams behind him.He walks step by step down to the sidewalk slides a little on the snow but makes it to the truck.He yells to the

Mail Person "Good Morning" ...The Mail man Nods and smile good morning then he hands Vladimir the thick pack of mail along with the

news paper.Vladimir smiles back and starts up the steps.He makes it to the door tries the brass knob but it won't turn..He ponders

at it and knocks three times KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK ..Afterwards a little boy answers the door and looks up at Vladimir giggling at the

joke he was performing.Vladimer looks down with a stern look.Though He smiles pats the boy on the head and sits down on the wooden

rocking chair in the Hallway starting to glance through the Mail.Out of nowhere the Orphanages Head Master Smacks Vladimir on the

back of the head "What the Hell do you think your reading? " She ask in a rude manner.Vladimir knows very well not to respond.She

quickly jerks the mail out of His hand and starts walking down the hall glancing at the Mail.Vladimir had already planned for that

to happen and hid the newspaper under His leg to read for another time.Running up the steps He's looking forward to reviewing the

Newspaper..He glances and the front page and Suddenly ! He falls down and sits on a step in shock to the Headlines...It reads.


Suddenly the Head Master stops.Turns around swiftly walks up the steps and looks at Vladimir with shock.He looks at her not knowing

what even to think or feel.Shes mumbles "It's for you" ..He looks up at here doesn't say a word and takes the mail in a slow pull.

Almost dragging it out of Her hands.The envelope smells of musk..It doesn't disclose of where it's from.He opens it with intensity.

It Reads...

letter-1.jpg                                                                                               Finally ! He yells at the top of his lungs.I'm free from this hell hole.Everyone near by doesn't even look at him as they walk by

pretending not to notice.Vladimir quickly runs on up the steps and starts throwing his belongings in a cloth Bag anxious to leave.

The Headmaster runs up the steps grabbing him by the arm trying to stop Vladimir from packing.Vladimir shoves her out of the way making

his way to the Stain Glass door as he bolts down the steps slipping and sliding all the way to the bus stop..The rusty bus approaches and

Vladimir could hear the brakes as it squeals to a stop.Hes so excited for the first time in His life.He pays the fee and sits down

on the metal seat.As the bus starts to pull away the driver notices people screaming and running.He turns off the bus.Everyone on the

bus stands to attention.Out of nowhere Warning Sirens start to go off.


                                            Please play before reviewing more thanks !

  Vladimir in his on mind goes silent sweat starts to pour from his scalp.The world becomes still..White Lights are starting to flash

around him and nothing has noise or a feeling of realism.Now he must plan a Escape..He runs from the bus when tossed on the ground

by a FSA Soldier thrown in a Van and ...

To be Continued !


Okay here are some Pictures of Volskna Canal and Both the Republic of Alsdorf and The Federation of Volskna .


A Picture of Volskna Port and Military/Navy Base


Picture of  Berginsnof Castle ...Once home and controlled by Volskna now controls by Alsdorf.


Image of  East Alsdorf Close to the Border .


Image displaying Volskna's Old Port .


Thats all for now...Hope you enjoyed this Chapter ! Next Chapter will continue this Chapter and will be coming soon 1.gif.

Comments and Reviews are appreciated 4.gif.

- Duke of York -

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Recommended Comments

Extremely nice chapter, Duke!

But evil, evil... leaving us hanging there

Pics are very nice! Looks very european.


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Gah!! Cliffhangers! I love and hate them!

Those are really amazing pics! I love the contrast between the two countries on each side of the river, it looks amazing!

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Duke, this is practically perfection! The city is set up very well! And, the story is great, even if it is a cliffhanger. :P

Overall, excellent job!


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Great update here!,i love how the way you divided Volskn and Alsdorf and the newspaper is well done too my friend! :)

all the best


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