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Kim Sunwoo: Thanks! I have installed both and am integrating them into my cities. There are some of them in the entry.

Ultimate727: I was wondering how to do that... thanks for filling me in.

From: The desk of the Mayor of Ward Lake City,

Why hello there! This is exciting... the first update from Ward Lake City!

I believe my colleague over in Bayview mentioned that my fine city is now in existence.

Now I have the pleasure of giving you a more detailed look into the city.

First off Ward Lake City is located just south of Bayview. We have one highway the runs straight through our city and runs all the way into Bayview. We are currently a predominantly residential community.


We have a police station, a medical clinic, and a school. (seen below)


We also have a large Catholic community so we have a Catholic church as would be expected:


The church serves as a main gathering place in our city.

As I mentioned earlier a lot of the city is residential. Most of this is centered around the beautiful Ward Lake.


The city is a great place to live. We have a lot of parks and the lake is a great too.

Once the city gets a bit bigger I hope to start developing the industry. With Bayview going a more agricultural route Ward Lake city has the chance to be the powerhouse of our area. There is a lot of money to be made.

Thank you for reading and I'll be sure to get back to you soon on our industrial dreams!


As always feedback would be great!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give me any comments, questions, concerns, or advice!


Bayview: Big Growth

If you need to think of different city names just use google maps and look at different street names


Thank you for the idea dabadon5. It worked perfectly.

From: The desk of Mayor of the City of Bayview

Hello again everyone! Lots has been happening in Bayview and around the region.

The first big news is our new neighbor: Ward Lake City


Ward Lake City is growing to the south of us here in Bayview. Right on the city limits.

It is great for us to have a new neighbor. The highway runs straight from Bayview into downtown Ward Lake City. They haven't built a train station yet so they aren't connected to our brand new rail line.

Speaking of brand new...


Bayview has lots of changes in recent days. Aside from that new rail line I mentioned we have a new larger commercial district. It is to the west of all the older commercial areas on Main Street. There is also more residential along the shore as Bayview expands westward.

As seen above, between the new commercial district and the old is the shiny new high school.

Bayview High School is the pride of Bayview. The state of the art facility boasts not only the new opportunity of a great education for the teens of Bayview, but also an athletic complex to allow all of the citizens to come and enjoy a soccer or football game or to play themselves.


The school has a large "stadium" style field with a track for games, two baseball/softball fields, four tennis courts, and two soccer fields. There is hope to add outdoor basketball courts in the future.

This wonderful facility was designed by

The new rail line is great for business. Here you can see the stop at the industrial area.


The industrial area has about doubled in size and many companies are anxious to build more once the zoning gets through city hall.

Well, if only we had a city hall. With all the spending on other civic services such as the schools, roads, and the highways and rail seen below, there's hardly a penny left.


Hopefully the new rail and new neighbor can spur enough growth that Bayview can afford a city hall among other facilities a growing city needs. Like more power plants.

Well as soon as I see how this plays out I'll be back to update you on our status.

My new colleague, the newly elected mayor of Ward Lake City, should have his introductory post upcoming as well.

Times are exciting around here!

Have a great day!


As always feedback would be great!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give me any comments or advice!


Bayview: The beginning

From: The desk of Mayor of the City of Bayview

Hello everyone!

I've been playing SimCity 4 for a while (first got it in 08 I think) and decided that I'd try out this city journal thing and start a whole new region.

I am using Humbolt Map v1.0 (which can be downloaded thanks to panerai1 for creating this great region).

I picked this map because I like the contrast of terrain. Its not excessively flat yet has a great system of rivers around.

My first city in the region is Bayview.

Bayview is so called because it is located at the southwest corner of the largest "Bay" in the region.


(Sorry that the other cities aren't rendered yet... I need to think of City names before I do that and I am not good at that. Any suggestions?)

Here you can see an overview of the city.


Along the coast is where a lot of the residential zoning is.

Almost all commercial is located along Main Street which is the long diagonal road separating the coastal residential from the more agricultural area. (police car pop-up is on main street... speaking of the pop-ups how do I turn those darned things off for pictures and stuff?)

Bayview is mostly an agricultural city. There is a small block of industrial located at the bottom of the above picture.

The city had developed well without an industry but a jobs crisis required some industry to be zoned for.

A closer look at the industrial - as you can see it's almost all developed already:


With the new industry and increasingly large farm population Bayview has more and more exports everyday.

The city is hoping to construct a freight rail connection soon.

Bayview is powered entirely by wind power. The turbines can be seen just off of main street.


The street back behind the turbines is undeveloped. It is being saved for future government/civic buildings and more turbines.

Here again you can see Main Street and the residential waterfront areas.


The residential areas are connected to main street through the traffic circles.

These were put in primarily to ensure that the residential streets are not used to bypass the commercial main street or used in commute.

Bayview has one police station. It is located just off of main street on the street to the wind turbines.

Near the bottom-center of the image Bayview Elementary can be seen. (It is located next to the traffic circle at the bottom of the image)

There is also a public library in Bayview. It is located at the one curve in main street by the top right of the image.

Bayview is planning a public high school in the future. It is undetermined where it will be located at this time.

Bayview's population is quickly approaching 5000 residents and neighboring towns are sure to start popping up soon.

Two neighboring cities currently are connected to Bayview. A highway is connecting to the east and main street follows the shore off to the west.

That's the gist of what we have going on in Bayview right now.

I'm sure we will have more stuff to come soon!


I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone.

Any tips as far as writing the city journal or game play ideas and advice.

Any mods I'm missing that I should have.

Or any other comments at all.



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