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Hey y'all here's an update on public transit in Hialeah. I used a paint scheme similar to the 1990s SFRTA colors and found an Orion V drawing on the net. I was hoping to get these slapped on buses in game but I have rapidly come to realize that I will need a PC to do any such modeling. (sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet) Anyhow: here's the press release

The HTA unveiled its new paint scheme today. The buses purchased from the city of Toronto will get a full makeover. Mayor Beauregard was on hand to board HTA 5099 this morning, the first bus to sport the new colors. The Mayor arrived bright and early to board the first Westbound 90 Hawthorne at Cretaceous Avenue this morning. The mayor was not the first in line however, a line up had already formed for the 5:13 Westbound 90. The mayor jumped at the chance to shake, hands hold babies and pose for pictures. When the mayor asked resident Isaiah Washington who was in line for the bus how he felt about the new colors, Washington angrily mumbled that he had thought up of the scheme 11 years ago and has not received compensation. The mayor offered Mr. Washington a free monthly pass and shortly thereafter Mr. Washington was singing the HTA's praises. The mayor has also been invited to dinner at the Howard household and to a little league baseball game. One reporter at the scene asked the mayor how he felt about this "shameless publicity stunt" The mayor was quick with his rebuttle, calling it rather an "effective publicity stunt" The mayor's approval rating currenltly stands at 80%. The entire fleet is expected to painted by the end of the month.


Cretaceous Ave:



Hey y'all. Hialeah is throwing it's 50th birthday bash.

The last census puts the city population at 72,000. The high-rises are going up faster than we can find the cement! The commercial sector is strong, attracting all manner of real-estate and energy companies. Some offices are even relocating from the capital, New Paris. People are flocking to the city for sun and opportunity and the renowned healthcare and education services. More on the downtown area in the next post. (No room for the picture here...) Residents also recently welcomed the municipal zoo (outside picture) and the minor league AA Hialeah Hurricanes and their new ballpark (McComb Field) on county road 4444.

The HTA now reports bus ridership at 23,400/day bringing in $1.44 million per month (still $2.05/ride). The Southern Natchez authority has completely rebuilt the Hialeah Generating station with a new boiler house and stacks and gas-fired boilers. Iberville county has built an additional recycling centre to handle the increased demand and plans to centralize all waste management at the Hialeah site. Plainview Oil has increased capacity another 10% with a new atmospheric distillation plant. A gas pipeline has been built down the city limits to the port, along the existing crude pipe.

However, to the dismay of many, pollution and traffic problems have still not been solved. In another attempt to solve traffic issues on the West Side the Transportation authority along with NzDOT have finalized plans for Loop Highway 381 which includes widening and realigning Highway 38 to form a 38/381 multiplex around Dorval Airfield.



The city of Hialeah recently purchased a series of Orion Vs and Orion VIIs from the city of Toronto for use in implementing a bus network across the city. The Hialeah Transportation Authority will operate the buses and may contract some routes to the Iberville County Department of Transportation. Ridership is currently 13,000/day and revenue is roughly $800,000/month (fare $2.05) against a cost of $890,000/month. (I'm assuming the figures in the budget are in the 1000s)


Residents are very pleased with the reduction in traffic on the West side.

A new paint scheme will be added to the buses in the coming months.




With growing traffic problems on U.S.9/NZ28, the city of Hialeah and NzDOT have jointly rebuilt the interchange with Plainview St and Industrial Rd. Both streets have now been routed underneath the highway and Permian Ave with exit ramps leading to Plainview St with access to Industrial Rd by Triassic Ave.


Note the photos are looking in different directions



Plainview Oil has decided to increase their refining and shipping capacity and has built a new facility in Hialeah.


Southern Natchez Authority has also upgraded the aging Hialeah Generating Station to burn both coal and oil.

The oil is mainly piped to the new dock in the Northeast end of town.


City officials are now looking at ways to mitigate the environmental impact of the refinery and increased power production at the power station. Currently surveys indicate roughlt 60% of residents are unhappy with pollution. Plans include rezoning the industrial area in the southwest and a tree-planting initiative. The city is also planning to add more parks.

Higher density residential development is seen south of the docks. Increased residential demand from a growing commercial sector including the Plainview oil offices has grown the population to 23,000. More on that to follow


Hialeah beginnings

Hey y'all

This is my first city: Hialeah, pop. 16,000, Iberville County, in the fictional state of Natchez.

With the recent construction of Southern Natchez Authority's Hialeah Generating Station (This in response to growing electricity demand in the capital, New Paris) and the Iberville Co. Recycling centre, the starting up of a small manufacturing sector and the widening of U.S.9/NZ28 through the town, the town has grown from a small farming community to a town of 16,000. A small commercial sector is growing and the town has zoned for small offices. Something of an E-W divide has formed with the recent expansion West of US 9.


To the South lies Acheson County which is mostly farms, likewise to the West with Plant City. To the North we find Dauphin, a suburb of New Paris.

Hialeah is currently trying to attract more industry and become a player in the oil trade going on in the gulf.

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