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Invinia 2250

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A Glimpse of Future Cities

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A great region need a great access and transportation. Invinia as a growing region need that too. And of course, Invinia need an airport as an international access. Avertine is the district that chosen to be the location of the airport. Located just in the middle of the region, make this airport one of busy district.

Aerial View


Here is the aerial view of Avertine. The Airport itself took almost half of the district area. Avertine act like a connection hub district between the cities around with a speedway cloverleaf junction in the middle of the area, one big airport station, and in the future monolev will arrived here. Just across the airport, theres a small colony for the airport workers live, and just across the colony itself, there is Avertine Utilities Center, that provide power mainly to the airport.

Avertine Airport


Avertine Airport is one of most busy transportation hub in this region. Maybe you noticed theres so few airport building & facilities, because most of them buried just below the land in order to save spaces. A big rail station also connected directly to the jetways. Many mechas walking through the jetways, act as security & service and vehicle in this airport.

The airport consist of 3 main areas ;

Shuttle Pad that just next to the rail station, Aircraft Class Terminal that consist most of airport area, and small Airship Class Terminal to provide interplanetary connection.

Airship Class Terminal


Avertine Airport also provide an Airship Class Terminal for interplanetary transportation. This small terminal just serve up to 2 airships, and 4 shuttle pad.

Another Aerial View


Just 5 minutes after entering the speedways from airport, crossing the cloverleaf junction, and straight exit, you will welcomed to a small and quiet colony in Avertine, that acts as a living area for airport workers.

Avertine Colony


Even the colony itself is small and quiet, its provided with facilities for the colonist needs, like school, hospital, police station, etc. Even one of richest man in Invinia that owns his Alpha Robotics Corp. Sir Alpha Edison made his mansion here, complete with his guardian mechas, and his private grape farm just next his mansion.

The Colony at Dawn


Aircraft Taking Off


Greetings for Avertine, Invinia 2250.

Thank you,



another little update of Viina. 3 big mosaic of the downtown.

thank you very much for your appreciation for all this time :D


The Space Colony of Tusi


The Downtown & Niiva Zin Tower


Another View of The Downtown






Cool! This rocks!

Thanks a lot! your CJ rocks more!

The last picture, Downtown Viina, looks too good to be true. Great work!

Thanks a lot ggamgus!



Where did you get the niiva zin tower?Was you reloted it for your own use?

Yes, i re-lot-ed the coruscant buildings for my personal use. im still bad at that too. lol. hope u like it!



Another great update.. Now I need to know where you are getting all these cool sci-fi bats from . they look great.

lol thanks, i get it from links of futuristic plugin in forum. try search it, theres a lot lot of bats there.



do not like nam curve avenues don know why

well, its my effort to make the city looks a little bit organic. not too griddy.



Looks good to me buddy, Liking the storyline so far too : ) Thanks

Thank you very much!



COOL ! Really cool !

thank you!!



Mother of God...

LOL i laughed so hard looking at ur comment pic!



I don't know how do you manage to mix so many styles and make everything look perfect and futuristic, just like all BATs were created to be used together! Great, great, great!

thank you very much! yes i got thru mix and match bats so many times, and take a little while to make them fit each other. once again, thanks!



The setting of that keyhole building is one of the most stunning things I've seen in a CJ. Brilliant stuff.

yes that keyhole is something, rotlf. thanks a lot benedict!


First of all, thank you simtropolis for gave me best of the best weekly edition award, its my first award. rotfl. i'll try to make better CJ for you all.

in this entry i want to write about The City of Viina downtown, continuing the preview in entry before. in this CJ too, i made the images less-colorful with hope that it can look more realistic. because my play concept, even i play with futuristic plugins, i try to make as realistic as i could. hope i could be better at this :). and im waiting for critics, comment, and of course rate this CJ! thanks!



A Quick History

Viina was built in 2200, in the southern-most of Invinia, when a space colony Tusi landed here after one-trip flight from earth, and time after time, the area around where Tusi landed grows so fast and become one of important business district in southern part of Invinia. Viina itself is name of Tusi captain, who successfully bring the earth settlers to Elysium in one piece.


The Space Colony of Tusi


The Space Colony of Tusi, after landed in Elysium, it lost the capability of space travelling, and was meant to be a small vertical colony, so the people inside can live without worry. and in the mean time, it still being a living machine and the keyhole shape was meant to be a symbol of freedom. a keyhole into a new freedom away from horrible life in earth.


Living in Viina


Time after time, the Colony of Tusi become overcrowded. To prevent more conflict inside Tusi, some people prefer to live outside Tusi, but still they didnt want to be far away from Tusi, where they love to live just next to one of important symbol of Invinia. Tusi is the core of the city, where it provides the best living facilities, including school, hospital, police station, and makes the people of Viina have the best living quality.


The Niiva Zin Tower


Viina is become central business district in southern shore of Invinia, and many big company made their headquarter in this city, including Niiva Zin Corp. Its one of biggest company in Invinia in robotics technology. They have their private shuttlepad just between the two tower, and each in top of the tower, and hundreds office floor to fit their needs.


The Downtown of Viina


The downtown of Viina is one of most busy area in the country. Many big company resides here, including Niiva Zin Corp who have the most monumental tower besides the Tusi in the area. We can say that Viina is the core district of southern part of Invinia. The Colony of Tusi itself become the oldest monument in Invinia and business center in Viina. A large residential blocks was provided for workers here to reduce traffic because of commuting from neighbor district. And of course a speedway was provided to ease access with land vehicle to this district. just next to the downtown, a forest still keep preserved. although the towers stood up high, the balance of nature are still maintained.


