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About this City Journal

In a parallel universe, Negishi returns with different cities in new locations...

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Before getting started, I can't take credit for the region that is Negishi. I found the region on

this website. I highly recommend you check it out, there are some great regions over there which are all easy to download and use without any additional software. Whilst I can't take credit for creating the region, any mention of Negishi in my CJ posts will be in reference to the region I'm developing, unless otherwise stated.

I'm also looking for functional skyscrapers which I can use in the Negishi CBD skyline. If you have any recommendations, please link them in a comment.


Negishi was founded on a rich farming culture. The fertile soil of the high mountains to the north is the area first documented and mapped in the Negishi region. Over the 257 years since Negishi was first discovered, large farming communities have developed in the high mountains. Today, the unofficial mountain capital of the region is Moon Valley. With the largest population of all the mountain towns, Moon Valley has room to grow since it sits on the Avon plateau. Fauxville, and the slopes of Ordon, right the way down to the valley floor of Dung Peak, play host to the majority of the Negishi farmlands. These slopes are considered some of the most fertile grounds in the southern hemisphere. The farmland is known for it's rich, high quality, whole grains. Of recent times, wineries have also become popular in the area.


The river Buxton is an important transport route, linking the East ocean to the West seas. As such, several major port cities are in planning along the Buxton river. The large ports will serve as a stimulus to business and residential, and should create major population and commercial growth in the cities closest to it. Flagstaff Hill is expected to feed directly into the CBD of Negishi.


Finally, the flag of Negishi. The large orange circle with the dots around it represents the whole grain farming community which Negishi was founded on. The anchor represents the importance of the Buxton river in linking the East ocean to the West seas. Finally, the light blue background remembers the Kazakhstan explorers who first stepped foot onto the Negishi region.



Some of you may remember my Negishi CJ from about 9 months ago. Well, I'm back with a completely new Negishi. This first City Case File (CCF) is to serve as a preview. In the next post I make, hopefully soon, I'll show you all more of the new Negishi region I've been working on, on and off, for the last 2 months.



Flagstaff Hill is a famous hill from the Negishi region, known for its sheer granite cliff face. The granite cliff was created 35 million years ago, when a moderately sized meteor made impact into the side of Flagstaff Hill. Millions of years of weathering has destroyed most sediment left behind by the meteor crater, leaving the a flat ledge of compacted granite from Flagstaff Hill behind.


Today, Flagstaff is a growing town of the Negishi region with population over 20,000, and is expected to become a hub of residential and commercial activity in the southwest of the Negishi region. The ideal location, on the banks of the river Buxton allows for a healthy dose of scenic views, and promises to serve as an important industry hub into the future, connecting central Negishi with the south west.



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