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Introducing Ground 0

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About this City Journal

Hello boys and gals

this is my first time doing a city journal, and this is also my first metropolitan area which i'm currently working on. i have never done a city journal before, so if i do anything wrong, please forgive me. here is a first glance at my biggest city, ground 0. ground 0 is so far my biggest city tile, with over 300k pop. it only has 300k because i use low dense for most part, and i only zone high dense in a few selected area. right now my entire region is rapidly approaching 700k, so ground zero is only a the tip of the iceberg. also, i don't really understand how to use all those curve roads from NAM, so my city is mainly made with grid layouts. yeah, i'm not good at this game, lol.

i will try to upload pics as often as possible, since i do have a full time job, and often i work over 10 hours a day, :D

Ground 0-Mar. 27, 4321462763205.png

Entries in this City Journal


Introducing G-Shock

Hello All

This is the second biggest city in my region, it's called G-Shock. It currently has a population of just over 300K, and it's still growing. this city is still a work in progress, you will see some part of the city is still empty. i will keep you guys updated! btw, i'm not a veteran of simcity, so you won't see fancy design work from me, at least currently. 

Best Regards 


G-Shock-Oct. 5, 5121463295464.png


My region

Hello All

This is a glance at the region which I'm currently working on. I had help from so many wonderful people on this forum. special thanks to CorinaMarie, A Nonny Moose and cogeo, you have almost commented on every single of my thread, thanks for giving me so much guide, without you i won't have came this far. i also want to thank all others who help me out. 

anyways, there will be more photos coming. currently my region has just under 950K people, it's approaching 1M fast with very strong office and HT demand, plus MI and commercial services. Right now i'm trying to attract more rich people so i can have more CO$$$ skyscrapers, currently all my city tiles are dominated by CO$$ towers. so the CO$$$ are my next goal. 

Best Regards 


New Region-1463266022.png


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