That's almost all about Viina, one of oldest district in Invinia, where the symbol of freedom stood up inspire the people of Invina.

Greetings from Viina.



ggamgus :

WOW. I cannot stop stuttering.

rotfl. thanks a lot

Evillions :

Dude! Where did you get that keyhole building?!

try search TUSI in stex, u will find it easily

10000000000000 :

*And then his mind was blown

noo, dont blown your mind, lets blown something else! LOL!

KonstantinII :

Well I think your getting better and better at this.

well, thanks a lot, mate! ure too kind!

Forthwall :

lol me too. thankyou! i tried to make the city as organic as i could

I love the curves :O

lol me too. thankyou! i tried to make the city as organic as i could :D

Hellken :

I love the curves! That giant TUSI 101 building is ..... WOW!

lol thanks, and yeah that tusi is a bit toooooo much!

MisterRisk1 :

Not good enough 4 trixies? U must be kidding.

noo im not kidding. i feel that my cities is still in mess, not too well-organized,

SilverCyric :

Are you kidding me??!? This is AAAAMAZING!!! work my friend. Thanks for sharing, that's pretty awesome : )

lol why people thought i was kidding! yes, thanks a lot!

Bipin :

That's amazing, absolutely wonderful in so many ways!

thank you bipin! i love ur bats too, i even put some of ur bats in my plugin folder! maybe next time i'll shot that in my CJ

Fox :

Great editing.. amazing job!

thanks a lot fox! ure far too kind!

sdfjkjsdf :

I didn't know things got this good

thank you! well me too, until i tried to compile the futuristic plugins!

Huston :

its been my pleasure huston, thank you very much! im lookin forward for that. but i doubt i could equal your ability to tell story, u tell story faaaar better!

So....we really have to merge our stories :P Cause this looks amazun' :D

its been my pleasure huston, thank you very much! im lookin forward for that. but i doubt i could equal your ability to tell story, u tell story faaaar better!

Shoko :


Thank you!


Sol Omorfi | Part 2

I never expected people would love my CJ, while my personal opinion, my cities still in mess. Thank you very much, people


In this update, i would like to share another picture of Sol Omorfi.


Another side of Crescent Bay

Waterfall runs down through the resorts, towards the bay


Another side of Crescent Bay

In one side of the bay, there are many luxury resort, surrounded by the beach.


Another side of Crescent Bay

In the edge of the bay, there stood Memorial of Seraphim, a being that believed it was the God of today religion.


Beachside HoteI

This is the one of best spot in Sol Omorfi, where hotels and resorts are faced straight to the beach and they can see the Aquatic Research Center just across the beach.


Aquatic Research Center

The Aquatic Research Center was built to provide the government about the water condition, water creature, food research, and the possibilities living in the underwater. As you can see, Invinia Navy patrol ships passing through the research center, and keep the security of this city.


Another Beach

Just another beach with small island across it.


Another Hotel

Just another beautiful hotel with cruise ship dock.


Sol Omorfi Aiport

Because of Sol Omorfi is one of main destination of holiday in this country, an airport was provided, to ease the tourist to come here. Because of the size, it was categorized as an usual airport, not a spaceport to accommodate tourist from other planet.


Well, i think thats all about Sol Omorfi. I'll update this city later.




Sol Omorfi

Sol Omorfi is one of main destination in Invinia for holiday.

Located in the edge of Invinia, Sol Omorfi consist of one big island and a little part of mainland, facing the ocean of Elysium.

Sol Omorfi taken from earth language. Sol taken from latin language, means sun, and omorfi from greek language means beatiful.

And Sol Omorfi means like, where the sun shines so beautiful.

a little bit cheesy, i guess..


Here are the aerial view of Sol Omorfi with a little bit city guide.

As you see, the city is still on development.

As a main holiday destination, Sol Omorfi consist of many commercial, resorts and hotels, and of course this city comes with an airport and ferry dock, while the nature, beach, and hills still kept maintained.

The City Central

where there are hotels, shopping center, and main stations.


Another Side of City Central

where just next to the beach. There are sports center in the left that often held sport competition or just music concert. The Aquatic Research Center in the middle, become an interesting spot for the tourist.


The Sol Omorfi Sport Center


The Crescent Bay

The terrain shaped like crescent because of meteor fall into Elysium and make a small crater crescent-shaped, that become one of interesting and the most prestigious spot in this city.


The Hotels

This are the most well-noted hotels in Sol Omorfi




The Other Side of The City


That's almost all about Sol Omorfi. Maybe there will be another entry for Sol Omorfi, but it will took more time, because this city currently in ruin because of teraforming the neighbor city.

Thank you.



Invinia, an Introduction

Year 2050, Earth no longer suitable for living because of pollution and climate changes. Resources are depleted, and humanity cannot advance into bigger step. They are forced to find another place to live.

And finally, after a long journey, in year 2150, they found a small solar system just next of our system. They called the system, Utopia System, and they decided to settle in one of the planets that just like Earth, called Elysium.

(i'll write down the detail of the planet later)

And after a hundred years, humanity advance into another step.


Invinia are the first colony that settle in Elysium, and in year 2180 they begun to stand as a Galactic Republic of Invinia.

The statistic data of the Nation are not yet confirmed from the Census Repository of Invinia.

And here are a little bit preview of Invinia.




coming soon for more journal.


special thanks to Terring for his Barsoom Project Bats and his list of futuristic plugins.


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