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Genns County

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About this City Journal

A Big Borough in Genns County, Ohio (Fictional)

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Gennsey, Genns County

Gennsey. Home of 168,000 people and 100,000 industrial sector jobs. Home of the Lower-Gennsey Mets and the Genns Browns.

The 7:09 services into Gennsey on June the 9th over the Broncs Bridge


Reddington High School, in Reddington, on the lower edge of Gennsey.


A cargo ship passes through to Outer Genns under the Broncs bridge from a view just above the spires of Gennsey.


Waterfront Stadium, Home of the Genns Browns by Outer-Chook Station. The stadium holds 90,000 and the parking takes 85,566. Genns County encourages the use of public transport.


Outer Chooklyn and The Chooklyn Bridge, with one of the GCU's lecture halls in view


The Center looking out onto the Industrial bay


Shoreton Stadium, home of the Lower-Gennsey Mets and just outside the industrial and commercial centers


The Shipyards and Steel industries work together along with Fonton in the south


A view of the Genns Water Facilities and the industrial sector, with [Fatherted]'s security checkpoint (He's my Brother) and Fonton Fishing in the south east


Reddington Tower and it's business district of Gennsey


Another view of the shipyards


Ronton and Reddington are situated next to each other (Districts) respectively to the left and right


Gennsey at dusk


Gennsey from the angle of Water Front Stadium


Please look out for more updates soon, rate and thanks everyone!



Here is the Preview to Gennsey, on the edge of the Ohio Great lake and a huge shipping yard situated to the south of Gennsbourough. It's the main industrial power in Genns County and ships over 500 tons of Steel within the county every day, and is home of the Sonton Fishery, the largest fishing corporation in the midwest. It employs 10,000 people within the county up to Canneate and the steel industries involve over 40,000 within the area. It's also home to the Gennsbourough Browns and the Lower-Gennsey Mets.

The SS "Gennsey Isle" passes underneath the Chooklyn bridge next to the US Steel complex shipping yard with the "Bambi of Ohio" docking to bring in 4 tons of steel and over $1,000,000 dollars of Canadian products.



Gennsbourough- Part 2

Gennsbourough. A few new updates and some of the districts inside the Metropolitan area.

This is looking onto the Fonton Music Hall and The Genns Theater on Broadwen avenue at 16:00.


A view of the Genns Bank Building and HSBC Building, both built of the same design near each other in 1922 overlooking Clocker Square, which is situated on the edge of Central park and the Tribune Tower


The Bureau of Genns and the new GBPD building being built by the Steel Tower in the government sector, with the Travel Authority and Offices of Genns County situated herelWhLT.png

A different view of the Bureau just by the small industrial sector in the Tsunurikov Plaza, some new developments in the East Broncs


The Business district by the Yaddison Square Stadium overlooks the older developments of West Seattleite


Yaddison Stadium, home of the Gennsbourough Knicks and close to West Seattleite


A view of Chooklyn and it's many apartment blocks built in the boom of the 60's and 50's with some newer builds


Above the Business District and going up to Clocker Square


The Old town divides the rich sector and the developments of the 80's next to the City hall and Market Hall


The Progressive Park and Ballpark Towers WTC and GTC Gennsbourough stand tall above the rest of Genns County and look upon the old town, with the Celtics Stadium next to Progressive Park, and Canary Tower with a view of the center and Central Park and Bay Tower standing in the south east


Genns University Main Campus and Genns Tower together by the Gennsey Turnpike and Northfield Bank


A day out on Saturday afternoon in central park by the Theater and main parks, with the Art museum and oldest building in Genns County, the Sonton Apartments near Broadwen


The David Collet Stadium with a view of Tonkae Tower and also the Key Tower, and near the edge the central subway station in East Broncs


Central Broncs near the Center of Gennsbourough with the Heinz Tower


Chook-on Broncs Station, the closest station to Gennsey and the central district. Grand central is located in Upper Genns


Bay Tower and Mercy General, close to Seattleite and the Indians Stadium


Chooklyn Zoo and a little view of Outer Chooklyn's apartments


The View of the whole of Gennsbourough with all of it's districts and Towers above the nearby Canneate and is sometimes named the "Ohio York" for it's feel of New York and is the most populated employed city in Ohio, overtaking Cleveland in 2011. It attracts almost 3 million tourists a year to the state of Ohio and almost $460 million dollars a year to Genns County


Have a look out for the rest of Genns County, with Upper Genns, Gennsey (On the Ohio Great Lake), Wenton and Outer Genns


Gennsbourough, Genns County, Ohio. Population 1.2 million, and Home of the Gennsbourough Indians and Genns County Knicks. The central hub of Genns County, stretching from Chooklyn down to the Seattleite Business District by Progressive Park (The Indians Stadium). Gennsbourough is strongly associated with the US steel industry and houses the USA Steel Tower. Gennsbourough sits on the Ohio river near Canneate.

New development in Chooklyn by the Gennsbourough Tower


Central Park and looking onto Clocker square and down Broadwen Avenue by the Canary Tower


Downtown Gennsbourough and some of the towers built in the boom of the 1920's


The original Fonton Music Hall and along to the right by Canary Tower is Broadwen Avenue


The Gennsbourough City Hall towers over some of the old town and new developments in the West side


Looking onto some of Gennsborough's new business towers and city parks and also large housing built in the 1990's in the Broncs


Progressive Park by the "Double" Ballpark Towers WTC


If you liked Gennsbourough, the center of Genns County, then please look soon into the other sides of the district, with the multiple stadiums and new towers building throughout Genns County, Ohio.

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